Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund 222

This is it. The election is called and I am standing in Blackburn to offer voters there a viable alternative to the Keir Starmer Genocide Party.

I cannot do it without your financial support and practical campaigning help.

Any individual donations over £50 in value will require to be declared to the Returning Officer together with your full name and address and you must be on the UK Electoral Register at the time the donation is made (we are required by law to verify this). No overseas donations over £50 can be accepted unless you are currently on the UK Electoral Register. No anonymous donations can be accepted above £50. Information about donations, including donor details may be published. Returning Officers make returns prepared by candidates available for inspection after elections. These include details of donations.

Keir Starmer has calculated that no matter how far he abandons working people and moves the Labour Party to the right, those voters who are themselves getting the short straw in the vastly unequal distribution of wealth in society, or who simply wish to see a fairer world, have nowhere else to go.

In doing so he has completely sold out the party to the Israeli lobby, to the extent Starmer has actively supported the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Labour still support UK arms sales to Israel. He stated three times Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity and supported the UK stopping funding to UNRWA. Labour actively oppose sanctions against Israel. Labour support the provision of British military and intelligence support to the Israeli military.

Labour do this because they receive millions in funding from the Zionist lobby.

Not one Labour MP has resigned from Labour Friends of Israel over the Gaza genocide. Not one: I have cried bitter tears every single day for eight months over the children slaughtered in Gaza.

I have also done everything one man can to stop it. I was in the courtroom at the International Court of Justice for the South Africa vs Israel genocide hearing. My articles on the use of the Genocide Convention were read by key members of South Africa’s cabinet before they took the decision to go ahead.

A decade ago I had advised the Palestinian Authority to accede to the Rome Convention on the International Criminal Court. That is what has enabled the prosecution of Netanyahu.

I travelled to Geneva and spoke at the United Nations there. I have spoken at pro-Palestinian demonstrations in eight different countries since the genocide started, and have done hundreds of interviews with media worldwide.

In October I was detained at Glasgow Airport under the Terrorism Act and subject to police investigation because of my support for Palestine.

My voice is one of experience and authority on the issue and needs to be heard in the House of Commons.

But not only on Gaza. Labour has abandoned the key policies which are needed to return us to a more just society, including the abolition of tuition fees and the renationalisation of the privatised utilities. Starmer lied and lied to get elected leader, and is a complete creature of the Establishment.

The Labour Party majority in Blackburn is massive. The Tories are an irrelevance in Blackburn with under a quarter of the vote even when winning the last election. Labour have 66%. The only way to stop this genocidal juggernaut in Blackburn is my campaign.

Across England the Workers Party, Independents and Green Party candidates offer alternatives depending on location. (The Celtic nations have wider choice and a better starting position).

I particularly want to see George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Feinstein and myself in parliament as the core of a principled and hopefully large group of real intellect and capability.

I intend to stand in parliament and fight for the interests of the people of Blackburn, against a state and political class which does not care and is increasingly oppressive.

This blog is the repository of millions of words of my views. I am an open book. Those are the things I intend now to say in Parliament. I am standing at the invitation of Blackburn people, and under the flag of their alliance with the Workers Party.

I am going to need both financial and practical assistance from readers of this blog. I need as many people as possible to come to Blackburn to do leafleting, door knocking and organisation according to their talents and preference. We should be ready to receive you there shortly.

Those who cannot do this will find there is still much to do spreading the word on social media.

We are going to speak truth to power. We are going to have great fun mixing with wonderful people. And we are going to win.

Cryptocurrency donations welcome:

Bitcoin: bc1q3sdm60rshynxtvfnkhhqjn83vk3e3nyw78cjx9
Ethereum/ERC-20: 0x764a6054783e86C321Cb8208442477d24834861a


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222 thoughts on “Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund

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    • Townsman

      FPTP voting always eventually results in just two dominant parties, both of which try to occupy what’s seen as the “centre” since that’s the way to win elections.
      This has the great advantage (from politicians’ point of view) of eliminating democracy from the political process, while still being able to proclaim that “voters have a choice”.

  • dearieme

    “Labour still support UK arms sales to Israel.”

    Being wrongheaded is a fine, old Labour tradition: they were still wedded to opposition to conscription until after Hitler attacked Poland.

  • Bayard

    Donated, mainly in the hope of learning how the Establishment try to silence dissident MPs if Craig gets elected.

  • AliB

    I sincerely hope you will not be following Galloway’s lead and denying the need to address climate change.
    What is your position on this?

    • Allan Howard

      I don’t know if Craig has written anything since on the issue, but I found this article from December 2009 when I did a search:

      ‘Copenhagen and Common Sense’

      The Earth is big, but not that big. I’ve been round it a few times. The incredible scale is of human activity. It is impossible for an honest rational man to believe that the destruction of the forests and burning of fossile fuels on an ever accelerating scale has not had an effect on the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is of course not the only pollutant involved.

      I doubt that the processes are fully understood. But the argument seems to me unanswerable that mankind should seek to minimise its effect on the environment that bred us, for obvious reasons of self preservation.

      We should also seek to reduce the astonishing rate at which we squander non-renewable resources…..

      • Allan Howard

        Funnily enough I was just checking to see if Caitlin Johnstone has posted any new articles since she/they moved (she has, several in fact) and came across the following article, posted five days ago, which perfectly chimes with what Craig was saying in his 2009 article:

        ‘Extinction Humanity. And They’re Squabbling Like Kids’ Tessa Schlesinger – Born and bred in Africa.

        It’s going to take a while to get to my point.

        You know the story about the lemmings that went over the cliff, I’m sure. What is a lemming, anyway, you might ask. It’s a small rodent that lives near the arctic — in cold weather. The story, if you haven’t heard it (it’s a myth) is that every few years, because there are so many of them, they commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs. (They don’t.)

        Here’s the thing that boomers know, and everybody who is not a boomer has never experienced.

        When I was growing up in the 50s, our garden was filled with fireflies at night. In the summer months, Christmas beetles used to swarm together over any light bulb. Worms used to be abundant on lawns. Earthworms came out after every rainfall. There were frogs in the garden and one would spot a praying mantis quite frequently. Chameleons were ten a penny, and there were always birds in the trees.

        We lived in suburbia.

        In other words, all that insect life that was the norm in suburbia when I was a child is now gone.

        The cottage where I now live

        I’m currently living in a cottage in Cork, Ireland. There is a yard that is attached to the front of my cottage. Previous tenants, at some point, used it to dump every toxic item they could. When I moved in, I had to pay for the removal of two tons of rubbish. The landlord wouldn’t.

        • Bayard

          Exactly, we spend huge amounts trying to “combat climate change” which is 100% natural and nothing we can do anything about, meanwhile environmental disasters like the destruction of species through the loss of habitat go almost unnoticed, except by a few. I can’t believe this is a coincidence. It’s always all about money. With luck, this is something that Craig can address, if he is elected.

          • Clark

            Bayard, it is incomprehensible to me why you single out the climate part of the climate and ecological emergency, and pretend it doesn’t exist. So what about ocean acidification? Is that “100% natural” as well? I feel like adding “you dolt” at the end this. FFS don’t answer here; go to one of the several climate change threads in the forums.

          • glenn_nl

            Clark: It’s got to be trolling. Bayard has said this ridiculous BS dozens of times, and I can’t believe he’s really so stupid and cowardly as he’s trying to appear.

