Sunak, Cleverly and Shapps Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide 142

Expect the UK to intervene on Israel’s side in the South African case against Israel for Genocide at the International Court of Justice. If Israel loses, British ministers, civil servants and military personnal could end up in the dock for genocide – not only in the Hague, but in the UK.

Infamously, UK courts give no force to international treaties even when the UK has ratified them, unless they are specifically incorporated in UK domestic legislation. The Genocide Convention was explicitly incorporated into UK law in 1969 by the Genocide Act. However the Genocide Act was repealed in 2001 and replaced by Section 51 of the International Criminal Court Act.

That is perfectly clear. Article 53 makes plain that this includes ancillary offences, eg aiding and abetting genocide.

What has the UK government done to aid and abet the genocide? It has:

1) Actively encouraged and incited genocide, including by the systematic obstruction of ceasefire resolutions at the UN Security Council;
2) Provided military equipment to Israel, with dozens of flights from RAF Akrotiri to Israel during the course of the genocide itself;
3) Provided communications intelligence to Israel to assist in genocide;
4) Provided aerial surveillance to Israel to assist in genocide.

These are for certain. It is also widely rumoured that UK Special Forces have participated directly in the genocide. That is something the prosecution will have to determine.

There has been a great sense of impunity among the zionist-controlled political classes: they have believed that they were in no danger of any personal retribution for their part in the brutal destruction of thousands and thousands of young children. In fact they felt able to turn the power of the state against anybody protesting that destruction.

There has been no legal jeopardy to anybody supplying, inciting or cheering on Israel’s monstrous atrocities. The jeopardy has all been felt by those opposing the atrocities.

That all changed with South Africa’s reference to the International Court of Justice. A determination of genocide by the International Court of Justice must be respected by the International Criminal Court and it will be impossible even for the odious Karim Khan to avoid bringing prosecutions against the perpetrators. Similarly in the UK, the fact of genocide being legally established, a police investigation will be obliged simply to focus on whether the UK aided and abetted it.

Quite simply, if you ask the police to investigate Sunak for aiding and abetting genocide today, they will laugh at you and say there is no genocide. After an ICJ judgment they can no longer do that.

Now I am not naive. Just as our rulers believe their backs are covered by Karim Khan KC at the International Criminal Court, they believe that their backs are covered in the UK by the provision that any prosecution must be with the consent of the Attorney General. A government therefore has to agree to the prosecution.

I gave evidence at great length to the police inquiry into UK complicity in CIA torture and extraordinary rendition, in which Tony Blair and Jack Straw had so much blood on their hands it would fill swimming pools. There were of course never any prosecutions.

But the world changes over time, and it feels like something has seriously shifted in both the international and domestic order from the open espousal by our ruling classes of the most extreme atrocities, happening again and again and again in plain sight.

Our ruling classes may find they are less fixed in power than they believe. I would not bet on their impunity being permanent. There is a good precedent of participants in the Holocaust being brought to justice many decades later. We may yet see justice, and I believe a good deal sooner than that.


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142 thoughts on “Sunak, Cleverly and Shapps Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide

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  • Johnny Conspiranoid

    “Infamously, UK courts give no force to international treaties even when the UK has ratified them, unless they are specifically incorporated in UK domestic legislation.”
    While I have no sympathy for Israeli actions in Gaza I have to say that OK courts have got that right. If they did otherwise then diplomats would effectively be making our law rather than duly elected representatives.

    The ICJ doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • Jack

    Last time ICJ took on israeli crimes was in 2001. Then, it took 3 years before ICJ coming to a conclusion.

    2004: International Court of Justice finds Israeli barrier in Palestinian territory is illegal
    By a majority of 14 to 1, the judges found that the barrier’s construction breaches international law, saying it violated principles outlined in the UN Charter and long-standing global conventions that prohibit the threat or use of force and the acquisition of territory that way, as well as principles upholding the right of peoples to self-determination.

    Still, nothing changed on the ground:
    Article from 2019: Israel’s separation wall endures, 15 years after ICJ ruling
    The separation wall, deemed illegal by ICJ, cuts into occupied West Bank territory, and will be 712km upon completion.

    So rest assured, this will be a long process that in the end, even if ICJ 1) open a case and 2) rule to the advantage to the palestinian side, will (most likely) lead to no actual change on the ground.
    The focus should be on the ICC to open a case since ICC’s verdict is legally binding, the question is also if the corrupt Mahmoud Abbas would support such a cause this time:

    Spy Cables: Abbas and Israel ally against 2009 UN probe
    Analysis: Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas colluded with Israel to prevent war crimes charges, according to new leaks.

