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Paul Barbara

@ Clark August 24, 2019 at 15:42
You are right that the article does not appear to show the two scientists are being censored in Canada, but regarding the ‘Banner Headline’, that refers to a separate article re the Vaccine Court in the US.
‘..Neither does it establish its other sensational claim of an attempt to “destroy [the] credibility” of the authors of the paper…’
I disagree there. The newspaper report certainly does try to destroy the credibility of the two researchers, by not covering their actual research papers’ contents, and by wrongly praising other reports, like the WHO (‘..World Health Organization (WHO), funded primarily by pharmaceutical companies..’ well, some more ammo for my campaign – I never knew that before), which did not negate the researchers’ reports. In short, faced with contrary (though not diametrically opposed) reports, the MSM reporter chose the ‘Establishment’ view without giving credence to the researcher’s reports.
Just like the MSM and Establishment rounded on Dr. Wakefield, David Noakes, Gilles-Eric Seralini and his team of researchers at France’s Caen University, Arpad Pusztai.
Don’t bother to trot out the ‘Official Narrative’ of how breathtakingly flawed all their work was, they were hounded because of what they exposed.