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A Cassandra

There was an interesting research Documentary produced by James Corbett [link 1 below] tracking the power shifting dynamics pre-WWI of Great Britain’s empire wrestling against the economic rise of Germany. A central tenet being the development of the Eastern railroad to Baghdad allowing the overland freight of ME oil to industrial Germany avoiding UK naval controlled territories. His echo is the current BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) by China avoiding US naval controlled sea passages, and gives China direct access to Asian and Euro Asian markets and the threat caused to US dominance.

Such theories are difficult to flesh out with hard facts given security of backroom geopolitics. Fuel abundance certainly tracks empire growth. In Lawrence of Arabia’s WWI destruction of that “Orient Express” railroad he nobly pushed for Arab chambers of control knowing the “Great powers” of the day would not serve their interests. The current slow motion car crash of Saudi Arabia and its looming Bankruptcy make more curious it’s military action in Yemen, presumably to secure Saudi (US) control Yemenese Oil fields as well as access to further Gulf of Aden/Somali reserves (and their extraction supply chains) is suggestive that there’s scant resource left in Saudi Wells and it’s a cornered Lion gambit. The saga of their KSA Aramco Oil delayed/on/off/relocated IPO asks many awkward questions for stock market due diligence professionals, but essentially “Why sell the golden egg?”

The other side of the Suez Egyptian Arab spring leader Morsi (toppled by US loyal military coup) and the western support tap switched back on after his fall. Erdogan in Turkey is buying Russian S300 air defence – which is not software blocked so WILL shoot down NATO aircraft, so he likely will feel a little safer if he has to be chased through the skies again in another coup attempt. After the Qaddafi’s (also illegal) overthow, new pipelines were run across Algeria/Spain to Europe. I’ve nothing new to add to the Syrian story that Craig has well documented, other than to remind readers of the murky Clinton supervision of the ex-Libyan army weapons “rat run” network from Benghazi to Homs. (Bill Clinton as Governor under Reagan signed off Mena Airport black ops shuttles to Contra’s, later as President was instrumental in fermenting the Yugo war, orchestrating essential conflict-fuelling weapons supply to multiple opposing factions priming the post-Tito tinderbox. Once out of office handing over the “how to make war” team baton to his wife for (at least) Benghazi-Syria operation Hillary preferring destruction of US Consulate and US diplomatic deaths to publicity of murky operations there). Further afield one month after Chavez’s decision to switch sale of Venezuelan oil to China and reduce supplies to the US – the principle Venezuelan refinery exploded. Craig can shed some light on how long it takes to green light a covert op. but lets just say the timing is at the very least suspicious. Seen in light of US actions in Venezuela to date, more so.

Steven Gaghan who wrote screenplay and directed Syriana from CIA agent Robert Baer’s book of his history and operations in ME titled “See No Evil” Gaghan said of his research and the comments form players in these interweaving of conflict and oil markets: “Oil and the Bullet are the same thing, they are the SAME business”

Cassandra was gifted to see the future, she was also cursed that no one wanted to believe her.

Link 1

Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War


See “The Weight of Chains” I / II
*sometimes* available online.