            Mind you, Bayard is known for making very assertive statements that are flat out wrong, and never has the courage to admit it. So maybe that really is all there is to it. Reminds me of the definition of a Tory – one that is too cowardly to fight, and too fat to run.

        • Johnny Conspiranoid

          Yes, if you can remember the amount of bug splater you used to get on car windshields in the seventies its nothing like that now.

          • will moon

            Johnny, how odd in timing is your intervention.

            Yesterday I conversed with a local here. The family go camping somewhere round Rannoch Moor, every year for 20 years in July. She was saying the same thing as you about last years trip. She and her partner are very “normal”, decent folk who don’t pay much attention to the wider world, focussed as they are on family and work

            She had a clear memory of the decline, due to the car window cleaning involved over 20 years.

          • Pears Morgaine

            Probably not connected with climate change but the chemicals used in intensive farming.

          • DunGroanin

            Yup even into 90’s. Plenty of bugs.
            Pesticide, nano particles monoculture and GMO.
            Designed to take control of Agro Industrial Complex
            Because there is no better weapon to exterminate people in their millions and 10’s of millions than starve them to death.
            They become too feeble to resist or fight.

          • Stevie Boy

            I’m sure Craig is aware, but maybe consider this when campaigning:
            – The UK has re-allowed banned neonicotinoids to be used on sugar beet crops in England in 2024. This poison is deadly to Bees, and probably other insect life. Sugar beet crops are arguably non-essential crops but they make huge profits – the modern sugar plantation.
            – The majority of the UKs rivers and shorelines are polluted with faecal waste caused by the privatised water companies pumping sewage into the environment rather than investing in treatment. This sector makes huge profits for staff and shareholders.
            These are examples of real environmental destruction caused by the private sector with the governments collusion – all in the name of huge profits – as opposed to climate change BS pushed by dubious NGOs, Billionaires and their sycophantic followers.

          • will moon

            Pears, Rannoch Moor and it’s campable environs are probably some of the least exposed areas of the country, vis a vis chemicals connected with intensive farming.

            I could be wrong but when I last walked across that area, there was little sign of the permanent presence of people, let alone organised anything.

            On its own it is an anecdote – however as I am sure you aware, several more data points and one has a hypothesis. One doesn’t need a lab to make such deductions. From there? Well that is up to the individual concerned.

          • Bob

            Not saying that there has NOT been a decrease in insects, but the redesign of cars to make them more aerodynamic (all those sloping windscreens) has probably contributed as well…..?

          • Clark

            Stevie Boy, May 25, at 15:41 – you’ve no credibility criticising “BS pushed by dubious NGOs, Billionaires and their sycophantic followers” when you’re pushing denialist BS yourself. Get to the forums with Bayard, where moderation will permit you to impugn my intelligence and morals.

          • glenn_nl

            Bob: The profile of number-plates has remained pretty much the same for decades. They provide a good standard to measure the density of insects in the air, and have been used to prove the staggering decline in insects.

            Motorcycle helmets are another way of seeing their decline. Note also that vehicles have become considerably faster over the years, so we should be seeing more insect strikes, not fewer.

        • Allan Howard

          OMG, I just finished reading the article I posted in the early hours of this morning! It was late, or early, depending on how you look at it, and I just read the first part of it – i.e. two or three paragraphs beyond what I posted, and saved the article to finish reading later. I assumed that the article would all be in the same vein, but later in the article she in effect reveals how ignorant and narrow-minded she is:

          «The ‘Palestinian’ war is likewise a religious war. The fact that so many are chanting ‘Free Palestine’ is a result of social engineering at universities — some $5 billion contributed by the Middle East to American universities. DEI rules have also resulted in increasing levels of incompetence, as well as some being more open to influence, and this has led to the current misinterpretation of what is happening……»

          And then this:

          «The idea that it’s all America’s (and NATO’s) fault that Putin invaded Ukraine is crazy. It’s absurd. It’s the result of people educated beyond their intelligence, buying into propaganda that makes them feel better about living in the supposedly shittiest country on earth.

          Nobody is thinking straight.

          An increase in mental illness has also resulted in a warped view of reality. It is not helpful…..»

          GfB, I could never have imagined that she was so full of shit. Astonishing!

    • DunGroanin

      What already? It’s only day 3! Diverting to the neo global agenda and talking points?
      Create division instead of working to overthrow the hegemony from the inside.
      Never mind the genocide of Palestinians eh? Or a million Ukrainians chased down in the streets to be ‘volunteered’ into the mincer. Or the Global South Rising whilst the Anglo European fixated Few hide behind their woke neo religions and Trans humanism.
      It’s almost as if some regulars here are committed to divert CM’s efforts under cover of supporting him. True Worm Tonguerry of the book kind. Bravo.

      • Stevie Boy

        The question for Craig is: “what do the people of Blackburn really care about?”. If he cannot answer that then he is doomed. Yes, Palestine is a big issue but come the GE what will people be voting for, or against?

        • Urban Fox

          They’re rather doomed anyway You may have noticed we’re in a bankrupt, dysfunctional and incompetently governed polity, with moribund institutions.

          This goes far beyond parliament or any single constituency. Nothing really works anymore, the departments of state, civil service, armed forces, infrastructure etc.

          Anything you care to name. Nothing works effectively anymore.

          • Sean

            UK is not bankrupt. It is awash with money and can also create as much as it needs to support its population. The symptoms you see are a result of the Govt. choosing to support only its rich friends

      • Colin Alexander

        DunGroanin, What do you mean by Trans humanism? If you are suggesting Craig Murray has a traditional / religious view compared to neo-liberal politicians who are pro-Transgender, Craig Murray has been very honest about his support for biological males self-identifying as women.

        It remains to be seen how well that will go down with voters with traditional / religious beliefs in Blackburn. But he certainly alienated a number of very vocal women’s rights supporters in Scotland with his views on Transgender.

        This may be one factor why Craig thought he now has more chance of being elected in Blackburn, where voters may be unaware of Craig’s own woke neo-liberal views on biological sex and gender.

        • glenn_nl

          Help me out here, Colin…

          What does ‘woke’ actually mean to you? What’s your definition of the word (I presume it’s not simply, “a state of having been awakened”)?

          Thanks in advance!

          • Colin Alexander


            My understanding of the term “woke” is a political ethos regarding “equality”. I believe it was originally about USA racial equality but has become about identity politics, such as a person’s gender and sexual preferences.

            That’s why I was puzzled by DunGroanin seemingly arguing that Craig Murray is an alternative to woke politicians, when Craig’s views on transgender would, to my understanding of the term, fit the definition of a woke politician. But, maybe Dungroanin could clarify what he meant by woke?

            However, I expect Craig would rather be discussing his views on the military action in Palestine and the middle east and subsequent huge loss of lives. Also, his views on unrestrained capitalist economic policies creating economic inequality in Blackburn and further afield. As that wouldn’t involve discussing his friend Alex Salmond’s questionable conduct as Alba Party leader, I’m sure on those subjects he won’t be so reticent.

        • will moon

          I think Trans humanism is something about replacing your body parts with machinery and networking your brain with the “Internet of Things”then living forever in the Big G’s servers

          If you are interested Ray Kurzweil, a former synth designer who owned Kurweil Electronics way back when and now “works” for the Big G has spoken extensively about this idea, being a major paladin for transhumanism – look him up, he’ll stretch your credulity

        • DunGroanin

          Lol you 🤡 Colin Alexander with your sly attempt at shit stirring?

          “ If you are suggesting Craig Murray has…”
          “ That’s why I was puzzled by DunGroanin seemingly arguing ..”

