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Alistair MacDonald

Mr Murray I would just like to express my sincere respect and deepest admiration for your humanitarian stance across so many issues .And as Bob Marley asked how long will they kill our prophets,it seems a good indication on a persons morality when you are attacked by the Bankers media .Chavez,Castro,Gaddafi,Ahmadinejad,Putin, As for your analogy of Nicola Sturgeon and Pilate I do not agree he did not wash his hands, more than his political career would have been worth, As for Miss Sturgeon she seems as abrasive towards London as BBC Scotland and like Pilate seems more concerned about her career than anything else, no friend of Catalonia there.As I have said to MPs from the SNP if you do not take control of your countries media ,your not a Nationalist movement ,I think stalking horse comes to mind,anyway enough rambling .God bless Mr Murray