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OK, thanks Darth, the new comments blob in Title does mostly work on my iDevice just as you say, a smidgeon clash. I did prefer the old cartouche to the new bubbles. I know the future will be entirely mobile, eventually, but your server logs will show the breakdown of desktop vs handheld access, and you can code accordingly responsively.

One big future improvement on Blog-Mobile might be to always have the full tool-set of simple-html effects available – just above the “Comment” box, the [b] [i] [link] [b-quote] etc, on all the Blog Posts? Not just this Feedback corner? reading Craig’s Blog on Mobile is one thing, but trying to compose valid W3C HTML as part of a comment whilst travelling on a train with one hand holding the bags is another thing! Yes, I’ve done this, occasionally, at the peak of the 2014 information war, where rapid rebuttal and quoting of independent, earnest & open sources seemed the right thing to do for Free-Speech at the time.

One of my test iDevices has the ~102mm diagonal screen, (Apple trick the iP5xx users by having a resolution of 640 x 1136 internally but then shrink the displayed image into half that, making the pixel-doubled ‘retina’ display super-sharp)
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With the low-key launch of the latest Special Edition small-screen yesterday it seems there will be small screens around for a while. I read recently that the initial reasons for having large screen smartphones was purely to be able to bundle a big battery behind the screen, to cope with early android power demands, but now consumers like the screen-estate