Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund 222

This is it. The election is called and I am standing in Blackburn to offer voters there a viable alternative to the Keir Starmer Genocide Party.

I cannot do it without your financial support and practical campaigning help.

Any individual donations over £50 in value will require to be declared to the Returning Officer together with your full name and address and you must be on the UK Electoral Register at the time the donation is made (we are required by law to verify this). No overseas donations over £50 can be accepted unless you are currently on the UK Electoral Register. No anonymous donations can be accepted above £50. Information about donations, including donor details may be published. Returning Officers make returns prepared by candidates available for inspection after elections. These include details of donations.

Keir Starmer has calculated that no matter how far he abandons working people and moves the Labour Party to the right, those voters who are themselves getting the short straw in the vastly unequal distribution of wealth in society, or who simply wish to see a fairer world, have nowhere else to go.

In doing so he has completely sold out the party to the Israeli lobby, to the extent Starmer has actively supported the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Labour still support UK arms sales to Israel. He stated three times Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity and supported the UK stopping funding to UNRWA. Labour actively oppose sanctions against Israel. Labour support the provision of British military and intelligence support to the Israeli military.

Labour do this because they receive millions in funding from the Zionist lobby.

Not one Labour MP has resigned from Labour Friends of Israel over the Gaza genocide. Not one: I have cried bitter tears every single day for eight months over the children slaughtered in Gaza.

I have also done everything one man can to stop it. I was in the courtroom at the International Court of Justice for the South Africa vs Israel genocide hearing. My articles on the use of the Genocide Convention were read by key members of South Africa’s cabinet before they took the decision to go ahead.

A decade ago I had advised the Palestinian Authority to accede to the Rome Convention on the International Criminal Court. That is what has enabled the prosecution of Netanyahu.

I travelled to Geneva and spoke at the United Nations there. I have spoken at pro-Palestinian demonstrations in eight different countries since the genocide started, and have done hundreds of interviews with media worldwide.

In October I was detained at Glasgow Airport under the Terrorism Act and subject to police investigation because of my support for Palestine.

My voice is one of experience and authority on the issue and needs to be heard in the House of Commons.

But not only on Gaza. Labour has abandoned the key policies which are needed to return us to a more just society, including the abolition of tuition fees and the renationalisation of the privatised utilities. Starmer lied and lied to get elected leader, and is a complete creature of the Establishment.

The Labour Party majority in Blackburn is massive. The Tories are an irrelevance in Blackburn with under a quarter of the vote even when winning the last election. Labour have 66%. The only way to stop this genocidal juggernaut in Blackburn is my campaign.

Across England the Workers Party, Independents and Green Party candidates offer alternatives depending on location. (The Celtic nations have wider choice and a better starting position).

I particularly want to see George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Feinstein and myself in parliament as the core of a principled and hopefully large group of real intellect and capability.

I intend to stand in parliament and fight for the interests of the people of Blackburn, against a state and political class which does not care and is increasingly oppressive.

This blog is the repository of millions of words of my views. I am an open book. Those are the things I intend now to say in Parliament. I am standing at the invitation of Blackburn people, and under the flag of their alliance with the Workers Party.

I am going to need both financial and practical assistance from readers of this blog. I need as many people as possible to come to Blackburn to do leafleting, door knocking and organisation according to their talents and preference. We should be ready to receive you there shortly.

Those who cannot do this will find there is still much to do spreading the word on social media.

We are going to speak truth to power. We are going to have great fun mixing with wonderful people. And we are going to win.

Cryptocurrency donations welcome:

Bitcoin: bc1q3sdm60rshynxtvfnkhhqjn83vk3e3nyw78cjx9
Ethereum/ERC-20: 0x764a6054783e86C321Cb8208442477d24834861a


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Bank address Natwest, PO Box 414, 38 Strand, London, WC2H 5JB

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222 thoughts on “Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund

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  • Abdul

    Can you put your bank details for online payments so all of the donations go to the campaign so PayPal don’t get a cut. Thanks.

    • craig Post author

      Hi Abdul,

      My bank account details are at the bottom of all my other posts. Not this one because with funding regulations, it is a problem to receive election campaign funds into a personal account. As you know, nowadays setting up a non-personal bank account is both tricky and takes time.

      We are trying to install revolut but that involves putting a third party app, probably woocommerce, into wordpress (and they get a cut), and we are struggling to do that quickly. Time is now of the essence.

      • ronny

        Can the Party handle donations intended for a particular candidate?

        PayPal are thieves who routinely steal client money on spurious, often political, grounds.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Careful here, Boss. You need to make sure that contributions to your election campaign are clearly delineated from contributions to the welfare of family Murray. I would remove your bank details from this blogpost to avoid any possible future charges of fraud by false representation. Note, too, that under the latest rules, the candidate spending limit for Blackburn is around £16,970 by my calculations, so if and when your Paypal fund reaches this figure, you need to shut it down or be liable for the same charge:

          Illegality over election expenses is taken seriously these days: see the cases of Marion Little & Craig MacKinlay (who’s been in the wars of late, to say the least) – neither of whom is, or ever has been, acting on behalf of the Workers Party of Britain.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Just had a look at your Twitter feed, Boss. As I stated above, the short campaign spending limit in Blackburn is around £17,000. It is not, as you claim, £23,000. I hope that your election agent and the people around you know what they’re doing – because if not, you could be in trouble.

