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Preparing to Bomb Syria

by craig on Jun 14th 2013 in Middle East

Quite simply I do not believe the US, UK and French government’s assertion that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against rebels “multiple times in small quantities”.  Why on earth would they do that?  The claim that “up to 150 people have died” spread over a number of incidents makes no sense at all.  […]

Completely Surreal Hague Press Stunt

by craig on Mar 29th 2011 in Middle East

William Hague just gave a press conference on the big Libya conflab in London at which he obviously thought it would look good to be flanked by an Arab. So he sat next to the Prime Minister of Qatar, who solemnly told us that the Libyan people have the right to choose their own leadership. […]

Illegal War

by craig on Mar 28th 2011 in Middle East

The attack on Libya is now illegal, a criminal war of aggression. While I always opposed the action as a matter of policy, I explained it was not illegal within the confines clearly established in UNSCR 1973. It is now plain that NATO forces have wilfully breached those confines and are now guilty of a […]

All Eyes on the Middle East

by craig on Mar 25th 2011 in Middle East, Uncategorized

For weeks now, every Friday has been full of thrill and expectation, as we have waited to see what will transpire after Friday prayers. Plainly the Islamic religion is capable of being a motor for postive social change. First expectation centred on Tunisia, then on Egypt. Today among many key points, Syria and Yemen are […]

On Civilian Casualties

by craig on Mar 21st 2011 in Middle East

During the initial phase of the war in Iraq, stray US missiles aimed at Iraq hit Kuwait, Turkey and Syria. Two missiles hit Syria which were specifically supposed to hit Baghdad. That is on top of the numerous instances of misidentification. You will also remember that we hit the Chinese Embassy when bombing Belgrade. Two […]

Dancing To The Saudi Tune

by craig on Mar 20th 2011 in Middle East, Uncategorized

As the British government carefully looks the other way while democracy movements are bloodily crushed in the Gulf, here is some good reading for anyone who doubts the influence wielded over the British government by Saudi oil money and by the armaments industry. This wikileaks cable catalogues one of the most shameful moments in the […]

The Enemies of Freedom

by craig on Mar 19th 2011 in Middle East, Palestine

The West is extremely selective about which enemies of freedom it opposes and which it supports, to the extent that it is a necessary conclusion that liberty is not a real factor in western foreign polcy. As part of the western world, it is the hypocrisy of my own wider community that most troubles me. […]

US Sponsored Massacre in Yemen

by craig on Mar 18th 2011 in Middle East

Forty pro-democracy demonstrators have been killed outside the university in Sanaa by the US sponsored Yemeni regime this morning, with over two hundred shot. The Clinton/Obama plan for US allies to crush the democracy movement against their Gulf allies, while the whole media is diverted to the “pro-democracy” military demonstration in Libya, proceeds apace.

Military Action Against Libya Is Not Illegal, Not About Democracy and Very Limited

by craig on Mar 18th 2011 in Middle East

I was much attacked, especially by “Liberal interventionists”, in comments across the blogosphere when I broke the news four days ago that: A senior diplomat in a western mission to the UN in New York, who I have known over ten years and trust, has told me for sure that Hillary Clinton agreed to the […]

The Haynau Precedent

by craig on Mar 16th 2011 in Middle East

The vicious war criminal King of Bahrain will be among the guests at the royal wedding. There is a much honoured precedent for how we should deal with him. After the European pro-democracy revolutions of 1848 were bloodily put down, one of the most vicious aristocratic oppressors, the Austro-Hungarian General Haynau, was visiting London. As […]

Bahrain: Crimes Against Humanity

by craig on Mar 16th 2011 in Middle East

Live rounds by security forces were used in a massive dawn attack on the protest camp at Pearl roundabout. The hundreds of injured have been denied access to the hospital, which is surrounded by military including Saudi military. Doctors are not allowed to leave to treat the wounded outside. This is a crime against humanity. […]

Bahrain Anschluss

by craig on Mar 15th 2011 in Middle East, Uncategorized

The fatter of these two evil ugly bastards is the King of Bahrain. Having invited in foreign armies to crush the pro-democracy protests of his own people, he has immediately let them loose on the demonstrators, who are being viciously attacked by them even as I type. In classic anschluss fashion, the King has invited […]

The Invasion of Bahrain

by craig on Mar 14th 2011 in Middle East

A senior diplomat in a western mission to the UN in New York, who I have known over ten years and trust, has told me for sure that Hillary Clinton agreed to the cross-border use of troops to crush democracy in the Gulf, as a quid pro quo for the Arab League calling for Western […]

Whether It Matters When Arabs Die Depends On Who Is Killing Them

by craig on Mar 11th 2011 in Middle East, Uncategorized

How very few of the voices urgently raised now for a no-fly zone over Libya, said anything at all when Israel killed 1,400 civilians in the Gaza Strip, raining down white phosphorous bombs. Did NATO meet to discuss a no fly zone then? The Libyan National Council recognised by France includes some good men but […]

This Hague Cock-up Must Be Explained

by craig on Mar 7th 2011 in Middle East

So far it is a toss up whether events in Libya pose more threat to the careers of Muammar Gadaffi or of William Hague. First we had the sadly typical farce of the inert UK evacuation effort, with British diplomats cowring behind their walls concerned about health and safety, and our Ambassador being tied down […]

Western Cant on the Middle East

by craig on Mar 4th 2011 in Middle East, Uncategorized

Consider a few facts: The Obama administration had two years ago stopped all US funds to human rights defenders and civil society groups in Egypt, stipulating that all aid must go through the Mubarak regime President Karimov of Uzbekistan killed more peaceful demonstrators in a single day in May 2005 than Colonel Gadaffi has done […]

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