  • Jack

    If ISIL commited genocide when they killed some 5000 yazidis, why then are not Israel, that have now murdered some 25000 palestinians not to be considered carrying out “acts of genocide? Let alone not to be considered crimes against humanity or even not to be considered warcrimes according to the west?!
    UK recognises ‘acts of genocide’ against Yazidis by ISIL

    And…surprise, surprise:
    Washington sees no sign of genocide in Gaza

  • Fat Jon

    I’m sure the Western-based secret services can dream up ways of making sure any genocide proceedings are put on hold for the forseeable. Why not start with a few big bombs in Iran to divert attention?

    Oh, sorry… they already have.

    • Stevie Boy

      We currently have the Epstein diversion that has just surfaced to ensure people are distracted by lurid claims against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and others. All stuff we already knew. Meanwhile, Israel with the assistance of the UK and USA have murdered 25000 people, mostly women and children, but who cares ?

      • zoot

        on the contrary the Epstein files couldn’t have come at a worse time for Israel. the genocide has already brought steepest ever decline in public support in the USA. now it comes out that they were facilitating the rape of children to control US policy.

  • harry law

    White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was more pointed in his response, saying the allegations against Israel were “meritless.” He added that the ICJ case filed by South Africa was “counterproductive and completely without any basis in fact whatsoever.”
    What this tells us is that the US will ignor the law as they did in the Nicaragua v US case. But even more concerning is the threat that it will backfire. [lookout South Africa]. The good thing about this prosecution is the embarresment this will cause the US/UK. Aside from that it must galvanize the Arab world into the knowledge that to protest peacefully is futile, to go to the highest court in the world is futile, and that the US/UK will kill you whatever you do, as a matter of policy.
    That being the case Violent resistance is the only option, it may take time, but the technological military capability is growing and Israel will be defeated by ‘death of a 1000 cuts’.

  • harry law

    The US was arming all opponents of Assad in Syria, including Al-qaida and ISIS, on the basis of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.
    This was proven when ISIS drove thousands of new pickup trucks hundreds of miles across the Syrian and Iraqi deserts, throwing up hundreds of tons of dust in their journey into Iraq to pressure the Iraqi government; the US satellites and Intelligence knew nothing of this, of course [untrue].
    Lavrov said it is wrong for the US to claim ‘good terrorists’ and ‘bad terrorists’. Now Iran is doing the same, with obviously more justification. Now the US/UK are squealing like stuck pigs. Iran will say GFY, quite rightly.

    “Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by some Arab intelligence services, including Saudi intelligence. Launched in 2012 or 2013, it supplied money, weaponry and training to Syrian opposition militias of the Free Syrian Army fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. According to US officials, the program was run by the CIA’s Special Activities Division[6] and has trained thousands of rebels.[7] President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013.[8] The program became public knowledge in mid-2016.

    One consequence of the program has been a flood of US weapons including assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades into the Middle East’s black market. Critics of the program within the Obama administration viewed it as ineffective and expensive, and raised concerns about seizure of weaponry by Islamist groups and about Timber Sycamore-backed rebels fighting alongside the al-Nusra Front and its allies.[9]”

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      The US wasn’t directly arming Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra Front or ISIS, Harry. Instead it armed factions of the Free Syrian Army that spent much of their time fighting ISIS in Syria. ISIS had thousands of new pick-ups because they’d bought them from people in Turkey and Iraq, since they were flush with cash after helping themselves to half a billion dollars from the Bank of Mosul, plus making money from various other activities.

      • harry law

        Lapsed Agnostic, “The US wasn’t directly arming Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra Front or ISIS” – of course that was the official line. However, it was common knowledge that ISIS were among the recipients of this military assistance; of course the US would try to hide this collusion, for obvious reasons.
        The US developed a back channel of weapons-smuggling to the Syrian rebels, known as the rat line, in cooperation with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, using the “liberated” arsenals from Libya following the west’s ousting of Gaddafi.

        “The rat line, authorised in early 2012, was used to funnel weapons and ammunition from Libya via southern Turkey and across the Syrian border to the opposition. Many of those in Syria who ultimately received the weapons were jihadists, some of them affiliated with al-Qaida. … By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. … The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer.”

        * The job of the US consulate in Libya – the one where ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed – was to provide logistical assistance with the rat line. That was the reason the consulate was attacked. An official who has read the annex, said: ‘It had no real political role’.
        ‘The consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms,’ the former intelligence official said.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply Harry. I stated that the US wasn’t *directly* supplying weapons to al-Nusra & ISIS. Obviously, a few would have ended up their hands (as well as those of other Islamist groups, who were often fighting ISIS as well) because some people would have sold their weapons to intermediaries, as well as getting them captured in battle.