          • craig Post author

            I am informed the Tories changed the regulations a very short time ago, and the limit is now 23,000. But the Returning Office will clarify once my candidate registration is accepted.

            Worry not, this is not my first rodeo.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Boss. Yes, the limits changed last year, as is outlined in the link in my above comment. According to the amended Section 76 of the Representation of the People Act, the spending limit for the Short Campaign in a borough constituency (which Blackburn is as it’s mostly urban) is now £11,390, plus 8 pence per registered elector (of which there were around 69,700 in Blackburn, though that will increase slightly as more people register). This sums to around £17,000. You can spend more than that by attributing some spending to the Long Campaign, but that money must be raised and spent (with receipts provided) before you officially become a candidate.

            All monies raised explicitly for your campaign must be spent on it, or you run the risk of being charged with fraud by false representation. The powers that be will likely have spies working at Paypal, so they’ll probably know how much you raise. They didn’t care about your previous rodeos in Blackburn & Norwich because you didn’t pose any threat to them at that point.

            P.S. As you are still a member of Alba, under the new limits, donations and loans to your campaign from individuals or companies of more than £2230 (not £5000 as stated in the blogpost), either singly or in aggregate, must be reported to the Electoral Commission.

      • Giyane

        This is it. The package is: we did genocide . You ignored it and in fact approved of it and because Tory Peter Lilley runs the ballot box, we will create a Tory win which will.inform you mugs that you all approve 100% of our genocide.

        Hamas is a branch of Likud. Political Islam is part of MI6/ CIA. Turkeys do vote for Christmas. Demonocracy.

  • Pyewacket

    Donated and Shared Craig, maybe able to help in other ways. Do you have a base in the town ? I remember last time you were on Railway road.

    • craig Post author

      Many thanks. Things have moved faster than expected, am moving to Blackburn today for the duration, and establishing a public fronting office space is top of the to do list.

  • Anthony

    Remember to make people aware that Labour have been bribed to complete the privatisation of the NHS.

    John Armitage’s purchase of Starmer and Streeting has been openly recorded in the Register of Members’ Interests for over two years. The plot is obviously approved by the BBC, Guardian, C4 and the Tory media as they have defiantly refused to report this vital information to the voting public.

    A conspiracy of total silence on abandoning modern Britain’s greatest achievement.

    • will moon

      “A conspiracy of total silence on abandoning modern Britain’s greatest achievement.”

      You triggered a memory from who knows when. A Question Time audience being told by an American “entrepreneur” that investors in America were very keen to get “involved” in the NHS. The audience reacted by booing and hissing with great vehemence, the host smoothed things over and the caravan moved on.

      I experienced a very serious injury when only 18 months old. Coming from a very poor family, I guess I would have died if the NHS hadn’t treated me so rapidly and effectively.

      I owe the NHS my life

      • Anthony

        I think historians will regard the NHS era as an aberration but they will struggle to explain why its millions of beneficiaries elected politicians who were being paid to destroy it.

        • will moon

          Anthony, I watched the sale of public housing during M Thatcher’s administration so I think I could offer a hypothesis. It was visceral. Several I knew stood to make a considerable chunk of cash. I can well remember the different spin each individual put up on it.

          If you think how fear is marketed – fear of missing out, fear of the power that made the sale happen, fear of missing “the ladder” before it is pulled up.

          There has been a lot of political confusion in Britain for quite a while, maybe people are seeing it for what it is now, or beginning to?

          • DunGroanin

            I was there too, and have written in the past about it.
            The failure of the Right to Buy was not that families who paid rents all their lives – were never able to qualify for mortgages because their wages were not large enough or they could never save up a minimum deposit – were finally able to get benefit from the bricks and mortar they had paid more for in rent than mortgagee’s after their 25 years.

            The failure was to stop by government diktat, councils from building new social housing from the proceeds of the RTB and local low cost borrowing.
            They were instead forced to sell off land to private house builders who covered the country in endless matchbox sized properties making billions in the process- some of it ended up backing the political parties and ministers and of course councillors who rubber stamped such projects. Parks and green spaces have disappeared.

            It’s victim blaming the decades long council tenants and current people in need of affordable quality social housing, because they were offered the same chance to stop paying for their homes after decades of renting.

            I do agree about the loddsamoney culture and easy credit for everyone that followed, starting with the give away few shares of privatisation to make everyone a shareholder – which was a total con knowing peoples would cash in their few hundreds of shares for a decent summer holiday on the costas! These shares soon being hoovered up by the foreign companies (as planned) that has led to the hollowing out of the fully paid up unitary companies split into many, just to be repurchased, forming the monopolies they said stopped choice! Now wholly owned by hedge funds. Who have never kept up with maintenance , offer no choice and are now failing. Eg Thames Water amongst many others.
            Hope that makes sense? Cheers.

  • Fat Jon

    Good luck Craig. I hope you get a very large majority.

    I might be paranoid, but this morning I typed “Craig Murray” into a search engine (I do this on a regular basis, out of curiosity; in order to see the various website which are returned). For the first time that I can remember, the response came back that an error had occurred and I should try again.

    I did, several times, and the error message was repeated each time.


      • will moon

        Well comrades my DuckDuckGo yields the same result

        “There was an error displaying the search results. Please try again.”

        It’s a conspiracy or a conspiracy theory me thinks, in the making

        So there are at least two “worlds” at the moment, one where Mr Murray exists and another were he is “an error” lol

        Nothing is true, everything is true – everything is everything.

        • Goose

          They seem to be having technical problems. Bing and google return results fine.