          Where exactly did my comment make any such inference of CM’s beliefs?
          I wouldn’t dream of ever making any assumptions about his views, which are certainly a lot more thought out then mine and for sure yours.

          In fact. How very dare you? Attempting exactly such mendacious worm-tonguerry that I identified was taking place to divert the thread and expect to get away with it?

          “suggesting”, “seemingly”

          To quote Elon Musk – G.F.Y

    • Townsman

      For what it’s worth, my position on climate change is:
      1. It’s real and caused by human activity, especially by the burning of fossil fuels
      2. It’s pointless trying to do anything about it, because no politician looks further ahead than the next election (most of them don’t look further ahead than about a week)
      3. Because nothing effective will be done, sea levels will rise. If you’re under 50, plan not to live on low-lying land anywhere near the sea.

      • Bramble

        So you are basically saying that democracies are incapable of dealing with existential crises – because they are democracies. Can’t say I disagree.

        • Rosemary MacKenzie

          No, they are not really democracies because the politicians/parties are in the pay and under the influence of multinationals, banks and other corrupt organizations. Western “democracy” is the most corrupt in the world, yet goes around swanking about its democracy. God help us! Craig, George Galloway, and independents don’t have the backing of the oligarchs that is why it is important Craig and co. win enough seats to frighten the shit out of them. Be great if Craig and Co took over Parliament. Be fascinating to see what MI-5s, -6s and -7s would do about it.

          • will moon

            I suggest in a “managed” democracy the phrase “the king is dead – long live the king” is axiomatic

            For the world of the shadows to emerge into the light strips it of its primary power – its primary purpose

            When Ceaucescu fell in Rumania in 1989, the “Securitate” (internal security agency) waged a bitter rearguard, killing nearly a thousand people. The Special Services can’t stand against “the People”

            Their self-preservation instinct is to make sure they never have to.

          • will moon

            Care to say a bit more Squeeth? You don’t want to be seen as a “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” sort of person do you?

            An alternative point of view clearly enunciated can clear the mind like menthol clears the chest.

      • will moon

        For what it’s worth, my position on climate change is:

        Stop the wars, coz if these grow, the nukes and germs and the rest will do for us long before climate change does or any of the other problems we face

  • Anthony

    The candidate Starmer has parachuted into Islington North to replace Jeremy Corbyn is a multi-millionaire private health company CEO.

    The media have known for several years that Starmer, Streeting, Rayner&c are owned by billionaire private health investors but refuse to report it to the public.

  • PR or bust

    Godspeed and Godbless. PR is the only way to stop rule by FOI dictat eg FO cameron and Defence shapps appointments. Only a hung parliament will deliver it.

  • John Dickson Brown

    Wish I could vote for you, Craig. All parliaments need a profusion of strong independent voices of integrity to robustly hold power to account and put forward an alternative narrative to the establishments. Justice, peace and freedom from tyranny for the Palestinian people.

  • nevermind

    Craig will need feet on the ground, people who deliver leaflets with dignity, able to talk to those who open the door and want to know more. There are 17 districts that need to be covered and I hope that supporters in Blackburn, seen on the photo, will come and show that they can do such a job.
    If you are willing to join us and able to bring your own ‘paddle’ , which is a health and safety implement made of plywood, about 5/6cm wide, 6mm thick and 25-30cm long.
    You fold the leaflet around them and shove them through the door and pull your paddle back out. You do this rather than using your hand/fingers because behind the door there might, or might not, be a dog, ready and waiting to defend its territory, having heard you coming through the gate/up the drive. Much appreciated if you can make your own, it saves me making them all.

    Leafleteers have to be courteous, friendly and aware that some people might not speak English as their first language. If people ask questions for the candidate, they can make a note together with the house number and the road, so it is possible to respond at a later date during a house-to-house canvass.
    It is wise to not get into lengthy debates, a strategy for taking up your time and limit your scope; the established grey parties are past masters at such game play. Ideally you will be doing this together with another leaflet volunteer, teams of two are safer.
    It is wise to have a phone with you in case you want to witness a situation, or take a voice recording, for your own safety and as evidence of an altercation.
    The person leading the team will always be contactable.
    Leaving in the morning it is advised to take a snack or fruit and some water with you as it can be hot and you might be in an area where there are few shops or possibilities to get water. I have in the past knocked on a door and asked whether I could refill my bottle, usually people are friendly and helpful.

    I hope this helps and provides volunteers with an idea as to what leafletting during an election is all about. Hopefully I will see some of you.

    • Allan Howard

      Regards insects, I’ve always been into letting the grass grow long before cutting it (prior to being made homeless and gardenless last year), and didn’t have insects in mind, but read some years ago that it’s beneficial to many insects to do so. And FoE and other organisations have been encouraging people for many years to grow wildflowers that attract them. Anyway, I just found the following article from May 2022 when I did a search re ‘where have all the insects gone’:

      UK’s flying insects have declined by 60% in 20 years

      Conservation charities Buglife and the Kent Wildlife Trust asked members of the public to count the number of insects splatted against their vehicle numberplates, and compared this to a similar study from 2004. They found that counts were down the most in England, where 65% fewer insects were recorded, and the least in Scotland, which recorded a 28% fall.

      • Allan Howard

        It’s too complicated and convoluted to explain, except to say that my post above was meant to be someway up the page.

        So anyway, I just wanted to say something in respect of what nevermind said about leafletting/leafletters, but in the first place I should say that under other circumstances I’d be more than happy to help out, but not only am I in Margate (in temporary accommodation), but I also have a cat, and I can’t very well bring him with me, and I can’t leave him here for several days on his own of course. Anyhow, regards leafletting, I can only assume there would be a series of leaflets that Craig would want distributed over the course of the campaign (five weeks), and that it wouldn’t of course be neccessary to knock and speak to the occupant(s) each time, my point being that there may very well be lots of people who would love to help Craig out in respect of leafletting BUT don’t feel they have the confidence or whatever to engage with people on the doorstep, and I think I would include myself amongst them. But under other circumstances I’d be more than happy to spend four/five/six hours a day for several days (if there was somewhere to crash, or a campsite in the vicinity) sticking leaflets through doors. But alas, I can’t, but I’m sure there are many other people who would be happy to do so – ie just leaflet. Nevermind, what say you?

  • Elizabeth Morley

    Dear Craig,

    Your gentle demeanour balanced with tenacity and unflappability will be a huge asset in the naughty corner. I can’t wait to see you alongside the currently pitifully small handful of those who fear not to tell truth to power.

    Best wishes,


    • Squeeth

      I thought that this policy began in the 70s, national service meaning being banged up in prison for Mickey Mouse offences and being put on sick to fiddle the unemployment count?

    • will moon

      After what I seen from the “youth” in the aftermath of the Grenfell Fire, I’d be surprised if many answered the call. For those who do, I think an above average rate of authoring mass shootings will hold amongst the ranks of the conscripted

      Many young people blame the Army for the mass slaughter of WW1 and hold a grudge. Blame the internet, blame Netflix, blame who you like, the fact remains, they are not as gullible as their forebears and will judge the Army harshly if forced to interact with it

      With the current crisis in the mental health of young people, putting them in the Army seems a daft idea, cruel even. Speaking to my niece, regarding her boys and the Army, turned a steady, sweet sounding woman into a bundle of extremely harsh unprintable epithets, complete with cartoon violence imagery in which the guilty didn’t fare well

      The Pols are bonkers or bent or both. They would benefit from the discipline that conscription provides, so the solution seems clear, put them in the Army. It won’t matter in terms of reducing Britain’s offensive military effectiveness, so the hazing and sexual harassment and assault that goes on in the military can be experienced by Britain’s political class. We could do it like a reality TV show, call it something like “Retribution” and we could wow over the NCO’s attempting to lick the sorry shower of bastards into shape as they run “the Murder Mile”. The theme tune could be a Grime version of “Suicide is Painless”, from the war movie “Mash”, directed by Robert Altman, whose 15 year old son wrote the lyrics for the song.

