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Thanks for the link Tatyana, I managed to download the full clip from YouTube, it’s just over 3 and a half minutes long, I presume the rest of the clip is on matter not entirely related to the portion you have shown. I have screen printed the subtitles so that I can look in detail as to what was said, but I assume how you translated it keeps to the spirit of what was uttered.
It is, of course propaganda, part of a war of words between two states with conflicting claims, I assume it is meant to provoke outrage on the other side of the argument. These kind of personal attacks are part and parcel of these kinds of conflicts, in the UK we have seen this sort of thing during what was tastefully called the ‘troubles’ in northern Ireland because it was not quite a civil war, but no less savage in parts.
The situation in the Ukraine is serious but I can’t believe either side seriously wants to escalate it further. I can’t help but feel sympathy for those people caught up in the conflict zones. At some point they will have to talk to one another, in the meantime people will continue to be killed when hostilities break out.
Thanks for advising us of this matter, otherwise we rarely get to hear about these things, our news is almost totally parochial and fairly useless. You provide an important link to a country much maligned here.