          As far as I know DuckDuckGo don’t log searches with your IP, whereas google and Bing et al do. DuckDuck’s growing popularity shows, that when given the choice users generally prefer not being logged.

          On a more general point, as UK’s internet becomes more like that in China, due to authoritarian legislation like the Investigatory Powers Act. I’d fully expect DuckDuckGo to change that ‘no log’ policy if only for British IP address users. Maybe via one of those secret technical capability notices, data retention notices?

          Many political parties think they are an abuse of State power. Another thing a hung parliament could change.

          More generally on privacy and limiting logging – if it bothers you…

          If you’re technically competent and confident using the Cli, you can set up your own virtual private server (VPS) and DNS resolver. Ideally running low overhead WireGuard VPN or OpenVPN to your VPS, Having the DNS resolver on that server also makes sense. Such servers are available for as low as £1 a month today, or £12 per annum! WireGuard or OpenVPN + DNS resolver+ Stunnel (used to wrap OpenVPN traffic inside a TLS tunnel) is likely better and certainly cheaper than paying for a commercial VPN.

      • Fleur

        I searched Craig Murray on DuckDuckGo (from Argentina) and what came up was
        1) Craig’s blog
        2) Craig on Wikipedia
        3) Craig’s twitter account
        4+) News items about Craig being jailed for contempt of court re the Salmond case

    • will moon

      Normal service has been resumed as of 1700 hours or thereabouts

      A glitch in the “matrix” but what does it mean?

        • will moon

          ET, I’m using the Internet the same way my granny used to read tea leaves – to see the future. Or as she always said, one possible future. The funny thing is for all the futures one “sees”, one never catches a glimpse of oneself – part of the rules of the “game” until one reaches “a higher level” I’m told

          A stochastic calculus of synchronicity – I’m not sure Ars Technica is into this sort of thing lol

          • will moon

            Because I wish to distinguish myself from a “cargo cult”, and to preserve the dignity of my activities, regrettably I will have to deny your request for assistance with tonights, or any other nights lottery draw. Also it won’t do you any good if you win. I had a look, it was terrible. I did it once for someone, in the recent past, and they only lasted eight months before the brandy champagne cocktails and the coke finished them off lol!

            Consider also If I could do that, wouldn’t it be more likely I would be speaking to you from my own “island” if I was bothered speaking to you at all – not an Epstein Island of course, just your run-of-the-mill island or not as the case maybe. Perhaps something like Seeland – the worlds smallest country lol. Then I could be like Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now”, broadcasting from across the border in Cambodia, from “the very heart of the darkness”


            “ Let’s put our heads together
            And start a new country up
            Our father’s father’s father tried
            Erased the parts he didn’t like
            Let’s try to fill it in”
            Cuyahoga, REM (1986)

          • ET

            Thanks for the chuckle Will. A sense of humour is a great asset.

            There are other parts to CM’s blog site that could do with your droll input. Such as topics in the discussion forums. When CM wins his seat, the corporatocratic media can highlight the “crazies” that post here.

    • John S

      With the general election imminent, there will no doubt be an increase in malign online activity. Luckily, in the area of online security/privacy, there is really only one website worth visiting: Prism-Break ( They cover just about all aspects of mobile, desktop/laptop and network computing except anti-virus, which hole AVG ( plugs.

      One unfortunate aspect of ATAPI and SSD hard drives since Day 1 has been that the OS drive assign has always been automatic to C:. SCSI drives, on the other hand, when low-level formatted on multi-drive systems allowed one to assign any letter to the resulting OS drive. Since the bloodclots programming malware assumed that everyone was using non-SCSI HDDs, one was left with an “invisible” system. Anti-virus software refused to install because, as with the bloodclots, it assumed that the OS must be on a C: drive, but all application and utility software was installed without problem.

  • Christian Heitsch

    Hi Craig,
    Paypal just had a *technical problem’ when I tried to donate. Can you accept a good old check?

  • Tdg

    Yes, this is what the people of Blackburn want: an MP who represents Gaza as his primary interest and motivation.

    • ET

      Or, perhaps, reflects and represents the views of his constituents and the majority of the UK population in advocating for change in the UK’s foreign policy to respect and reflect the views of the nation rather than those of the USA white house. Is foreign policy not a big part of global Britain? Should the UK’s policies primary interests be Israel’s?

      Good luck with you campaign Craig.

    • Mr V

      Yes, this is what the people of Blackburn want: an MP who will vote against genocide, further impoverishment and laws written for 1% only. Try again little one, this is really not the zinger you thought it is, these are TOP THREE issues of any left wing voter in UK and Craig wants to deliver them unlike Torymer…

    • Scott

      There are many subjects that concern me. But Gaza is also a domestic issue — it clearly reveals British politics’ capture by a foreign state and its lobbyists. Until that is dealt with, attacks on freedom of speech, UK approved illegal war crimes, and UK supported genocide will continue. I dunno.. genocide is a biggie for most people.. How about you?

  • Squeeth

    Good luck Craig but I don’t participate in non-democratic elections. A thought occurs though, has anyone adapted the Union flag by shaping it like the flag of Palestine? Just a thought….

  • Viv

    Thanks for all the great work you do. I tried to donate using the donate tab above. Tried to do this about 5 times using a debit card and then a credit card and each time my card details were deleted.

    • lewis

      What work? It’s all talk. He doesn’t risk his life, say, unlike many others. He’s your standard politician – wants money for talking and pretending to be your friend.