      “ Through early morning fog I see
      visions of the things to be
      the pains that are withheld for me
      I realize and I can see…
      That suicide is painless
      It brings on many changes
      and I can take or leave it if I please.”
      Suicide is Painless – Michael Altman (1970)

      • Squeeth

        @ will moon

        I think that you’ll find that the Germans had something to do with the mass slaughter of the Great War.

        When the Tories (Officials) began the short, sharp shock in the early 80s, it backfired because a lot of the lads enjoyed it. They often had no experience of structure, order, clean accommodations, three meals a day and good exercise. That’s why it was abolished….

        • Stevie Boy

          Of course “short, sharp shock”, conscription, whatever is just a sticking plaster over the basic problems that the establishment don’t want to sort out. Financial inequalities, no ‘decent’ jobs, poverty, lack of basic healthcare, a sick society. Conscription may temporarily alleviate those problems for the conscripted, but on returning to civvy street they find that everything is still all shit and they end up on booze, drugs and sleeping on the streets – abandoned by all, again.
          This is just more Tory PR in an attempt to get a few more votes from the intellectually challenged.

        • will moon

          Squeeth, doesn’t matter what I find: never has, never will.

          I’m saying Netflix or whoever has turned many millions of Brit youth against serving in the military – it is probably owned by Putin or the Chinese Communist Party or maybe the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. It should be banned if we wanna have a war with someone.

          I haven’t seen many vid games that have the Somme as their central motif – not really very glamorous is it? Of course this is an extrapolation of talking to many youths over several years and generalising it into a national phenomenon. I could be wrong but I think Sunak and the Pirates will stick with the nutty doorkickers in Special Forces rather than discover unsettling info – at the advent of WW2, conscription lists indicated that conscripts health was considerably worse than in WW1, which at that time was considered a scandalous nadir, a fact the Beveridge Report made much of.

          As for “short sharp shock”, all I remember is sneering mockery. Wasn’t it concerned with criminal delinquents rather the general youth population?

    • Pears Morgaine

      National Service was abolished in the 1950s partly because the armed services thought they were spending too much time and money training unwilling recruits who cleared off as soon as their two years were up.

      • will moon

        “ training unwilling recruits ”

        The days of Mandy Riced-Davies and “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”

        According to wikiped it stopped Jan 1, 1961.

        Old folk I have spoken to say the youth would not go anymore, pertinently, their mothers weren’t keen on their children going. There was much promise in those times of a better world,- some fulfilled, some not. A real flight from the horrors of war. My father fought in Korea as a conscript yet none of his younger brothers or cousins were sent to Vietnam

        • Goose

          Does it apply to Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland?

          As if unionism didn’t already have enough problems with that age group in Scotland. Surely it can’t happen in Northern Ireland, because of the sectarianism?
          Reeks of desperation, such an announcement in a campaign. Such hastily developed policies never withstand the litmus test. Tory MPs are rightly posing questions about those with autism and other learning difficulties. And it’ll cost £2.5bn, at least, hence why it’s never appealed to previous govts who’ve mooted the idea.

          • Goose

            I did a Raleigh International expedition around that age. I’d recommend that over this kind of thing.

            There is value in volunteering and there’s so little civic pride and so much selfishness these days. Far worse in the UK than other countries.

            I do think the teamwork and bonding involved could teach valuable lessons. It may help some escape gang culture too.

          • will moon

            Reeks of a Uniparty Goose to me

            Wouldn’t be surprised that Tory “grandees” had adopted this policy to help Starmer, by making themselves unelectable – after all they serve the same master – money!

          • Stevie Boy

            “There is value in volunteering and there’s so little civic pride and so much selfishness these days. Far worse in the UK than other countries.”
            Any hard evidence to back that up ?

            Maybe ‘other countries’ have something to be proud of. The UK government, its organisations and ‘leaders’ are some of the most despicable C**ts on the planet, what’s to be proud of ?

          • fonso

            Galling that there is a lack of civic pride in a country whose rivers are full of excrement, hospitals are at breaking point, wages suppressed, rents extortionate, schools collapsing, tuition fees a rip off. All presided over by genocidal freaks.

            There can only really be one explanation .. selfishness.

          • Allan Howard

            Near the end of the BBC article Stevie Boy posted a link to it says the following:

            Mr Sunak said: “This is a great country but generations of young people have not had the opportunities or experience they deserve and there are forces trying to divide our society in this increasingly uncertain world……”.

            Yep, and those forces are Sunak and Gove and Braverman et al manufacturing and dissembling a totally fictitious and non-existent problem. Along with most of the MSM who give their Nazi-type big lies and falsehoods a platform and, as such, credibility.

          • Goose

            will moon

            I watched Carol Vorderman’s plea on X/Twitter, urging voters to reduce the Tories to a handful of seats, as the ‘first step to proportional representation’, as she put it.

            I don’t share her view that crushing the Tories to any degree inevitably leads to PR. And this election is a real dilemma imho.

            Reducing the Tories to a really low number of seats has its obvious appeal. Hell, they richly deserve zero seats. But… Starmer armed with a huge unassailable majority, for five years, well, that’s also an awful prospect too. The lesson taken from such a victory, will be that only Blairism can win. And thus it’ll cement Labour’s RW and people like the goddam awful Peter Mandelson, as some sort of electoral wizard.
            And reducing the Tories to a few seats won’t stop them re-emerging under FPTP. Just look at Canada 1993 – the Canadian Conservatives went from government to just two seats! They were back in contention within a decade and back in power in 2008’s GE, thanks to FPTP.

            Perversely, it may be better if the Labour lead drops, and the Tories make a close race of it. If we can get a seriously hung parliament that forces Starmer to compromise into a Confidence and Supply arrangement with any or all of: the Lib Dems, SNP; Greens plus obviously Craig and George et al, that would be best case scenario. If you want democratic reform, voting reform and a better defence of civil liberties, a hung parliament would be a much better parliament than a stonking great Starmer majority.

          • Goose


            The Lib Dems will avoid a coalition like the plague after the last one with Cameron c.2010-15. So only a Confidence and Supply arrangement will be available to Labour.

            The RW press would be going nuts over what they’d say is the inherent instability of C&S. But in reality, that is how democracy should operate. Personally, I’d prefer no parties and 650 independents over the current arrangements. There’d be a lot more honesty, less corruption; less lobbying, less support for war. And they’d probably, unlike the current lot, actually defend our fucking rights!

            Of the big two parties, how many MPs think and vote, based on their conscience? Not many I’d wager. They call government ‘the payroll vote’ and it’s got larger over the decades, and beyond them the rest are careerists. I’d argue with anyone who thinks what we have at present is a good system.

          • JK redux


            The reason that conscription won’t apply in Northern Ireland is that it would attract massive resistance from Nationalists and Irish Republicans.

            Just as it did throughout Ireland during WW1 when Ireland was still an unwilling part of the ‘United Kingdom’.