          Why would the Salafist Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia (possibly with help from al-Qaeda) raid the Benghazi Consulate and kill Ambassador Stevens (plus three other Americans) as revenge for supposedly supplying weapons to other Islamist groups in Syria who were fighting the Assad regime? Sensible answers only please.

          • AG

            re: Ambassador Stevens

            on a German blog 1 year ago I read that Stevens´ death was eventually an order by Hillary Clinton / her lot due to Stevens not willing to go along her politics in the region. Aka a “hit job” carried out by a militia on one´s payroll.

            I haven´t researched this but you mentioning Stevens rang a bell.

            It is an interesting affair, a bit like the one concerning the murder of the alleged DNC-leaker Rich.

            Wikispooks does provide these quotations on Stevens´ case:

            “In October 2012, Fox News wrote that “former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods” and at least two others who heard the shots fired informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out, but were ordered to “stand down”

            the second more important source is dead unfortunately:
            “In September 2015, Mark MacDougall, an IT staffer who worked for Hillary Clinton, refused to testify before U.S. lawmakers investigating Hillary Clinton and the 2012 Benghazi attack, invoking his constitutional right against self-incrimination.”

          • AG

            and there is this e.g., Moon of Alabama on April 16, 2016:

            “Clinton Lied – Benghazi Attack Was Part Of A Larger Operation

            The conservative group Judicial Watch has FOIAed documents of then Secretary of State Clinton related to the September 11 2012 attack in Benghazi which killed a U.S. ambassador and several CIA honchos. The documents prove that the Obama administration knew that the attack in Benghazi was part of an Al-Qaeda operation. Clinton and the Obama administration have publicly claimed the attack was in reaction to some anti-Muslim movie that was circling on the Internet.

            That was obviously nonsense. My post about the incidents written in the early morning of September 12 was headlined: U.S. Ambo in Benghazi Killed In AQ Operation. All known facts pointed to that conclusion.

            The documents Judicial Watch got released through several Freedom of Information court decisions confirm that my take was correct and that Clinton and the Obama administration knew that the attack in Benghazi was part of a well organized al-Qaeda operation.”


    • Stevie Boy

      Of course, ISIS, Al-Qaida, White Helmets, Hamas, etc. all created, funded and trained by the West. There wouldn’t be any terrorist organisations if it wasn’t for the West.

      • harry law

        Correct Stevie Boy….
        Reminder: ISIS & other terrorist groups (such as the Free Syrian Army “FSA”) are Washington’s mercenaries.
        “We paid the salaries of every single terrorist in Syria, we gave them their weapons and trucks,”
        📣 Former State Senator of Virginia, Richard Black (in 2021)

  • DunGroanin

    Glad you have been busy CM!
    Though there are plenty of possible slips between cup and lip – a taste of Justice is in the air. Apparently Dershowitz , the Great Defender of Epstein and hider of accused in that case (including it turns out , himself!!) is touted to be the lawyer representing the illegal apartheid entity, as wanted by Nutty and co.
    Will he? Will he have time? As he has already started his aggressive snarling at accusations of his multiple appearances in the currently released documents.

    If the criminality and blackmail under control of the illegal entity is verified, then yes, I believe that something will have changed.

    • harry law

      DunGroanin, I do hope you are not trying to malign Alan with any impropriety. That is a slanderous accusation; he will see you in court. It is also Anti-Semitic. As is my non-involvement with Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘young women’, by the way: “I kept my underwear on during the massage,” says Dershowitz when talking about a massage he got at Jeffrey Epstein’s house. I believe you Alan. [ /s ]

      • DunGroanin

        Heck no I make no such accusations but apparently there are witness statements – the actual tapes hard drives and photo albums that the FBI collected haven’t seen the light of day. Probably innocuous holiday snaps. Though perhaps Alan can explain what the heck he was thinking hanging out with Nadine Doris! She being on the list of stellar stars on the released visitors list to the infamous island.
        Is she even on any such celebrity list?
        I can’t quite get my head around it , Nadine! Doris? Not even Shah …but Doris!!
        I need some pearls to clasp. D..D..Doris!!!

  • Peter

    Owen Jones (not everyone’s taste, I understand) has put out two excellent videos covering the South African submission to the International Court of Justice.