        • will moon

          Actually meeting or knowing ordinary people or even better both of these conditions makes a candidate not a “standard politician” probably not even a politician, something else – something new or a throwback to a past that maybe only existed in our dreams, nonetheless there’s now’t wrong the dreams of common folk

          I saw Corbyn interacting with the people on the street in the aftermath of the Grenfell Fire. With such emotion in the air, his vulnerability touched me and connected me more closely to the grief felt by the community. I saw Theresa May’s monster 4×4 being bombarded with pieces of paving stones by angry people. She had to flee.

      • Brianfujisan

        Hasn’t risked his Life?? you need educated And on that note read Craig’s books before coming on here with Lies … You could NEVER be as Brave … I suspect

    • craig Post author

      Hi Viv. Yes, several other people have told me of the same. It may be related to the DDOS bot attack we are currently under, interfering, and the luck of the moment you press pay.

    • Twirlip

      For what it’s worth, the Donate button worked first time for me, a minute or so ago. (I used the PayPal option.)

  • Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Craig, Please visit the ‘Who Can I Vote For?’ Website ASAP. The good news is that ‘Craig Murray’ is second from the top of just four listed candidates, but Labour is at the top of the list. However, you need to visit the website to add a good photo and as much positive information as the site will allow you to cram on there with additional links. Your previous result running in this same constituency against Jack Straw is not listed and this needs correcting.

  • Brian Deery

    What you say is all very true and correct in every way but YOU ARE NOT THAT PERSON who should be standing due to the incompatibility of your years of campaigning for Scottish Independence and your statements about how Westminster has stolen Scotlands wealth etc.
    You have seen an opportunity to become an MP (albeit to fight for a righteous cause) and abandoned your commitments to Scottish independence. Obtaining Alex Salmond’s blessing appears to me, an attempt to absolve your own conscience on this matter. You now want to be a part of The British Parliament by becoming a British MP in a UNIONIST party. You of all people standing for The Workers Party of BRITAIN. Astonishing ! (Swap Alex Salmond’s name with yours and see how absurd it is.)
    I am not an agitator, I have supported you financially in the past. I call it how I see it.

    • craig Post author

      Fair enough Brian. My fundamental commitment to Scottish Independence has not changed – which I am convinced would be good for the people of England too, giving the moribund post-Imperial politics of England a shake of the kaleidoscope. It’s not a nil sum game.

    • Clark

      Brian Deery, in the current political environment, you get a pry-bar into a crack wherever it will fit! Look how long all change has been thwarted. Craig’s trustworthy; he will not abandon Scotland. Besides, do you really want a totalitarian Centrist England as a neighbour or (for the time being) a totalitarian Centrist Westminster lording it over Holyrood?

  • Michael Droy

    Following Galloway’s success I wonder if the British Uniparty (or combined tools of the elites) have decided they need to sort out the next 5 years of control before voting for serious alternatives becomes a “thing”.

    Wish I could vote in Blackburn or anywhere where a non-genocide candidate stood.
    Used to be a merchant banker, but voted communist in local elections for the lack of a less murderous alternative.

    Pleased to have seen you briefly on Monday though I didn’t introduce myself. Thanks and small donation sent.

      • will moon

        Thanks, I’ll probably memorise that list, so I can follow the election by my own lights – new times require new methods or maybe just a return to old ones lol

  • Goose

    The London media framing, presenting it as a two-horse race, is, as always, going to be the biggest obstacle.

    TV leaders’ debates are absolutely essential if the smaller parties are going to blow this election wide open. Sunak is trailing badly and so he needs them too, and presumably Starmer wouldn’t dare refuse? They can’t exclude Ed Davey either, so the Greens, SNP, PC and Galloway (WPGB) need to make sure broadcasters don’t exclude them. You obviously won’t have the millions in funds for nationwide billboards and slick TV ads, but Galloway can potentially make your quest much easier, if given that platform.

  • M.J.

    OK, I’ve made a modest donation and wish you good luck. One question though: if you become an MP, you’ll have to take an oath of loyalty to His Majesty. Will that be a problem for you?

    • frankywiggles

      99 percent of MPs who have sworn loyalty to the Crown are loyal to nothing but their own career and enrichment. They are about as devoted to “the king” as “His Majesty” is to the public good.

    • Pears Morgaine

      Well George Galloway had no problem with it, he even took his hat off for the occasion.

      There’s an alternative non-religious affirmation.

      • M.J.

        But George Galloway is not a Scottish nationalist like Craig, is he? I thought he was Scottish Labour before forming his own party.

  • MrShigemitsu

    “ We are going to speak truth to power”

    Sorry, but I really dislike this phrase.

    Power *already knows* the truth; it chooses to hide it from the rest of us.

    It’s ordinary people at the bottom who need to be told the truth, and *we* are the ones aspiring politicians and the media need to be addressing – not those at the top, who know exactly what mischief they’re continually up to.

    Good luck Craig.

  • Rosemary MacKenzie

    Small amount sent by bank transfer. Hope it helps and very best of luck. If you and George can get GB out of the hole into which it has sunk, there may be hope for Canada also. Here’s to an independent foreign policy!

  • Peter

    Bad news folks.

    Paul Mason has failed to make the shortlist to be parliamentary candidate for Islington North thereby depriving us all of the election night delight of seeing him defeated by Jeremy Corbyn.

    I guess the (so called) Labour Party higher-ups recognised the potentiality of such an iconic moment and ducked out.

