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Gordon Brown London Hustings

From Stop the War Coalition





Nearest tube Tottenham Court Road

Gordon Brown and the six candidates for the Labour deputy leadership are speaking at a hustings meeting in London on Wednesday 6 June. This is the first London hustings meeting and it is essential that there is a large anti-war lobby calling for troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, opposition to any attack on Iran and a break with US foreign policy.

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New Labour Nomenklatura

The fascist initiative of the day today is that we should have a national day, to celebrate “Britishness”. We will all be dragooned into displays of spontaneous happiness, and celebrate our great national achievements, like detention without trial, use of intelligence obtained through torture, and illegal invasion of other countries. What fun!!

Personally I don’t feel the need, having Burns Night and St Andrew’s Day already, This idea sounds to me like the millenium dome in its force-fed awfulness. I can imagine Cherie and Tony in the middle of it all with their rictus grins, and Gordon wrapped yet again in a Union Jack, trying to sound cockney and pretend he’s a fun person.

Anyway two Labour ministers are promoting it today, backed up by an especially egregious creep called Nick Johnson of the Commission of Racial Equality. Johnson was so obviously a New Labour hack that I decided to google him. Lo and behold, I find that there is a view prevalent on the Web that neither Johnson, nor his partner Kate Davies, Chief Executive of the Notting Hill Housing Association, had a great deal to qualify them for their extremely highly paid Quango jobs other than their impeccable NuLab credentials.

Davies had a sociology degree and a postgraduate housing diploma, but not much practical housing administration experience when she was put in charge of one of Britain’s biggest Housing Associations. But she was a New Labour Special Adviser. What qualified the greasy Johnson I have no clue. But they now live in a very expensive address, in Sussex Gardens, at the end without the prostitutes.

Anyone smart enough to find what these NuLab parasites are paid?

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