    The first gives a detailed review of the document:

    “How Israel Could Be STOPPED By South Africa – Its Overwhelming Genocide Case Explained” (33m38s) –

    And the second goes the through the practical implications and potential outcomes of the submission, including the responsibilities and duties that could be placed on all – all – governments, with lawyer Daniel Machover:

    “This Lawyer Reveals Why Israel’s Gaza Onslaught Could Be Stopped By Genocide Case” (38m12s) –

    Both videos, particularly the second, are highly recommended viewing imho.

  • Jules Orr

    Those 4–5 different ways in which Britain is committing Genocide aren’t enough for it to be considered newsworthy. What a country.

  • JeremyT

    The Cull of the Snipers

    On the Great March of Return (2018-19), Gazans marched to the Great Barrier Fence in their thousands, demonstrating their indigenous rights in Negev.
    200 were shot dead through the fence by Defence Forces.

    Snipers also took pot shots just to wound. ’42 knees’ emerged as a meme in social media. (ask Eden, see Haaretz)
    Snipers gave some of them 3 to 5 bullet wounds. But they survived, awaiting the Day the Flood.
    On October 2nd 1400 occupier/military abused the Al-Aqsa mosque, the signal for the Cull.
    1400 snipers to be avenged!
    1400 with 3 to 5 bullet wounds, ready to strike back.
    On October 7th I saw British politicians talk about ‘1400 civilians’ dead when the Fence failed.
    Israel’s wrong to defend itself with a Fence, it can’t. Bloody nose, it was.
    Gazan forces killed the snipers in Negev (80% men),

    In Gaza 80% of the dead are women and children.

  • Jack

    The heinous nastiness, the crimes against humanity, the brutalization commited by Israel is obviously without limits, I came by this photo the other day which remind me of the Guantanamo-scandal:
    Graphic photo:

    Just look at this perverse brutality! Stripped naked, faced down, blindfolded , tied, tortured, perhaps sexually assaulted and then marked by….digits like they are some cattle going to the slaughterhouse!? On number #25 the israelis used some underwear to blindfold the poor man.
    It is the same mentality the israeli soldiers had back in 1948:
    This retired Israeli soldier laughs while recounting how Zionist invaders raped Palestinian girls and machine gunned villagers inside cages.

    Remember, this is “the most moral army of the world”
    Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel’s army is “the most moral army in the world”

    Has there ever been a regime so closely resembling nazi germany, Israel is without a doubt the winner, I bet even Hitler would blush if he would be able to see the crimes commited by Israel. Still, the west cannot even utter that Israel commiting warcrimes (not to mention crimes against humanity, crimes of apartheid and acts of genocide).

  • portside

    The UK contribution seems to have convinced Israel that the Brits are even more staunch on ethnic cleansing than the Americans, who of late have issued a couple of empty scoldings. It was telling last week that when Israel wanted an outsider to coordinate the mass relocation of Gazans the individual they summoned was the patron saint and moral embodiment of British moderates, Sir Tony Blair.

    At a time when the whole world is looking upon them with horror and disgust the Israelis have recognised that one nation above all others shares their ardour for the task.

    Hopefully the South Africans will have noted that too.

  • Ingwe

    An excellent article Mr Murray. And as you say, it is unlikely that any steps will be taken to prosecute any UK politicians even if South Africa succeeds with its indictment.

    But even so, it will be lovely to watch the duplicitous sprouters about “international rules based order”, “democracy” and “our shared values” running around like angels dancing on the head of a pin while they concoct spurious legal reasons why they shouldn’t be tried.

    The thought of Shapps, Sunak et al being imprisoned in Belmarsh for five years awaiting extradition to Gaza is a real new year pick-me-up.

  • Jack

    Organization “Law for Palestine” have released compilations of threats of genocide by israeli reps, media:
    Law for Palestine Releases Database with 500+ Instances of Israeli Incitement to Genocide – Continuously Updated

    Another compilation list (no longer updated though):
    Fighting Amalek in Gaza: What Israelis Say and Western Media Ignore Written and compiled by Yaniv Cogan and Jamie Stern-Weiner

  • John

    It will come as no surprise to those that have followed the history of fascist and Nazi types.
    Early this century after having read and heard about the Jewish holocaust survivor Rudolf Vrba I became friends with his grandson and on one occasion visited the home he shared with his sister. His sister told me of an occasion when she attended a holocaust memorial in Israel. Her grandfather’s second wife , she told me, recoiled from people she recognised as Zionist. Telling her granddaughter that she hated the Zionist more than the Nazi . To paraphrase she said the Zionist was a Nazi playing the victim, they collaborated and provided the lists. They run Israel.

