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5 thoughts on “Edinburgh Book Festival

  • Craig

    I have now been contacted literally by dozens of people wanting tickets. I have to admit I am very angry with the Edinburgh Book Festival for putting me into such a small venue (240 seats), particularly in my home town. My guess is that the large majority of people wanting to come hadn't booked eight weeks in advance, by when it was sold out.

    Incidentally, I should be plain I get no money for this. I get my own transport and even have to pay a ?50 hotel supplement to bring Nadira!

    At the smaller Bath Literary Festival we sold 280 tickets at ?8 – and on that occasion I got neither my fee nor even my train fare. I confess to real schadenfreude that for Nick Cohen's talk on "What's left" the next day Bath sold ninety tickets at ?5!


  • Craig

    We are looking at a Stop the War meeting afterwards – apparently that worked well with Tony Benn last year.

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