            The WW1 experience is no doubt the reason why Churchill’s government didn’t attempt conscription in NI during WW2.

            And of course “sectarianism” isn’t an issue, rather that approximately 50% of people in NI (a lot more in the 18-25 age group who would be most affected) have no intention of fighting for the ‘United Kingdom’.

            Ironically, any attempt to impose conscription in NI would speed Irish reunification.

          • will moon

            Goose, you gotta wonder what’s going on. This from Bristol Triphopper Tricky, off his first album, Maxinquaye, in 1995, thirty years ago!

            It stuck in my mind when I walked into a roomful of kids listening to this in 95, they thought it very cool. These things spread out through time. The room thought this an apposite and just response to such a letter – all of them! It struck me hard how clear it all was for them.

            “I got a letter from the government the other day
            Opened and read it, it said they were suckers
            They wanted me for their army or whatever
            Picture me giving a damn, I said never”
            Black Steel Tricky (1995)

            I have been hearing Brit MIC bigwigs gnawing on this bone for a few weeks now yet at no time does it leave the realm of Monty Python for me and I’m getting on, you know, not exactly down with the youth these days – being a moralising teetotaller probably reduces my youth appeal but that’s enough about me!

            Like I say, it is such a Seppuku by Sunak – glib, cartoonish and deeply offensive for so many who clearly feel they don’t owe that much to so few – certainly not enough to fight for the hedge funds etc This could be the lowest haul of Tory MP’s ever – we’ll see but it reminds of “Carry On Tory”, a film never made because no one thought it bankable – not anymore

          • Goose

            will moon

            Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no doubt the Tories can and rightfully should be trounced.

            I just don’t think that’s a result anyone being sensible about this election should want. A huge Labour majority is no good for Craig either, should he win.

            A few days or even weeks of happiness, then the reality of: Streeting’s plans for the NHS. Starmer won’t repeal any of the Tories’ authoritarian shit; he may even seek to add to it. Read this from this year :
            Britain today probably has more internet monitoring and invasive state powers than the Chinese govt have in China!

            Starmer waved through other laws, like the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021, which allows undercover officers to seriously hurt or even murder British citizens to maintain cover – note not just in self-defence. And the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Act 2021 which allows for derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights and even some in the armed forces have questioned.

          • will moon

            Goose I’m suggesting collusion, of some sort. This one is a turkey, a dead weight. Do it after one is elected ie conscription, you don’t need to tell anyone wtf. To publicise it now is fear – fear of Sunak. It is like putting out a party political broadcast of Richie Sunk, taking a dump – yea the scatologists might like it but I have more faith in the voting public than to think they are all that scatty

            Looks like a choreographed event to me. They are all marching to the sound of the guns, responding to rumblings in the hinterland about our democratic deficit – war over peace, profit over people. Things are about to get real. The next month will say an awful lot about where we’re at

          • ET

            “Just as it did throughout Ireland during WW1 when Ireland was still an unwilling part of the ‘United Kingdom’.”

            Nonetheless, approx 200,000 Irish did join British forces in WW1.

          • will moon

            Y.ea ET, one of my grandas, from Galway did the full six years in the infantry, 39-45. France, Africa, Sicily then Italy. He never got any home leave in those six years. Died of cancer a few years after the war ended, his absence was a massive loss for his family – my family. My dad said his dad believed the war needed to be fought. He blamed the bosses for Hitler but recognised that once the monster was abroad, it had to be stopped.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Credit where credit’s due, Will: the lyrics for Tricky’s ‘Black Steel’ were originally written by Public Enemy’s Chuck D – probably with a small contribution from Flavor Flav. Yeah, boyeeeee!

          • Frank Hovis

            “There is value in volunteering and there’s so little civic pride and so much selfishness these days.”

            Except, as I understand it, the proposed scheme is not voluntary. You either take His Maj’s shilling for a year or you do 25 days a year community service, either/or. That’s compulsion, not volunteering.

      • Urban Fox

        They’re selling a premise not a practical policy. Just like all their other BS, this regime is not capable of mobilization, on any scale.

        If you want to knoe how it would go in practice, look at HS2 and the state of every institution in the country. It’s an utter s**tshow.

        This is why all that talk about the UK sending troops to Ukraine/Big Scary China has started again. It’s to gin up fear and try to gaslight the population into to compliance with a corrupt, ineffectual Westminster regime.

        It would take years for Britain to be even vaugely ready for war, assuming preparation started right now and was competently managed.

        In fact, of course the regular armed forces will keep degrading. All the touted budget increases will be eaten up inflation, which has slowed not reversed. Contrary to the intentionally duplicitous government claims.

        In real terms: GDP in general and per head will shrink.

        They’ll get around this by saying something like that the 2.5% pledge, means “2.5%” equivalent to what the GDP was “officially” in 2023/4.. Which will mean stagnation, actual, & even relative decline.

  • DunGroanin

    Happy Sunday folks, MoA’s on sick leave (may he recover soon and open at least a single lighted port for us barflies to gather around and sup our homebrew).
    So…I’ll drop a quick sermon in this here chapel if I may? I’ll attempt to keep it relevant.
    It explains why CM is the favoured candidate as an independent in Blackburn for me.

    Inspired by the great goodwill of this blog’s readers and the usual Troll Others.
    I’ll title it (riffing the feminist slogan):

    The Personal is Political is Geopolitical.

    I’ll start with deliberate misquote of the old adage – When once you set out to dismantle the Red Wall don’t be surprised the whole house comes down!

    The reason for that unwise demolition, the tectonic manipulations, was to dislodge the miracle of Corbyn. The collapsing of the Red Wall using quisling Starmer’s supposed plan to reverse BrexShit! Which he and his global robber masters had zero intention to do. Designed as it was to set up Tax Free Zones that will excuse tax-paying for the global shapeshifters and release them from any meaningful regulation.

    The whole Red Wall destruction was a knee jerk at stopping many of the grassroot Labour candidates from winning and changing the whole U.K. and worldwide geopolitical master plan from being thwarted – especially the long-planned Proxy Nato Ukrainian Nazis’ attack to retake Crimea and destroy Russia and the current takeover of the whole Levant and new fronts in EurAsia to thwart the Chinese, whilst taking further control in MENA and Africa…

    That escalation in turn was to counter the demand by the majority of humanity rising up and demanding equality. A Law-based world order of the Racist Rules-based one. A multipolar world instead of a unipolar world with the Millenia-long Anglo-European imperialism and control by the shapeshifter Money Makers.

    It was explicitly made clear by the official US meddling in our last general election, by State Department head, ex-CIA, Trump-appointed, Pompeo.
    He declared to the US-Israeli lobby meeting that a GAUNTLET was deployed by the US to stop Corbyn!

    Even the U.K. intelligence chiefs and heads of the military threatened a coup if Corbyn won! Every newspaper and mass media was set against that, every bit of mud-slinging.

    So much for supposed democracy and free choice – you can have it in any ‘Color’ as long as its Blackshirt. Fascist. Dictatorial.

    Imagine any other country declaring such an event very action against any other countries free elections! They in fact accused Russia and China doing just that. A blatant case of projection.

    Ultimately even with a mid-winter election they had to resort to postal vote fixing to get that job done – a weapon they are confident is so well developed that it can be relied on to safely install the quisling fascist NuLabour mobsters finally after the enforced delay since 2017.