  • Jack

    I see that the slimy, pompous islamophobe-pro-israel shill Douglas Murray is the stand-in host for Piers Morgan’s show.
    Is it not hilarious to watch those pro-israelis like Douglas Murray, whining about Islam for decades and still do not understand that people like himself are part of the reason why many muslims live in europe to begin with.

    Where do Douglas Murray believe the growing number of ethnically cleansed palestinian muslim refugees will go if not to europe? Why are so many iraqis live in the UK? Could it be because of the iraqi war that Douglas Murray supported? Is the guy a friggin’ dummy or what?

    • iain


      It says so much that that genocide-supporting racist NeoCon is a well-respected public figure in 21st century Britain, while his gentle, humane namesake is pushed to the margins and branded an extremist. To answer your question, yes, Douglas Murray and the British elite know very well that their wars on the Muslim world are a major factor in the refugee crisis they’re always whining about (or Great Replacement, in Murray’s fevered mind). They know it very well, but you can see from their actions over the past 3 months how much they care about these demographic “crises”. The British elite can never resist joining in brutalizing poor Arabs even when it will obviously torch the last remnants of Britain’s reputation in the eyes of the world and, in this particular instance, is primarily *intended* to create another mass refugee crisis.

    • Stevie Boy

      Cannot remember if this video has already been promoted here. Regardless, an essential 12 minute summary by Lowkey exposing the actual links of the MSM Zionist shills (Murdoch, Piers Morgan, Ben Shapiro & Douglas Murray) with the Israeli state and military. Israel has bought and owns these creeps.

  • Tatyana

    In our news today:
    “The Israeli Foreign Ministry is instructing its embassies to press diplomats and politicians in their host countries to issue statements against South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice that accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, according to a copy of an urgent cable obtained by Axios.”

    Personally, I will monitor developments. I want to see a list of countries that will issue such a statement. I’m sure that Brussels and Paris will be on this list.

    Recently, the Ukrainians fired missiles at the central square of Belgorod, right before the New Year holidays. In my country, during the holidays, the city’s New Year tree and attractions for children are set up in the central squares. So among the 24 dead there were also children. An urgent meeting of the UN Security Council was convened regarding this act of terrorism.
    Later, Paris issued a statement that the Ukrainians were acting by the right of self-defense. Brussels generally said that it does not intend to listen to what Russia says. Obviously, the people of these countries divide the dead children into those who deserve or do not deserve regret, based on their nationality.

    Considering that Mr. Scholz spoke in the spirit of “this genocide is ridiculous” about the death of civilians in the Donbass, then I expect Germany to be on this list.

    Remembering an American senator said “Russians are dying, this is the best investment of our money,” I have no doubt that the United States will top this list.

    Canada reacted in an interesting way to the incident with applause for a Nazi in their parliament. The reaction was something along the lines of “an unfortunate mistake, Russian propaganda.”

    I expect them all to take the same position on the question of whether to recognize Israel’s actions in Palestine as genocide.
    In general, it will be interesting to compare whether the list coincides with the list of countries that voted against the UN resolution on how to deal with Nazism, racism and other types of xenophobia.

  • Townsman

    (3) Proceedings for an offence shall not be instituted except by or with the consent of the Attorney General.

    In other words, Article 53 para 3 nullifies any effect of the entire Act of which it is part. The whole thing is just pretence. British politicians spend most of their effort saying things they don’t mean (for public consumption) and announcing policies they have not the slightest intention of carrying out.

  • AG

    This is a Tunisian version of what Craig Murray´s arrest could as well look like in GB, see report
    in the Forum:

    “Al Jazeera journalist Samir Sassi arrested in Tunis”

    “Freedom of the press has been dramatically curtailed in Tunisia, not least following the introduction of Decree 54 in September 2022.
    While the law is ostensibly to target the spreading of false information online, it has been used to target journalists and online activists, with at least 20 journalists, critics and activists arrested under it so far, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.”

  • jim Hogg

    In an ideal or a theoretical world perhaps (though in either one of those, this wouldn’t be happening), but not in this one. Tribalism holds sway just about everywhere in almost every layer of international relations when it really matters, and the most powerful tribe of all will protect its allies by ignoring the law, twisting arms behind the scenes, and/or resorting to the provisions of the “Hague Invasion Act” as a last resort. It’s likely that Netanyahu will be squeezed out when the dust begins to settle – or just before – and that’ll be the main/only concession to the crudest notions of justice the US will be willing to offer. Everything else is just facade/charade/disguise, unfortunately..

  • harry law

    An Iraqi General brought a private prosecution against Tony Blair for the crime of aggression. What I don’t understand is how he hoped to succeed when no such crime exists on the statute books, surely a more specific criminal action might have had more chance of success, even against today’s western leaders.