    But the good news, of course, is that Craig is standing in Blackburn and will be an outstanding MP and voice in Parliament – all hands to the pump.

    Will Craig be hiring a church hall or some such similar facility for volunteers travelling from outside to lay their sleeping bags down in?

    • Goose

      There’s not much he can do about it. The big two have ground operations and push people into casting postal votes early and proxy voting.
      Another thing they do is pose as neutral canvassers, when in reality they are getting people to agree with their candidate’s positions. i.e. using psychology. This happens on the doorstep, or via telephone and email.

      Craig may well win most votes cast on election day itself, but lose due to the postal vote and proxy votes.

      I’d go negative, employing psychology: leafleting constituents, asking if they agree with Keir Starmer, that “Israel has the right to withhold power and water” to Gaza? Starmer did say it, use it against him. That’s politics.

  • Blunt Gaper

    Can,t forget galloway in 2014 campaigning for the union.
    For me, it,s Scotland first so I,ve diverted my sub elswhere.Sorry.

  • bj

    I hope you pull it off,

    Furthermore, I think you should make clear whether or not it is in fact legal to receive foreign donations. If not, I can see this as a major issue in the making.

    Good luck from Holland.

  • M.J.

    Having looked up wiki for relevant info, here’s my prediction for the election in Blackburn. For now, it is enciphered using a method from before the computer age that I knew about as a schoolboy, but I doubt that anyone will solve it before the election:

    • Twirlip

      You’ve now posted the plaintext:
      but I’m still puzzled. The ciphertext consists of 132 characters (66 digraphs), but the plaintext, when stripped of punctuation, even if “60%” is expanded to “SIXTY PERCENT”, and even if a possible “LLL” is expanded to “LX LX L” (or perhaps “LZ LZ L”), and an extra “X” added at the end of the message, only seems to expand to 122 characters (61 digraphs). Also, I can’t think what could account for the repeated 10-letter pattern “RW XF FH SV AP” in the ciphertext. I’m glad I didn’t attempt to construct a Playfair 5×5 grid based on a guess as to what it might be! (I thought it might be “ON ST IT UE NC”, but I didn’t have the heart to try to follow this up, and now I’m glad I didn’t! I don’t know anything about cryptography, but I do have a book on the subject, and this gave me an excuse to leaf through it for the first time, and waste several hours in a pleasant manner.) P.S I haven’t constructed the Playfair grid based on the key phrase you gave, because I first wanted to clear up the mystery of the plaintext apparently being too short.

  • DunGroanin

    Good luck and will send a pony shortly – might even pop up there during June.

    Corbyn as independent In Islington is primary campaign. I’d like to see Lammy get a boot in Tottenham the piece of slime .. and the Great Knight Dope himself unseated in Camden – where the whole Grauniad neoliberal fascist warmakers are out in force … just like IDS was ousted in Chingford and then magically saved by a few thousand postal votes that suddenly turned up – ALL for him!

    The huge unfeasible turnout that will be padded out with an unprecedented level of postal votes in the middle of summer will stand out like a sore thumb showing the further destruction of voting in the Collective Waste this year. As it throws off its fake civil mask and goes full on cackling fascist.

    This is the last election in the U.K. before it is turned into a official dictatorship just like shelensky doing a Hitler in the shithole country that let in that little green lying goblin a supposed mini-me Churchill (not the best role model the murderous bastard that he was) turning it into a proxy Nazi attack force against the whole world that refuses to play the Anglo European imperialist murder game anymore.

    There’s a lot more to say – about the timing of this election; the end of the diaspora representation in high office as India follows Pakistan tempted by the Multipolarity . Unless it can be induced to start a new from in its backyard with boots on the ground in a direct proxy war with China over Myanmar.

    Myanmar is being cooked as the next target after the failure in Ukraine following the failure in Syria and the now final failure of starting of war against Iran and the inevitable evaporation of the illegal apartheid entity. The most blatant preparation of it by the obviously western backed, trained and supported ‘rebels’ in the jungle – with fully appointed hospital, kids being taught western classical music (the little proxy darlings who will kill their own) and electronic toys with internet in the jungle via Elons Starlink..

    The BBC leading the shit stirring as usual

    Bozo the Clown King of England and his aristo bum chums entertained the Nazi Azovs in parliament as Sunak covered it up by the timing of the announcement, their Great Knight Dope is tasked with reducing GB to dust whilst starting another war in the East. They even applauded them just like the Canadians – and not a single report in our media! Strange that hmm? This war is lost. But there is no reverse gear and no u-turns they only know how to double down.

    Thought it was bad – I am convinced it’s going to get a lot worse. Under the fake democracy and change of ‘guards’

    Here is an example of what a Labour government promises for every British worker and child for the future. Indentured slavery from childhood and reduction in pay and living standards because you know … ‘no money’.. but plenty for the MIC and continued imperialist adventurism for the same old masters.

    Time to get maximum voter registration , vote Indy or spoil the vote in an organised fashion – the battle goes to our own streets the youth better wake up before their whole lives are sold and their kids will never ever even that chance.

    • Goose

      The RW press are turning on Lammy over his support for the ICC regarding Netanyahu and Gallant’s potential arrest warrants. Tom Harris of the Telegraph, in a recent column, demanded Starmer fire him asap. Notice how Starmer hasn’t backed Lammy up? Illustrating what a clown show an indecisive Starmer govt could prove to be.
      Starmer may have ambitions to act like a control freak, as per Blair, but unlike Blair c.1997, Starmer has low personal ratings; no leadership skills and little charisma. All of which are required to keep everyone onside and a tight ship. If, big if, a hung parliament emerges, I think Starmer will step down. He doesn’t seem to believe in anything, so how can he negotiate a compromise deal with say the Lib Dems?

