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Paul Barbara

Tatyana, you have more or less ignored the first comment, re Syria. If the insurrection was caused by imported Jihadis by the West and their cronies, then it seems to me that case is black and white, and is not a case for ‘negotiations’, especially if some of the ‘negotiators’ are the perps who sent the Jihadis in in the first place.
Re Russia not likely to look kindly on a Western ‘covert’ invasion of Jihadi mercenaries, or the West’s magnanimous offers to ‘mediate’, I suspect President Putin would tell them where to go.
The scenario you suggested, where in situ Muslims create an armed insurrection, is again a black and white problem, and the West should keep their snouts out of it.
Could you imagine Black people in the US beginning an armed insurgency, and taking over some Southern states? Would the US meekly acquiesce in a UN demand they accept arbitration, or would they go in, cruise, drone and guns blazing? And perhaps even roping NATO in as well, for good measure, like they did after 9/11?
If hordes of heavily Jihadis poured over the border from Scotland (I’m not suggesting the Scots are either Jihadis or friendly towards them, but just creating an imaginary situation, like the hordes of non-Turkish Jihadis who were allowed by Turkey to cross their borders into Syria and Iraq with their columns of heavily-armed trucks) and made their way south, taking over North London high ground, from where they bombarded Central London, would you expect the UK to accept outside reconciliation, especially if Scotland (the main route of incursion) was a major party to the dispute settlement? Or would the UK accept a ‘no fly zone’ to stop them pounding the heck out of the terrorists?
Again, pretty black and white, without shades of grey.
The US is pushing Iran to the brink, just like they did with Japan pre-Pearl Harbour, which the US anticipated and welcomed (they had deliberately driven Japan to make a major strike against the US by ever-increasing sanctions, thus attaining FDR’s, the Military and Big Business desires to enter WWII.
You ask about welcoming education about Russia pre-WWII; here are two books which are very enlightening about the run-up to WWI, which it is important to know as WWI led inevitably to WWII.
‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’ and ‘Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-And-A-Half Years’ both by Jim MacGregor and Gerry Docherty.
And US Banks and Corporations deliberately built Hitler up between the wars (with the intention that he would turn against Russia, and they would virtually destroy each other, then the US and Europe would join in and mop up, well on the way to world domination.