    « Former Iraqi general Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat alleged the former prime minister committed “the crime of aggression” by invading Iraq in 2003.
    No such crime exists in England and Wales and the court ruled there was “no prospect” of the case succeeding.
    The general had wanted to prosecute Mr Blair, ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, and ex-Attorney General Lord Goldsmith.
    Last year, Westminster Magistrates’ Court had turned down Mr Al Rabbat’s bid to bring private prosecution.
    He then sought a judicial review in an attempt to get the Supreme Court – the UK’s highest court – to overturn a 2006 House of Lords ruling that there is no such crime as the crime of aggression under the law of England and Wales.
    The UK’s attorney general had earlier intervened in the case, urging the High Court to block the challenge on the grounds that it was “hopeless”.
    Reacting to the ruling, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said the case had raised “important issues about the scope of the criminal law”.
    “It should be for Parliament, and not the courts, to create new criminal offences. This principle was upheld when the House of Lords ruled in 2006 that the ‘crime of aggression’ does not exist in English law. »

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  • harry law

    Mike Whitney puts the Israel air strikes against Lebanon, Syria,Iran and the PMU in Iraq [considered to be a legal part of the Iraqi army] as a means to provoke those countries into a wider war, in which the US will have Israels back [witness the two carrier groups lurking nearby]. Netanyahu has been threatening war on Iran for decades, he thinks now is the time for it.
    “Which country stands to benefit from a misinformed American public walking sheeplike into another deranged conflagration in which millions die and nothing is gained?
    Why, Israel, of course.
    From the looks of things, Uncle Sam is going to be asked to provide the military muscle for a lunatic operation that will pit US firepower against Hezbollah and Iran, neither of who pose any threat to American lives or US national security. The objective of this misguided war will be to eliminate Israel’s enemies so that Israel can “secure the realm” and assume the role of regional hegemon, the undisputed ruler of the Middle East”.

    It’s a pipe dream.

  • harry law

    Here is an excellent article by Alastair Crooke a former British diplomat, and is the founder and director of the Beirut-based Conflicts Forum, It complements my earlier post above, it is crucial to understand the motives behind the Israeli aggression.
    Netanyahu is setting the stage for entrapment of the Biden Administration by manoeuvring so that the U.S. has little choice but to join with Israel.
    “The allegory is one in which a scorpion depends on the frog for its passage across a flooded river, by hitching a lift on the frog’s back. The frog distrusts the scorpion; but reluctantly agrees. During the crossing the scorpion fatally stings the frog swimming the river, under the scorpion. They both die”.

    • Jack

      Indeed, perhaps the trigger for such an escalation will be something of a false-flag, blaming Iran in one way or another because Netanyahu have bigger plans than just pulverizing Gaza and its people – he want to drag the whole western world with him:

      Israel seeking ‘fundamental change’ on Lebanon border – Netanyahu
      PM Benjamin Netanyahu told a US envoy that his country is more ‘determined’ and ‘daring’ than ever before

      The White House is worried that the conflict in Gaza could expand to other parts of the Middle East and is drawing up plans for a possible US response if that happens, Politico has reported, citing informed officials.
      Perhaps the US should root out americans that perhaps are more loyal to Israel than to the US. From Anthony Blinken to Biden’s special Middle east envoy Amos Hochstein – simply put: the ethnic bias among US reps. is bound to create problems for the US….but not so much for Israel.

  • Bob (not OG)

    Calls for Sunak, ‘Shapps’ and the other scum to face charges of genocide are understandable but miss a vital point. It should be obvious by now: to expect justice from any court is naive. That isn’t to say justice can’t be delivered on occasion (especially to the plebs) but on things like genocide, it won’t be (unless some dictator ends up on the losing side).

    The rich and powerful do their own ‘justice’. That’s how it is, that’s how it’s always been.

    The courts are just another weapon the PTB use against the public. The courts = the state. The state has a monopoly on violence.
    The current attrocities being perpetrated by the Israeli regime are not at all surprising. That’s what these psychos do, all the way back. JFK could see it. He tried to fight them (in that case, the CIA) and got his head blown off for his trouble, in a brutal, public execution. (No MSM fake mystery – it was the CIA.)

    Any government is bad. That’s why voting is a mistake – it only lends legitimacy to the state and all its intrinsic violence.