      On creeping authoritarianism…

      TPTB are on the lookout for foreign disinformation in the upcoming European elections, the UK general election and the November US presidential election. Many here have long argued the whole anti-disinformation industry is built on exaggerations and lies that emerged through liberal groupthink, as centrist liberal politicians scrambled to mentally process Hillary’s shock defeat in 2016. The combination of little evidence of it existing, and with so many groups determined to find something, anything, to justify their expensive operations. It will likely mean they’ll turn their guns inward on their own populations, throwing around false accusations. Especially if the results don’t go as they hoped. These people don’t know how to lose graciously; there has to be some ‘foreign interference’ explanation as to why their liberal centrism isn’t popular.

      • Jay

        Starmer genuinely believes in austerity. That’s why Ed Davey is suggesting that Labour are now compatible with the Lib Dems.

        The Lib Dems are now even more right wing than they were in 2010-15.

        Liberal Democrats pledge to implement PERMANENT AUSTERITY if they get into government.

        The LibDems are promoting the most hard-right, neoliberal, callously indifferent economic agenda of any mainstream party in this election.

        Liberal Democrats say government should run permanent spending surplus in dig at Tories and Labour.

        • Goose

          Apologies all.

          I know it’s a theme I’ve mentioned a lot. But I really think this trend towards authoritarian overzealous policing of opinion, will seriously impact freedom of speech & democracy, if it isn’t already. Ruining the very ‘values’ they claim they’re defending: Take a look at this from the other day :

          This isn’t the first time this newspaper has used Russia and China in an attempt to damage the pro-Gaza marchers. They also claimed, the lurid online stories about Princess Kate were spread by Russia and China. It may be that in future you can’t express an opinion without some ulterior motive being read into it. Read the piece above a govt spokesperson said in that linked piece above: They hope to destabilise and undermine our institutions.

          Well, lots of political parties want to fundamentally change our institutions. See how pernicious the implications of such lazy accusations are, when you allow a pro-Zionism right-wing to police permitted political debate? They can simply falsely imply that anyone seeking to change anything, is only do so at some foreign power’s behest. Totally obnoxious, this censorship industrial complex.

          Look at the Tories’ attack on Starmer today : – the ‘Ken & Barbie’ like figure ‘Keir’. Had some random X/Twitter account produced that, it’d probably be flagged by the army of social media anti-disinfo enforcers policing dissent. In the future, you may have to register just to express an opinion. At that point what ‘values’ are these people defending?

          • Goose

            They’re at it again, today:


            At the foot of the article it says: Ivana Stradner (the author) is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.
            From another search: The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is non-profit neoconservative think tank and a registered lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C., United States.

            Another self-appointed bunch of nobodies running a dodgy NGO linked to Defence companies and the State Dept and FCO, no doubt?

            This great unseen threat to our precious little innocent western minds. It’s patronising BS, isn’t it. And those involved – in hyping the threats – often have sinister links to those who profit from war. These self-appointed, Big Brother outfits that nobody asked for, or wanted, are making false accusations, against ordinary citizens. They’re more threat to democracy than the supposed ‘foreign’ threat is itself.
            Has anyone seen that famous Apple ‘1984’ Superbowl ad? I know I’ve brought it up before. A Big-Brother-like figure boasts from the screen, how they’d created a “..a garden of pure ideology—where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests purveying contradictory thoughts.” We don’t want a thought police, and least of all one funded by defence companies supported by hawks in govts, themselves connected to defence companies.

          • Stevie Boy

            I guess we need a FARA/foreign agents registration scheme for NGOs, like Georgia/USA ?
            At least then we could see who is actually funding the undermining of our country, or maybe that’s anti-democratic or antisemitic !

          • Goose

            I don’t think that’ll apply to Israel? As it has different categories, for allies , in contrast to those regarded as adversaries.

            I agree with your point though. The Community Shield Trust (CST) seems to have way too much power, and it gets millions from the Home Office. Gideon Falter, who is chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemtism (CAA) is the guy the Met asked to leave the Gaza march:

            The Met officer said: “Unfortunately, sir you took it upon yourself to go from the pavement right into the middle of a pro-Palestinian march, which is why I asked you to go away.”

            He added: “You are looking to try and antagonise this.”

            “So I can already see what your mindset is, sir.”

            The press reported he was told to leave, simply because he was Jewish, which as you can see, from the actual conversation above, was not the case. Falter later published pictures of himself at a meeting inside the Home Office, with ministers and other officials present. The fact ministers take these self-appointed pro-Israel lobbyists so seriously is ridiculous. Who else could demand such a meeting with ministers?

          • Goose

            Stevie Boy

            Sorry. I don’t know if you are aware. But there already is such legislation in the works, for the UK:

            I welcome it. But I don’t think it’ll reveal Israeli or US interference and meddling. That’s far too subtle and widespread to fall foul of such legislation.

            What’s laughable is the premise behind the current paranoia and fear of China and Russia. If you fear being conquered, you’re effectively admitting defeat.

