Two Aspects Of Barca Colours 11

As Manchester United prepare to face Barcelona in the Champions League Final, here are two aspects of the Barca colours.


Thierry Henry in Barca Colours


Muzaffar Avazov in Barca colours

Muzaffar Avazov is one of two dissidents who were boiled alive by the Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov. I investigated the case as British Ambassador with the assistance of the now chief pathologist of the UK. There is no doubt that death was caused by immersion in boiling liquid, while Avazov was a prisoner in Karimov’s notorious Jaslyk gulag. Karimov has over 10,000 political prisoners.

Uzbekistan is perhaps the most brutal dictaotrship in the world, but Barcelona receive $10 million a year to promote the Karimov regime and the propaganda “Show club” owned by the President’s daughter.

Anyone supporting Barcelona next week is supporting fascism.

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11 thoughts on “Two Aspects Of Barca Colours

  • JimmyGiro

    Do the everyday people of Uzbek know of Karimov’s gulags and methods; and if so are they in fear or admiration?

    I ask because there were (and still are) Russians who admire Stalin.

  • Craig

    Yes they know, and overwhelmingly they hate him. They loved him until five or so years ago.

  • Frazer

    I will, in principle, not bother to watch the match. I have also sent an e mail about this to Anne Venneman, head of Unicef,protesting in the strongest language the use of the UNICEF logo and Barcelona’s links to the dispicaple dictatorship of Karimov.

    As a humanitarian aid worker I feel that this is utterly WRONG !

    Those smug bastards at Barcelona should come over here and be made to feel what it is like to risk your life every day to protect kids, build schools and health centeres in countries affected every day by violence.

    Maybe then, they will realise that accepting money from a thug like Karimov who is actively involved in promoting state child labour is really not someone they should even consider accepting blood money from !

  • JimmyGiro

    Then Craig, there is hope for the Uzbeks, as it could have been far worse if the people themselves supported it; such as the Christians in the dark ages for example.

    To be a true ‘fascist’ regime you have to co-opt the people to act in a united front; which takes a far greater paradigm shift to change; usually needing defeat in a war. But for the Uzbeks, liberation only requires the defeat of a house.

  • Jaded

    Very depressing, but these images should be posted. No hope if one can’t even face it.

  • Jason

    Jimmy – again doesn’t quite know what he is talking about.

    “Fascism” – what is it? Would you care to describe it?

    I think you’ll find that it is indeed one of Lacan’s ‘master narratives’ and has no clear meaning that can be agreed upon, no attribute that is essential to it, no attribute that other ‘non-fascist’ regimes do not share. Others are just ‘supposed to know’ what you mean when you use it.

    Not really the best way to talk about a situation with a view to analysing it.

    It’s real Beauty and the Beast stuff with Barca being on board, but isn’t this symptomatic of one of the saws of sportspeople, that they are ‘above politics’ etc, while they simultaneously associate with major corporations are and play figurehead for nation states in their quest for gold medals/trophies and cheerleading to host events, etc.

    It’s more ‘shame on’ than game on…

    Go Utd

  • JimmyGiro

    Jason prattled:

    “Jimmy – again doesn’t quite know what he is talking about.”

    Are you saying I’m half dressed or half naked?

    Reading for comprehension includes the ability to acquiesce:

    A characteristic of ‘fascism’ = “a united front.”

  • Rashid

    I feel so sorry for Muzaffar Rashidov. I wish I wasn’t born in Uzbekistan. If I’m sent back to my country and face the same, my friend will let you know about it and provide you with the details.

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