    What do governments do? (‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’ Well, nothing good, if you think a bit deeper).
    Being ruled over means giving away responsibilty for yourself.
    Governments use amoral scientists to advance their goals, whether that be weapons designing, mining, intensive agriculture to feed the over-expanded populace, making ‘covid’ vaccines, making climate change models, behaviour manipulation (with the Behaivioural Insights Team, Spi-B etc (see also MK Ultra)) etc etc. All to keep the masses in line, dependent, and fearful (grateful, even).

    Many (most?) people in the UK now live as wage slaves, doing jobs they hate, working for someone else’s benefit, giving half their money to owners of capital (landlords), isolated from anonymous neighbours, in an increasingly surveilled society with ever more laws to obey (or suffer the punishments). Just existing in cramped conditions in overcrowded, noisy, polluted, choking cities, making money for psycho CEOs and other parasites.

    In order to distract them from their plight, the masses get MSM ‘news’, sports, celebs, ‘smart’ phones/watches, which are all-in-one surveillance, propaganda and tracking devices…
    The ‘news’ has gone beyond parody, with them all reporting at great length… on the fecking darts??? Meanwhile Gaza is still being reduced to rubble – an ongoing, horrific crime, but no sympathetic interviews with survivors like they did in Ukraine every night.
    But don’t worry, Heil Starmer will sort it all out!

    (PS RIP John Pilger, he will be missed.)

    • harry law

      Mr Murray has said quite rightly that Zionism is BS, it is more than that, it is
      I/ A racist ideology, proven with its ‘Jews only’ immigration policy.
      2/ Its apartheid policies in the West Bank and other Palestinian areas, including Palestinians living in Israel proper, who are discriminated against. This is well documented by various NGO’s including Human Rights watch, B’Tselem and a special UN report several years ago.
      3/ It has ignored a long list of United Nations resolutions concerning Israel. As of 2013, the State of Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by the United Nations.
      4 Israels plans for expansion and ethnic cleansing has a long history. . In his book, Going to the Wars, historian Max Hastings writes that Netanyahu told him in the 1970s that, “In the next war, if we do it right, we’ll have the chance to get all the Arabs out … We can clear the West Bank, sort out Jerusalem.”
      The Israelis have no intention of conceeding a two state solution. that is why they have settled the West Bank with nearly 700,000 illegal settlers all in breach of Article 49, para 6 Geneva Conventions, i.e. It is a grave war crime to transfer your own citizens into occupied territory. the West of course say nothing about this, hence now we are confronted with a major war.
      5/ It commits Genocide

      • harry law

        In my comment above my factual views should be directed at Keir ‘I am a Zionist without qualification’ Starmer, how any Labour party supporter can back this Psychopath is beyond me, I would tell them they are inhuman Psychopaths themselves if they support his views.

    • glenn_nl

      Bob – it’s a bit of a shame that you have to lump crazed conspiracy nonsense in with whatever points you were making. Maybe you talk in such small circles that everyone you know just nods away when you start making climate and covid denialist points. Among rational people, however, you only elicit an “Oh, boy. Another one.”, and worthy points you might have made get lost.

      If you really do want to check the validity of these conspiracy theories, kindly do so on the forums, and stop clogging the main thread with them. Perhaps you feel bundling them in here gives them more authenticity? In fact, they simply make your main points seem less authentic – like the politics of someone that sounds interesting, until they start ranting on about their hatred of immigrants etc. etc.

      Do talk about the subject at hand, and do dicuss your conspiracy theories – but in their respective places, please, and definitely not together.

      • Bob (not OG)

        glenn, I have supported the Palestinian cause for many years.
        The pejoritive descriptors ‘crazed’, ‘conspiracy’ and ‘nonsense’, as well as the derogatory “Maybe you talk in such small circles…” and “denialist” are all ad hominem.

        I’m not “clogging” the thread with “conspiracy theories”, nor am I “bundling them in” to “give them more authenticity”. I didn’t even mention immigrants – that’s just you projecting. I have no problem with immigrants.

        It’s a classic MSM BBC ‘authority’ tactic to label dissenting views as conspiracy. As if conspiracies never happen lol.

        “You can’t say those facts here, go and say them in [obscure thread I can’t be arsed with]”.
        Although you might not like or understand it, all these things are linked. To apprehend the big picture means not ignoring whatever doesn’t fit in with your viewpoint – whether that’s on the (dated labels) ‘right’ or ‘left’.

        • glenn_nl

          B: “It’s a classic MSM BBC ‘authority’ tactic to label dissenting views as conspiracy. As if conspiracies never happen lol.”

          Sure, so if one happens, they all must be true. Makes sense!

          B: ” I didn’t even mention immigrants – that’s just you projecting. I have no problem with immigrants.”