    Well, as is usual in such man-made attempts at messing with Natural Forces, there are always unintended consequences. Yes, they stopped the Corbynites, but in the process they have created a hydra of independents, ex-grass root Labour, including Corbyn himself. This time the stinking old kippers are being deployed across many constituencies when they have no real base to appeal to anymore! BrexShite done already. So only the xenophobic ‘illegal Immigration’ remains – and, yes, some fuckwits will still respond to that. But actual ex-Labour independents are the real representatives of these working-class bigots this time!

    Corbyn’s miraculous election as Labour Leader had stopped the cushy uniparties pass-the-parcel supposed democracy, in their new NeoLibCon world of the last 45 years – while dismantling all the great things about Britain won by previous generations to raise themselves above servile plebs.

    A time just a hundred years ago when the majority, as always, were poor, over-worked, subjected to predatory rentierism, deprived of health, housing, education (especially) and a safety net of welfare.

    Education, free and available through the lifetime, reached its zenith at the same time as the beginning of the malaise that started the decline into where we are now returned to that old hierarchy and ‘our place’ in it. The polytechnics, night schools and Open University of the 1970’s.

    All our cultural propaganda over the last decade or two has been aimed at just that. The TV series which dominate the revisionist worship of the landed gentry and their servants from Downton Abbey to the updated current saccharin Bridgerton.
    Such entertainment along with supposed real life shows about modern Britain debasing children into porn models and sex slaves or at best servants who can cook and provide housekeeping services – are aimed at promoting servitude and pleasing the needs of the Old Aristo classes and their new super rich glamorous slutty pop-tarts and Trans and Woke-worshipping neo-religions and pseudosciences.

    The wealthy few, who set the illusions of entitlement – and the rest, the majority who worship that entitlement.

    This particular rebirth of grassroots politics is what can save Britain from its decades long plunge back to Victorian-era Dickensian haves and have-nots.

    It’s up to us to stop yet another daylight robbery and total degrading subjugation until we are released by the Multipolarists. Because that is unstoppable.


    • nevermind

      I take it that you are volunteering for the Blackburn effort, Dungroamin,
      Only choking…😊
      Be good to see you again.

  • Alex Skinner

    I’ve had a high opinion of Craig for the longest time. But I’m not sure I could have anything to do with a party whose leader Galloway is now openly homophobic. I used to like him a lot, too.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        Do you mean that tit Scott Ritter, Pears? If so, then technically, he’s a proven ephebophile – as are many, if not most, people:

        What the vast majority of people are not is stupid enough to expose themselves to people identifying as under the age of consent in online chatrooms.

      • will moon

        As opposed to hanging around with unconvicted pdf files like Jimmy Savile and friends

        By this logic every time u mention King Chuck you have to say “His mentor was Sir James Savile, Britain’s most well known pdf file, who remained unconvicted despite many hundreds?, thousands of serious offences against some of the most vulnerable children in society

        Or Margerat Thatcher who was one of Jimmy’s bessies and who clearly helped this mangy cur escape prosecution

        Or Keir Starmer who didn’t prosecute Jimmy Savile, didn’t even know about the most important case of his tenure as boss-prosecutor. I bet the “conspiracy theorists” are driven into states of excitation and out-of-body experiences about Starmer’s excuses – and why not? Starmer is clearly not an advocate of “the buck stops here” school of management or accepting responsibility for his previous behaviour. When this is considered there is little left between conspiracy and full blown psychopathy

        • Pears Morgaine

          As you say Savile was never convicted or even charged when he was alive, those associated with him can claim ignorance but in some circles his rubbing shoulder with the rich and powerful is seen as evidence of a VIP paedophile ring.

          • Johnny Conspiranoid

            Pears Morgan
            ” his rubbing shoulder with the rich and powerful is seen as evidence of a VIP paedophile ring.”
            People are more likely to conspire with those they rub shoulders with and share secret interests with. So what are the odds?

        • will moon

          The thing is, Pears, when one contrasts the media coverage of Savile and Brady, I feel concern. I would be surprised speaking to any rational adult who didn’t understand, even if they did not share this concern.

          It is not at all clear what was going on: no scapegoats, no wrongdoing, just a lone wolf pdf file – nobody knew except the victims – bummer for the victims, yet Paul Gambacinni claims by ’94 “everyone at the BBC knew he was necrophiliac”. So some people knew something.

          I was discussing it with Lapsed Agnostic recently and I made the point, that penetration operations into peace groups and the production of children by said penetration agents to keep their cover going – expensive . At this time, apparently Savile was plying his trade, endangering the security of the “Realm” yet not a peep from the security services – incompetence or complicity is all I can think of. Feel free to offer an alternative.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Despite what Gambo says, Will, no one at the 90’s Beeb actually knew that Savile was a necrophile because none of them had seen him at it with corpses in Jimmys’ morgue* etc. They’d just heard the rumours – but often rumours turn out not to be true.

            I very much doubt that the spy cops were instructed by their superiors to impregnate women to maintain their cover. They were just taking advantage of the situation, and the fact that the Pill is only around 90% effective (despite what gobshite pharma companies tell you) meant that these things happened.

            * For clarification, that’s Jimmys’ as in St James’ Hospital, Leeds – he didn’t have his own.

          • will moon

            I’m not trying to dip Gambo in the gumbo, I’m sure he can do that himself

            As for your contention about the origin of these children being an impromptu solution to a perennial problem for penetration agents and their handlers – get real it’s a kill structure. Were you born yesterday?

            The point is these “human animals” who make these decisions, like Starmer and the Masters of the Nonce ie the colonels and whatnot in military intelligence are anti-human vermin. Maybe ok for a soldier but the Pol is supposed to provide the moral lens for the kill structure. The fact that those who suffered in these games were so UNIMPORTANT – completely irrelevant to anyone but themselves tells us everything.

            According to Goose speaking upthread, these penetration agents can now kill at will, anyone they fancy.

            So they could fuck a suspect, on Starmer’s say so, then when the baby is born, snuff the baby, on their own initiative and their cover is preserved and the completely pointless operation is kept “on track” – not pointless of course for the budgets of the Special Services

            At the same time, Savile though his friendship with K-Chuck and Prime Minister M Thatcher is literally threatening the Monarchy and the very fabric of British polity. Yet the Special Services are COMPLETELY unaware because they are busy siring children with provincial peace campaigners – get real you are living in a fantasy world.

            If they knew nothing? Next stop the knackers yard and finding people who are able enough for this type of work – “minimally competent” would be a necessary but not sufficient condition for the new hires

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. Of course I wasn’t born yesterday – that’s why I know what tends to happen when men in their late 20’s and early 30’s, with slightly higher testosterone levels than average (there’s not too many Inspector Morse types in the actual police), spend a lot of time in the company of idealistic, fairly naive, highly fertile young women in their teens and early 20’s. It’s a story older than recorded history – you don’t have to invoke conspiracies from on high or ‘kill structures’ to explain things. By the way, compared to a typical member of West Yorkshire Police’s Drug Squad, every police officer who was involved in operations to infiltrate leftist and environmental groups in the 80’s & 90’s would have been a living saint. They would also have had little, if any, awareness that Savile was friends with Bonnie Prince Charlie and was a regular at Thatcher’s Christmas parties – this sort of info was hardly printed the Currant Bun every week. If I am indeed living in a ‘fantasy world’, I would recommend that people join me in it.

          • will moon

            Yes the Police Officers seemed ordinary- so what. If they are indeed “ordinary” they will feel the shame.

