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4 thoughts on “Scooter Libby

  • johnf

    30 months and $250,000 fine, but, as you say, probably will serve little or no time.

    But the sound of a cell door might work. It did for Abramoff.

  • Randal

    It's a bit like nailing gangsters for tax evasion, but it is refreshing to see at least one of the warmongers get some of his come-uppance in this life, rather than the next.

    Juan Cole quoted the following statement on his blog, which I thought was quite interesting. It's from Joe and Valerie Wilson:

    "As Americans, both Valerie and I are grateful that justice has been served, reconfirming that our country remains a nation of laws.

    We are also saddened for the pain that Mr. Libby has inflicted on his family, friends, and the nation. Mr. Libby benefited from the best this country had to offer: the finest schools, a lucrative career as a lawyer and many years of service in Republican administrations. That he would knowingly lie, perjure himself and obstruct a legitimate criminal investigation is incomprehensible.

    It is our hope that he will now cooperate with Special Counsel Fitzgerald in his efforts to get to the truth. As Mr. Fitzgerald has said, a cloud remains over the Vice President.

    Every official in this administration must be held accountable for their actions."

    Clearly, they aren't yet ready to draw a line under the matter (and more power to their elbows, says I!)

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