          • Goose

            It’s the first time I’ve read through that factsheet. And it could make for truly appalling, human rights infringing legislation. Take this part:

            «A “direction” is an order or instruction to act. This could also be delivered in the language of a request, but only where there is a power relationship between the person and the foreign power which adds an element of control or expectation, for example through a contract, payment, coercion or the promise of future compensation or favourable treatment.»

            How the f*ck are they going to prove someone has been, or is, acting at the ‘direction’ of a foreign power, without open-ended surveillance, possibly lasting tens of years? It’ll potentially allow for truly intrusive surveillance regimes based on the slightest hunch. Craig Murray and anyone else, who questions an official narrative e.g. the bizarre Skripal story, or Nord Stream explosion culpability, will likely come under suspicion. The cure is truly worse than the disease.

          • Goose

            The UK government’s aim appears to be to create a society in which no one dare question the state and its official narratives. For fear of being branded an agent of foreign influence.

            Another good reason to elect Craig and hope for a hung parliament. To tackle this legislative madness .

          • Goose

            You could easily have a situation where someone supports the position of another state, over that of their own govt, and there are no inducements involved; no threats, coercion nor incentives or rewards or promised future rewards. That person just genuinely believes the govt of the day is in the wrong. Events in Libya, and the (attempted) Syrian regime change fiasco, being classic examples.

            This legislation basically reads like some weird George W. Bush ‘For us or against us’ loyalty test. What gives the Home Office the right to play judge and jury over why someone holds the views they do? Surely, the mark of a free society is the right to disagree?

            If prosecutions are brought under national security trial secrecy, expect weak cases and some serious miscarriages of justice. The next Blood or Post Office scandal? The UK can’t seem to stop doing stupid things, can we?

          • Allan Howard

            I have no idea what the ratio is between the percentage of people who get their reality from the MSM and those who get it from independent alt media, but I would imagine it’s somewhere in the region of between 10 to 1 and 20 to 1, and probably closer to the latter. And if 90/95% swallow their narrative/propaganda about whatever, then the 5/10% – who with the ‘assistance’ of genuine journalists and commentators – see through the lies and fabrication and distortion etc, don’t actually pose a threat to the PTB. But the PTB and their propaganda machine have to keep a lid on it, and so they smear and marginalise the free-thinkers whatever way they deem neccessary, or should I say… whatever way they deem most effective. The Greenham Common Women was a good case in point:

            At first they were mainly ignored, then they began to be smeared as men-hating lesbians etc, and in the end – and at the point where the percentage of the public opposed to basing US nuclear weapons at Greenham had grown to around 50% plus – they set them up and (as most of the MS newspapers reported it) ‘transformed’ them into angry, violent thugs who punched and spat at Michael Heseltine and pulled him down to the ground on his way in to a private meeting in Newbury…. which they’d somehow got to hear about. I wonder how??!

            Needless to say, they didn’t, and all of it was fabrication. As with the Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. And it wasn’t just the Sun that disseminated the falsehoods:

            Initial media coverage—spurred by what Phil Scraton calls in Hillsborough: The Truth “the Heysel factor” and “hooligan hysteria”—began to shift the blame onto the behaviour of the Liverpool fans at the stadium, making it a public order issue.[252] As well as The Sun’s 19 April 1989 “The Truth” article (see below) other newspapers published similar allegations; the Daily Star headline on the same day reported “Dead fans robbed by drunk thugs”; the Daily Mail accused the Liverpool fans of being “drunk and violent and their actions were vile”, and The Daily Express ran a story alleging that “Police saw ‘sick spectacle of pilfering from the dying’.” Peter McKay in the Evening Standard wrote that the “catastrophe was caused first and foremost by violent enthusiasm for soccer and in this case the tribal passions of Liverpool supporters [who] literally killed themselves and others to be at the game”[253][254] and published a front-page headline “Police attack ‘vile’ fans” on 18 April 1989, in which police sources blamed the behaviour of a section of Liverpool fans for the disaster.[255]

            In Liverpool local journalist John Williams of the Liverpool Daily Post wrote in an article titled “I Blame the Yobs”[256] that “The gatecrashers wreaked their fatal havoc … Their uncontrolled fanaticism and mass hysteria … literally squeezed the life out of men, women and children … yobbism at its most base … Scouse killed Scouse for no better reason than 22 men were kicking a ball”.[253][254]

            In other regional newspapers……

   (under sub-heading Media Portrayal)

    • JK redux


      That was quite the rant. (Now removed?)

      Ukraine is a shithole?
      Zelenskiy is a goblin?
      The Burmese military dictatorship should not be opposed?
      The Iranian mullahs must not be opposed?

      For all its many faults, I’d rather live in Europe (or even England) than in China or Russia.

      Or Burma or Iran.

      Wouldn’t you?

      • will moon

        Kidda, most of us get no choice about anything. I don’t know what rarified strata of privilege you occupy, nor what “godlike” view point from which you make these statements but for the “insects” that crawl on the ground, your words mean nothing.

        I would imagine a well-resourced lifestyle in any of the countries you mention would be the same – great!

      • DunGroanin

        JK Redux, thank you so much, an open goal, I’ll take a shot.

        Rant? You call that a rant? That was no rant.
        It was reportage you blind foole!
        But since you asked so nicely how can I possibly resist? I’ll oblige.
        Open wide.

        Of course my comment is not removed, why would it be?
        It’s just the truth. We had neonazis being applauded in our U.K. parliament this week! Appalling.