            It is the penetration of a piece of civil society as if it were an enemy structure in war. This I believe is called “counter-insurgency” or “counter terror” or whatever. The logical end of this behaviour if you know your “counter-insurgencey” theory is “Terminate With Extreme Predjudice” so yes bureaucratic kill structure

            The argument might work for one case i.e. the siring of one “counter terror” child but after the first “accident” a ruling would have to be made, guidelines adhered to. It is not rocket science, nor is it James Bond but grey bureaucrats ticking boxes deciding the creation of human life. Hardly the most auspicious start to a life, I think you would agree?

            It is to be hoped that the Special Services defend the Realm ie the principle figures which constitute said entity, why do you struggle to understand this mission? Yet Savile was intimate with M Thatcher over a long period and haunted Royal Palaces, children’s hospice and maximum secure facilities for the criminally insane without requiring any form of check or ID

            Your complacency is alarming, though perhaps a sign of these benighted times. While you offer vague apology for the clear failure of the Special Services to protect the integrity of the nation, you don’t seem to consider what might have transpired if the IRGC or CPC or even the ideology-free Putin had exploited this information, there well could have been mass-lynchings along Pall Mall. In any case of lynching I have read about the facts are secondary to the symbolism and it is possible that innocent lives could be taken in such fraught circumstances. You clearly have no thought for the safety of the country nor the lives of “top people”. However lamentable their behaviour I don’t think should be treated like this.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. What are you on about though? As far as I’m aware, no one was killed as a result of police infiltrations of leftist, environmentalist etc groups – in fact, the opposite happened: new life was created. It might not have had the best start, but that applies to many people. There wouldn’t have been much chance that police bureaucrats would have known what was going on at the time, as it was unlikely that anyone would have told them – and, in any event, they weren’t responsible for these children being brought into this world: back then, as now, that would have been a choice for the women concerned.

            Even when the country went mad in the wake of the untimely death of Lady Di, there were no lynchings in Pall Mall – or anywhere else in Britain, to the best of my knowledge – so I doubt whether even the combined forces of Russia, P.R. China & Iran would be able to achieve this.

            P.S. Savile was intimate with Thatcher? First I knew – but then he did put it about a bit. Enjoy what little’s left of the damp bank holiday.

          • will moon

            More complacency – Princesses are special, but children are specialer; the “Lady DI” stuff was no different to phoney beatlemania – don’t fool yourself. If you want the real deal, not the effluence excreted by the Special Services, watch that documentary shot undercover at one of Bernard Matthews’ Turkey “breeding” units.

            Not only a shocking view into the cankerous underbelly of Merry Olde England but a searing journey of self-discovery, were all you know about intimate relationships is upended and replaced with a pastiche from Bosch or maybe Bruegel’s “The Fall of the Rebel Angels” then, and only then, will I take your sorry excuses for the failure of Britain’s domestic “intelligence” services as regards the handling of famous or celebrated pdf-files seriously. But even then they shall remain excuses, no more, no less – piteous appeals to emotion rather than well-formed appeals to reason.

            Have you heard of Petraeus, McChrystal, Afghanistan, Iraq etc., i.e. counter-insurgency? That is what “Spycops” was: counter terror. When the model is fully operational the punters at the end of the chain are snuffed. If you are unclear on this aspect of the story, you could do worse than to read “No Good Men Among The Living” by Anand Gopal. He describes the process using the model as applied in Afghanistan; it is not a pretty story with Coalition forces operating as the executioners of large numbers of Afghan leaders at the behest of a gang of high-powered drug traffickers. Those who were killed often represented “moderate” nationalist elements leaving only two choices: NATO gunships, or the Taliban.

      • will moon

        But if the CO is K Chuck? I can’t believe his Maj, wouldn’t go raj – after all GG is a symptom not the malaise itself

  • Jack

    The spineless (in)human rights lawyer Keir Starmer still do not even have the guts to declare hypothetically that under a possible Labour gov. he would arrest Netanyahu if he came to the UK:
    Keir Starmer ends silence on ICC arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu
    And yeah he managed to take a swipe against palestinians of course.

    Video of Keir Starmer being approached by a man asking why he support Israel killing children:
    Again this is a spineless cretin, it is not a man of convictions, just look how scared and worry he became when a person asked why he do not protest against Israel killing thousands of children. Note that that was when Israel had killed 7000 children. Now the number is even in the double but Keir is still unfazed by the carnage!? He sits there looking like friggin speechless mannequin, what a grand p.o.s.
    Totally bought puppet, or rather dummy:
    UK Labour’s major donor is Israel lobbyist who profited from South African apartheid
    Labour MPs have accepted over £280,000 from Israel lobby
    Twenty percent of Labour’s sitting MPs have been funded by pro-Israel groups or individuals – including 15 who have been directly funded by the Israeli stat
    There have been talk to curb “russian money” from oligarchs going to Tories, why no ban on “jewish/israeli money” trying to influence western politics?
    I think this is an important topic to raise politically for Craig and other brave politicians out there.

  • Allan Howard

    I see that the fascsts are ‘maintaining’ their attack on the pro-Palestinian anti-genocide marchers and protesters. Here are a bunch of headlines from a few days ago……

    On second thoughts – given that there’s so many of them, I’ll just post a link to the results page when I did a search re ‘michael gove extremism antisemitism’:

    A couple of days ago I saved several youtube vids (four in fact) to ‘new tabs’ to check out at some point, one of them being a vid posted by the Revolutionary Communist Party on their YT channel entitled ‘Gove accuses RCP of antisemitism for opposing Tory war criminals’, and I just got round to checking it out and, as a consequence (two minutes into the vid), did the above mentioned search. The title is a wee bit misleading, as the ‘presenter’ as good as said that Gove was referring to left-wing groups in general (and didn’t actually specify the RCP). Anyway, here’s a link to the vid: (16mins 43secs)

    And I spotted the following near the top of the recommends – i.e. a Novara Media vid with Andrew Feinstein:

    Jewish Left-Winger SLAMS Michael Gove’s Antisemitism Speech (6mins)

    Check out the the clip of Michael Gove near the beginning and what he says. It’s just outrageous, nonsensical propaganda demonisation garbage.

    Yep, the fascist scum repeat their attack intermittently so as to keep it in the headlines and the public consciousness.

      • Allan Howard

        And needless to say it’s diabolical and pure unadulterated evil that these scumbags have no qualms whatsoever about causing concern and consternation in the Jewish community(s) in respect of the marchers/protesters in their quest to demonise them. Goebbels would have been well impressed!

        Just this minute came across this, but I don’t know when it’s from because it’s not dated:

        ‘Michael Gove: it’s common sense to be a Zionist’

        Education Secretary Michael Gove spoke to hundreds of JC readers at a special event in London last night.

        In a wide-ranging discussion with former JC editor Ned Temko, Mr Gove revealed his thoughts on issues including faith schools, the teaching of evolution and antisemitism on university campuses.

        As part of the session he spent more than an hour answering audience questions at the JW3 Jewish community centre in north London.

        Mr Gove said he had previously discussed criticism of Israel with former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, and praised opposition figures including Gordon Brown and Ed Balls for the pro-Zionist beliefs.

        After outlining his opposition to boycotts of Israel he said: “Why shouldn’t you be a Zionist? It’s common sense.”

        And just learnt that he’s standing down…..