          Oh come on, don’t be so obtuse. I was illustrating a point – do you really need an explanation?

          I might not like or understand all these CTs of yours, eh. Well if you repeat them often enough, they must be true. And if they’re true, the next point you’re making must be true too. Makes sense!

          • Bob (not OG)

            G: “Sure, so if one happens, they all must be true. Makes sense!”

            Projecting again. Did I say “they all must be true”? No, I did not. You seem to be saying no conspiracies are true – just what your favourite Nanny State wants to think, good lad.

            G: “Oh come on, don’t be so obtuse. I was illustrating a point – do you really need an explanation?”

            What point, exactly? Come on, don’t be obtuse, now?

            “these CTs of yours” – your straw-man flailing is embarrassing, please stop. If you have any valid point to make, do it. ‘Play the ball, not the man’ – do you understand that? Or do you need an explanation?

            Make sense!

          • glenn_nl

            B: “What point, exactly? Come on, don’t be obtuse, now?”

            I do apologise for stretching your abilities here. It was surely clear in making a point about a person making an otherwise reasonable set of positions (not you!) will be rather spoiled if that person (not you!) went on to rant about migrants (not you!).

            You don’t ‘get’ illustrations made in the abstract, I take it.

            B: “If you have any valid point to make, do it.”

            I did, erm, ‘do’ my point earlier. It was consumed by your all-or-nothing approach to CT, and a further point zinged right over your head. But not to worry, a fellow noted intellectual here has your back, so you’re not alone.

          • Bob (not OG)

            The person who has an all-or-nothing approach to “CT” is you, not me.
            It seems to have triggered you a bit.

            “I do apologise for stretching your abilities here” lol, you’re full of it.

            “It was surely clear in making a point about a person making an otherwise reasonable set of positions (not you!) will be rather spoiled if that person (not you!) went on to rant about migrants (not you!).”
            So, your ‘point’ had nothing to do with my comment then, did it?

            surely clear…making a point about a point about a person making a point…

            Take this in the ‘abstract’: you’re talking bollocks.

  • Peter

    @ Jack et al,

    Regarding Jack’s (a top contributor nonetheless) comment of Jan 3rd, 10:46 –

    “There must be a movement, the movement and the burden cannot be placed on 1 nation only. Forget about the useless BRIC(S) … ” –

    The roles being played behind the scenes by the BRICS countries, the combined Arab and Muslim countries and the, so-called, ‘Global South’ is far from clear as they are almost completely unreported in the western MSM and also little reported in the alternative media that are regularly quoted on this site.

    However, what is becoming clear is that South Africa is not acting alone in taking the case for genocide to the ICJ but is working in concert with the BRICS nations and is the country chosen to do so because of its history in fighting against apartheid. Furthermore, led by Russia and China, BRICS are also working closely with the combined Arab and Muslim countries to increase pressure for a ceasefire and to isolate the US via the UN and the ICJ.

    As Damien Willey, aka KernowDamo, has pointed out, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which represents virtually the entire Muslim world, has issued a statement endorsing SA’s submission. This will significantly increase pressure on the US which continues to deny that there is any evidence of genocide at all.

    “South Africa just got a massive endorsement in taking Israel to court.” (9m45s):

    Further still, as pointed out by Alexander Mercouris of the Duran, these combined nations, if necessary, can work towards a UNGA “Uniting For Peace” resolution which can issue mandatory orders to halt a conflict when the UNSC is incapable of doing so:

    “Wider war in the Middle East looms” (35m43s). Watch from 27:50 –

    So, far from being inactive, it appears that the combined BRICS, Muslim and other nations are painstakingly working forwards to isolate the US and to wrest from them the initiative to bring an end to the slaughter and to bring about a meaningful, satisfactory and sustainable resolution to the conflict.

    • Tatyana

      Your news probably also did not report that on January 2, Saudi Arabia officially joined BRICS. And also from January 1, Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Ethiopia will begin to work in BRICS.
      Argentina was also invited, but unfortunately a certain dude talking to his dead dog became the president of that country and changed his mind about participating in this organization.
      I believe that even in the current composition we will somehow do without consultations with dead dogs. Now that not only we have the largest consumers of oil and gas like China and India, but also the largest producers like Russia and the Saudis, but now also countries where important transport routes are located are in.
      I can imagine the confusion of poor Erdogan, who is not sure which of the two chairs he should keep his ass on today.
      Well, the Germans will continue to blame Putin for blowing up the Nord Streams and try to get enough energy from wind turbines for their once powerful and now fading industry. I remember about 80 years ago Germany also fell into economic distress and it ended badly.

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