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Chris Rogers

As I’ve mentioned Naked Capitalism a few times of late, their system of ‘self-edit’ ensures that no post reaches the boards that has not been checked by the poster themselves, i.e., the function exists for a limited time span and you must commit to the validity of your comment in the timespan before any further change is forbidden – in no way does that system interfere with the flow of dialogue, if only its difficult to respond to an ‘unedited’ post if it has yet to formally appear.

That said, whilst thought and consideration going into posts is to be applauded, the fact remains in many instances posters, especially myself, are actually reacting in ‘realtime’ with information at our disposal in a ‘realtime’ environment.

However, thanks for your response, it will be interesting to note what others think to an idea that may add to the value and import of the Blog.