    • nevermind

      Thanks for the interview with Andrew Feinstein, Allan. Leaving out Gove’s despicable parting message, lets concentrate on Andrews reasons as to why he is standing for Parliament, reasons that chime well with other Independents and the Workers Party.
      It is vitally important that the grey parties be held to account for their combined coverups and collaborative ignorance of the Genocide Convention.
      Its not just the revelations and historic cover up of peoples suffering from the blood contamination scandal, or the Post Office cover up of collective stealing by their top echelons, for decades blaming their well vetted employed postmasters, all down to the main power addicts who cheated at many past elections.
      It is about the future of this country, what we leave our children and of what we can do to put a spanner into their self serving undemocratic and sometimes psychotic demeanour/,policies.
      Cost of living, child poverty are caused by war mongering spendthrift and by concentrating their supporters in the better of classes, those who vote in a dystopian FPTP electoral wheeze none of the grafting grey parties want to change, it has to change
      i very much hope that we can cause a landslide of the minds in Blackburn, lets do it!

  • Allan Howard

    I was just doing a search on the Sun’s website (starting with Gove) to see if I could determine how many times in the past eight months the Tories/government have brought up the pro-Palestinian marchers (so that they could demonise them) and, as such, came across the following comment by Trevor Kavanagh from March 10th with the headline ‘Justice and freedom on path to disaster after anti-Hamas demonstrator was dragged to ground by cops in London’ and the sub-headline ‘Britain’s tiny Jewish population now lives in fear’. Here are some passages from it:

    « BRITISH justice was shamed yesterday as pro-Israel demonstrator Niyak Ghorbani was dragged to the ground in London by four uniformed cops.

    A senior officer completed this act of gross stupidity, triumphantly scrunching the Iranian’s protest poster.

    In three simple words it spelled out official Government policy: “HAMAS IS TERRORIST”.

    Other cops looked on as pro-Palestinian marchers gridlocked the city as they have every week since 1,200 innocent Jewish civilians were butchered by Hamas on October 7.

    Britain’s tiny Jewish population now lives in fear. Children face threats if they dare to wear the kippah skullcap. »

    This reminds me of a time when soldiers could safely wear their uniforms on civvy street — until IRA terrorists put a target on their backs.

    Yes, that’s exactly what it reminded ME of, and no doubt tens of thousands of other people. NOT!! And he continues:

    « Yet IRA fans were never seen marching through London protected by British bobbies.

    A harsh comparison but Jewish people have a saying: “It starts with the Jews but it never ends with the Jews.”

    Islamist extremists, twinned with Trotskyist hardliners, have a common goal, the destruction of capitalism and our free-thinking way of life.

    They are using Israel, the only democracy on the Arab peninsula, as their nuclear weapon.

    We are heading down a dangerous path. »

    That’s correct, right up the garden path if you believe such B/S. And a bit further on:

    « Similar scenes are found in cities across the country, not least in Rochdale, where rabble-rouser George Galloway has been elected on a landslide “vote for Gaza”…..

    [ … ] “useful idiots” by left-wing and Islamist extremists.

    Communities Secretary Michael Gove, who condemned the appeasement of extremism after the 7/7 London bombings, yesterday pleaded with marchers to be careful of the company they keep.

    “Free speech has to be protected,” he said. “But there are people who are operating deliberately to undermine our democracy.”

    Calls for the extinction of Israel “from the river to the sea” amounted to “the legitimisation of an extremist position which intimidates and leads to hate”. »

    I’ve never figured out – even if it were true, which it isn’t of course – how calling for the destruction of Israel could undermine democracy, even if we HAD a democracy, which we obviously don’t.

    And immediately after the end of the piece there’s a blue box with a short article entitled Happy retirement, Theresa May, in which it says the following:

    « EX-PM Theresa May is to retire from the Commons after 27 years as a Tory MP, including the longest stint as Home Secretary in modern times.

    The “Glumbucket’s” decision was greeted with a chorus of raspberries from observers. They blame her bungled Brexit manoeuvres for almost losing the 2019 election to loony lefty Jeremy Corbyn. »

    Yes, it’s wonderful that we live in a democracy in which MS newspapers like the Sun can descibe the leader of the LP/opposition as a loony leftie.

    • Allan Howard

      Ah, I just registered that Kavanagh got it wrong, and it was of course the 2017 GE, and not the 2019 GE.

      It’s hard to believe he did it deliberately (and what possible reason would he have had for doing so), but it’s also hard to believe he could have got it wrong.

  • AG

    How is Craig´s relationship to unions and organized labour?

    If you want to fill the ever-growing void in the system of political representation in the long run you have to politicize and organize the masses of people which will take long, and now is the time to start.

    To argue e.g. someone may or may not be a Marxist, or any such labeling, cannot be an excuse. The demise of unions and everything that came with it since the 1990s is the biggest single factor for where we are now.

    This has to be understood. And there is no working around that. It has to be tackled.

    In Austria e.g. the Communists have had success with very simple ideas like organized care, education, social security and support on a local level for citizens for free. So initially people actually learn to trust you. Instead of (rightly) assuming people are running for office out of selfishness.

    The solution therefore: prove that politics in fact means something real, material.

    Because what are parties there for? To help others and represent their interests. You have to build your base of voters, proving that very argument.

    Similar was done in difficult areas like Marseille, in fact local success by French Front National went back to this.

    You have to think politics by gut not head and put it back on its feet. That’s how locals in the US too, were able to win seats for the Democrats 2020/2021 under very difficult conditions.

  • Amir

    I just donated. The transaction was blockade twice. I had to call to verify my ID. Considering this was an international payment, it is probably just a normal flow of work.
    However, this adds an additional administrative layer to the donation process, which might put off potential supporters.

  • Gordon Roscoe

    Craig can you please provide a contact for those of us who wish to come to Blackburn and offer practical assistance

    • Allan Howard

      Craig is no doubt totally rushed off his feet, what with moving to Blackburn on top of everything else he has to do and has to think about. But of course we had all been brain-washed into thinking and believing the GE wouldn’t be called until the Autumn, and especially so in view of the Tories being 20/25 percentage points behind in the polls. I mean when has a PM ever called a GE when they are 20-plus percentage points behind in the polls (and have been consistently for getting on for two years)? It was a clever move in the sense that it took everyone by surprise, and although I expect the main parties were ready for any eventuality, many standing as independents – if not all – would have been unprepared for it, and now having to go into overdrive, and be stressed as a consequence, and when you’re stressed, you’re much more prone to make mistakes and overlook things.

      But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Starmerfuhrer was notified weeks ago.

  • Magic Frog

    I would obviously be delighted to see Craig in Parliament. However, because of our voting system, the Workers’ Party, Greens and Independents should form an alliance. In my constituency, Enfield North, there is a Green Party and a Workers’ Party candidate. This is folly. Surely, those who want real change should not have to choose between them. Without an alliance between progressive parties, this election will yield a minimal number of MPs for real change.

    • JK redux

      The Greens in Scotland appear to be obsessed with ‘gender politics’ and not bothered with Scottish independence.

      Are the English Greens focussed on the environment and economic justice?

      Presumably they are not aligned with the the WP in terms of economic policy?

  • Stevie Boy

    Lest we forget.
    Remember, 40,000 more nurses and 40 new hospitals. Now we have:
    ‘ “Today you’re announcing 100 new GP surgeries.“ … you’ve shut 450 since 2013, so aren’t you trying to fix your own mistakes?” ‘
    ” government is funding new GP surgeries, refurbishing 150 others and expanding pharmacy services to free up doctor appointments. But … funding for pharmacies is down a third on 2015 and more than 1,000 of them have shut.”

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