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When I stood in Blackburn against foreign secretary Jack Straw in 2005 as an anti-Iraq war candidate, Jack Straw’s campaign manager was Ibrahim Master. He is now the campaign manager of “Independent” candidate, vote-splitter Adnan Hussain.

This is him on the right campaigning with Adnan.

When I attended a meeting with Adnan until 2.30am three nights ago to try to resolve the vote split that could let Labour back in, Ibrahim Master was in the meeting as Adnan’s second, and did much of the talking.

Jack Straw was the Foreign Secretary personally responsible for the war in Iraq and the death of a million Iraqis, with the blatant lies about Iraqi WMD which he personally told as Foreign Secretary.

Yet in 2005 Master openly campaigned for Straw on the basis that the war in Iraq was not important in Blackburn.

Master drew great criticism for this pro-Straw stance from the wider Muslim community outside Blackburn, but the Muslim community here was under such tight control they voted overwhelmingly for Straw.

Now consider this.

When my candidacy for Blackburn was announced in March, Jack Straw issued an attack on me on 3 April, stating that I had “no cause” to stand in Blackburn.

Then lo and behold, two months later after the election was called Jack Straw’s old fixer turns up with an “Independent Candidate” to split the pro-Palestine vote.

Now you can believe that the man who thought that at least 1 million dead Iraqis was not important enought to oppose Straw and Labour, has had a conversion and is desperately concerned for the children of Gaza.

Other explanations are available.

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Account name
Account number 3 2 1 5 0 9 6 2
Sort code 6 0 – 4 0 – 0 5
IBAN GB98NWBK60400532150962
Bank address Natwest, PO Box 414, 38 Strand, London, WC2H 5JB



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87 thoughts on “What Really Happens in Blackburn

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  • Carlyle Moulton

    Craig and/or Mods and/or those who have the requested information.

    Is it legal for foreign citizens to donate for UK elections?

  • Peter

    In the light of these revelations Tiger Patel has agreed to step down from the race to be Blackburn’s next MP.

    Though he does not openly criticise Adnan Hussain, saying he will prosper as a leader in the future, he calls upon him to stand down and support Craig.

    Surely the “independent” councillors must now do likewise as should 5 Pillars.

    Here is the very moving video of Tiger making the agreement with Craig:


    And here is his written statement:


    • will moon

      This is great stuff Peter – what with Assange event and now this, I was reminded that I possess tear ducts and if things carry on like this I might end up using them one day soon lol

      I was moved by Tiger Patel’s speech. I was moved all those present their demeanour and their modesty and most of all the dignity of it all.

      This how history is made – not the killing and the domination but the small agreements, the concords of acceptance of living together, trying to make value, instead of echoing the destruction, the degradation of humanity we see on the world stage – that we see writ large in Palestine and many other places at this very moment.

      Thank you Councillor Patel and your team for bringing us this information – you have made my day.

    • Justin

      No. In one of the videos, Craig said that the offer to settle the candidacy issue with a coin toss (as proposed by 5 Pillars) was slapped back in his face, with Adnan Hussain calling the idea of the coin toss “flippant” – so Craig had taken the offer “off the table”.

      • dearieme

        ‘Adnan Hussain calling the idea of the coin toss “flippant”’

        Either that’s quite a decent joke or the bugger is tin-eared. Since witticisms are not normally part of Leftie discourse I suspect the latter.

        • RogerDodger

          Maybe we should exercise a modification of Hanlon’s razor in these circumstances: never attribute to fatuousness what can be more easily explained by a good sense of humour.

          I personally would stand to benefit greatly from the more charitable interpretations!

  • Kacper

    Just as I feared. A single-issue candidate is always, always more vulnerable to situation changes than a campaign that centres on a more comprehensive policy. Espesially on the issues closer to home. Looks like you’ve been outsmarted.

    The objective is to get elected I guess so as to be able to change the system from within, right? There’re only that many people interested in Gaza and voting per Gaza. Muslim unity is largely a myth (see: group attribution error, fallacy of composition). Honestly. There’s plenty of sociology studies. Many more people are concerned about their daily issues, such as housing, jobs, cost of living, the crumbling NHS (soon to be privatised I fear), government stupidity seen on every step, etc.

    You’re a born visionary, Craig – please consider drafting a decent electoral programme, speak about issues that affect people whatever their views about the Middle East are (most are indifferent, trust me). You can win. Then change the system. Just not when campaigning on a single issue while promising nothing more.

    Keeping fingers crossed strongly for you.

  • Giyane

    I have lost my vote for July 4 because the postal vote didn’t physically arrive before I went on holiday. That’s strange in a digital age, but not half as strange as the mysteries of divided causes that allow my local Labour MP Liam Byrne to prevail.

    There’s a Worker’s Party candidate pitched against a Green candidate, and Liam Byrne who is detested by the general population for his policies supporting Ukraine and Israel.

    Then there is Lord Lilley and his Algorithms.
    I’m sorry to say that Lord Lilley’s Algorithms will win. That is to say, Lord Lilley / Liam Byrne.
    I comfort myself that there is no defence against Tory corruption.

    But in compensation , I have finally understood the reality of Low Road / High Road ballad.
    In Kurdistan there are two routes to and from the airport to the City where I am. One is a broad, safe Highway controlled by the Party in power with hostile , military checkpoints. The other is a beautiful, mountainous, twisting , narrow road where the military checkpoints are people -friendly.

  • Alan Stanton

    Reading through the thread of comments below is – as far as I recall – the first time I’ve smiled at the level of mutual respect, toleration, and flashes of wisdom. My thanks.

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