Lord Taylor and Tessa Jowell, Long Term Crooks 10

So for offering to change legislation for cash, and then for lying to the committee investigating it with a story they called “Wholly implausible”, Lord Scumbag Taylor of Blackburn has been suspended for a whole six months – for 50% of which the Lords is on holdiay anyway!!


It is another symptom of the failure of the Establishment to understand that the public really are furous at their easy tolerance of corruption among their number.

Taylor has been doing this for years, making millions of pounds as a “Consultant” and “Director” for numerous companies which depend on government contracts, particularly in the defence industry, but he also has a major financial interest in the government’s crazed authoritarian ID card scheme.



So in the autumn Taylor will be back in the Lords, peddling Jack Straw’s influence again.

It has been a comparatively good couple of days. While there is little justice, at least there is exposure of some of the criminals that this blog has been pursuing for years. Tessa Jowell paid off her mortgage – three times – with money given to her husband by Blair’s friend Berlusconi, as a reward for lying for him in court.


That is undoubtedly true, and has been again confirmed by Italian judges.


The fact that Jowell is still a minister is quite astonishing, and again says a great deal about New Labour’s toleration of corruption. She still maintains a pretence of having separated from Mills. Berlusconi is no doubt engaged in his normal bribery and threats of the Italian judiciary to keep Mills from having to serve his sentence. I do hope that he fails, and that the Jowells are genuinely separated, for the four and a half year jail term at least.

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10 thoughts on “Lord Taylor and Tessa Jowell, Long Term Crooks

  • Vronsky

    My friend has made it big in Russia – ask no questions, hear no lies. Last time we went for a pint, he said he’d just been to lunch with Veronica Berlusconi. Berlusconi is just a common criminal, I said. Oh, he’s far from common, said my friend.

  • tony_opmoc

    I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and have dismissed the obvious answers that you should join the Liberals or the Tories.

    Whilst the Tories are almost certain to be in power for the next 10 years or so – they are nearly as corrupt as Nu-Labour (but not quite).

    Blair’s Babes reached the ultimate level of depravity.

    The next 12 months could well see some good new ideas come out about reforming this mess – its like a “Soft” Revolution.

    But whilst doing your job you supported the interests of British Companies who had a presence in Uzbekistan, and you do show both some Tory and Liberal instincts, but basically I think you are a Man of the People.

    So I think you should join the Labour Party.

    They are seriously short of talent – and will go through Massive Reform whilst they are out of Power.

    You are only a Young Man

    You might achieve Big Things – if You do the Equivalent of What Blair Did.

    Infiltrate and Change.

    You can’t do a worse job than Blair.

    But you need to get your skates on and become an MP by the next General Election.

    The label doesn’t matter that much. They are all the Fucking Same.

    It’s The Individuals Such as You That Make The Difference.

    But if You Try Fighting Outside The System – You won’t change anything.

    And The System Needs Change – and Needs People Like You Inside It.

    You Can be a Tory if You like – or Liberal – But I think you will achieve more success more quickly by joining Labour and taking the place of one of the cunts that even Labour has to chuck out.

    Salford’s not so bad – I went to University there – and there will soon be a vacant Labour seat.

    Good Luck,


  • tony_opmoc

    Or to put it another way.

    I completely disagree with many of the policies of the Party that my MP belongs to.

    But I still do believe in the concept of democracy and thinks it still does work a bit.

    And I occasionally check up on My MP. I read Hansard. I check his voting record on matters that are important to me. And I check out how he actually represents the people who elected him.

    He was front page local news a year ago – about some extremely minor indiscretion – where he hadn’t declared some minor personal interest in something incredibly minor.

    He held his hands up – said sorry and was instantly forgiven. I can’t even remember what it was about.

    He is an incredibly hard working MP – and has asked the Government by far the most embarrassing questions about the Iraq War before it even started.

    So there is absolutely no way I will not be voting for him at the General Election.

    I really do not care about his party label. I judge him on what he does and what he achieves in his job.

    I rate him as a future Prime Minister. He is still only in his early 40’s.

    I’m amazed he didn’t stand for leader of his party. He would have been far better than the Tosser they’ve currently got in charge.

    So there’s no point in joining the Liberals


  • lwtc247

    “will go through Massive Reform whilst they are out of Power.” those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

  • lwtc247

    Tony. I rather think you are missing the ‘point’ of bLiar. The murderous filthy fokker was there to serve the corporate interest. The warning signs were there, most of us didn’t understand.

    To think Craig joining that den of thieves guild (NeoLabour) is a stupefying thought, and get to the top of that p.o.s. by selling his soul and becoming PM just ain’t gonna happen my friend.

    Craig appears as a Conservative liberal (or liberally Conservative??) and that’s fair enough, I’d advise his to define his political perspective and use that as his party – independent from the rubbish we have today.

    You must have some plan Craig yes? Only one year to go you know. The earlier you prepare the more help we can give you.

  • paul

    What does Tessas husbands activities have to do with her being a minister or not?

  • Iain Orr

    One of Craig’s best options would be to continue where he started in 2005 – standing as a Independent against Jack Straw. Perhaps by starting early he could persuade both the Conservatives and LibDems to stand aside. Straw’s majority and his track record combined with Lord Taylor’s [and their local councillor jailbird friends – for postal ballot fraud] makes Blackburn one of the most obvious target seats to express the electorate’s wish to remove as many as possible of the MPs who have corrupted British public life.

    On the case for a General Election, those who missed it should listen again to Harriet Harman on “Today” failing to explain why the present House of Commons can be trusted with reforms. Here’s a useful guideline: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

    The interview was followed by inspired readings of poems by heart by two schoolchildren. James Naughtie suggested – deliciously – that Ms Harman should recite “Paradise Lost”.

  • delboy711

    Paul asks

    “What does Tessas husbands activities have to do with her being a minister or not?”

    Because she remortgaged her house and paid the £350,000 mortgage off with money Mills obtained from the Berlusconi mafia. She claimed not to know where her husband was getting all this money from.

    Her ‘separation’ from Mills is reported to be a sham. They are frequently seen together.

    Craig summed it up nicely here


  • castor's bollocks

    @Iain Orr

    “One of Craig’s best options would be to continue where he started in 2005 – standing as a Independent against Jack Straw.”

    I agree – the country’s in a mood to elect independents. Hopefully it will last, or the Telegraph saves the juiciest expenses morsels until eve of poll.

    Either that, or Craig could join the Greens & save us all from global warming!

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