        Maybe it’s your comment that ought to be under threat – for its base revisionist imperialism, support of neonazis of ukropia and blatant xenophobia.
        I mean – Are you thick or something? – It hasn’t been fucking Burma for a long time now.

        Just as Zimbabwe hasn’t been Rhodesia.
        Sri Lanka, Ceylon.
        And Taiwan hasn’t been that favoured pirate port of Formosa!
        Would you prefer to have these previous imperialist colonial names restored?

        Your simplistic but sophisticated incitement as a throwback Rule Britannia appeal to patriotism is just rote repetition – just like Bozo the clown, the self declared king of England, who when he visited Myanmar as FM, started spouting his jingoistic Kipling poetry taught to him at Eton.

        Which like all such stinky private stools set up for the purpose of indoctrinating servant of Empire such psychopaths since childhood. Like our ex-Pm and current ‘unelected’ FM, Lord ‘call me Dave’ Cameron and their fellow aristos and oiks; raised in bumchummery and spaffing and playing hide the sausage in the pig, salacious libertarian clubs and their games. Still Ruling the Empire with their supposed infallibility. Bloody psychopaths.

        How’s that for a starter? Want more? just ask.

        • JK redux


          Mis-spelled fool I suppose.

          But seriously DG, your incoherent stream of consciousness is a rant.

          It takes all types I suppose.

          As for Burma Vs Myanmar; Wikipedia has:
          “In 1989, the military government officially changed the English translations of many names dating back to Burma’s colonial period or earlier, including that of the country itself: Burma became Myanmar. The renaming remains a contested issue.[33] Many political and ethnic opposition groups and countries continue to use Burma because they do not recognise the legitimacy or authority of the military government.[34]”

          In other words the name of the country was changed by the military thugs who rule it.

          I don’t feel any need to use the name chosen by said thugs.

          • DunGroanin

            You are the worst kind it seems, a born one.

            ‘ a1640
            One that hath been a wise man, knows how to hold his peace, but a born foole is invincible.
            W. Fenner, Pract. Divinitie (1647) 44Citation details for W. Fenner, Pract. Divinitie
            The Pazzorella, where they keep madmen and fooles.
            S. Wilson, Lassels’s Voyage of Italy (new edition) ii. 212Citation details for S. Wilson, Lassels’s Voyage of Italy
            ‘ a1616
            Doe not weepe (good Fooles) There is no cause.
            W. Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale (1623) ii. i. 120’

            Etc, etc.

            And I suppose you never appreciated the great satirical magazine when it actually did shame the lord gnomes and many a foole of many an establishment tosser.
            Better to be thought one than proved one by opening your foolish gob with reactionary shite as you did.
            Take a hike, brainiac child, leave the field to grown ups before you start crying.
            I’ll happily slap you down every time you show your face you racist shit for brains.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            The usual English adjective for something from Myanmar is Burmese, DG. The term Myanma is also used, but it’s less common. Can you point to any examples of JK being racist?

          • will moon

            Is this not best asked in reverse: i.e. can you point to any examples of this virtual entity specifically opposing racism?

            Andrew Feinstein reminded us recently of Nelson Mandela’s take on racism

            “You are either against all forms of racism and discrimination, or you are part of the racism problem.”

  • Colin Alexander

    Dear Craig Murray, You present yourself as a moral beacon, calling out the corruption of other politicians but, when it came to your friend and Alba Party leader, Alex Salmond, abusing his power to interfere in the Alba Party NEC Ordinary Member elections, then his decreeing, without any legitimate justification that voting figures should remain secret, what we got from you was: “It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans”.

    What I took from that is corruption and abuse of power by politicians is acceptable to you, as long as it’s your friends and cronies that are doing the corrupt things, such as those in your Alba Party. Similarly, you were still encouraging people to vote SNP, when you were aware how corrupt the SNP had become under Sturgeon’s leadership.

    You also champion your republican beliefs but, I expect you will swear fealty to King Charles so you can collect the salary as an MP, just like all the other career politicians, whose principles are up for sale for the right price.

    I wish you good health and hope you will continue to call out corruption and murderous abuses of power by political leaders but Craig, I am disillusioned by your support for corrupt politicians when they are your cronies.

    If you being elected is the lesser of several evils, then I hope you get elected but, I won’t be contributing any more money to support you or those you count as your friends. Those who have opposed Scotland’s independence, e.g. George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn. Those vocal champions of freedom and democracy for everywhere else, especially Ireland and Palestine but, who actively supported the continued enslavement of the Scottish people as part of England’s UK state.

    • DunGroanin

      May I? Hold me drink!

      Dear Colin Alexander,

      Your comment reads exactly like the sophisticated crown state agitprop narratives by PR/Advertising propagandist types to sink the grassroots SNP, Alba and other independence support of all political persuasions, including many Tory and Labour voters, who would hold the same political perspectives regardless of being Independent Scottish.

      “If you being elected is the lesser of several evils, then I hope you get elected but, I won’t be contributing any more money to support you or those you count as your friends.”

      Ah Colin Alexander, there is your multi layered message to us readers directly! There’s only one answer to your mealy mouthed attempt at defunding CM and his avalanche of support.

      You obviously only make friends with whom you agree about everything. Politics? Religion? Sexual orientation? Entertainment? Films? Books? Culinary choices and alcohol preference? Football team? Blogs? etc.
      or do you have none?

      Stick your poxy mealy-mouthed support and money where it gives you greatest pleasure, where The Sun always shines, Colin.

      There are many thousands of us who will always give, when CM asks.

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