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Paul Barbara

That is hardly relevant to the latest information I provided – that the WHO, CDC and OFFIT were all proven wrong in stating ethylmercury was harmless as it was rapidly excreted (you seem to accept it is not, but still reckon ethylmercury is harmless). It was just rapidly lost from the blood stream, because it lodged in the brain!).Are these two statements compatible:
‘…Methylmercury is very different to ethylmercury. Ethylmercury is used as a preservative in some vaccines and does not pose a health risk…’ ( official WHO website).
‘Burbacher had shown the ethyl mercury was not being excreted from the body as Offit implied during our telephone conversation. Instead, it was going directly into the brain, where it rapidly metabolized into highly toxic inorganic mercury, and then lodged there, creating inflammation and brain damage.’
Isn’t there one hell of a difference between mercury getting excreted from the body, or stored in the brain?
Surely this is your sort of science talk.