Becoming a Blogger 6

In a sense, this is my first blog entry. That may seem strange for a blog with almost a thousand entries and on the receiving end of over 600 weblinks. But this is the first entry I have actually tried to enter and post myself, like a real blogger. It will therefore possibly appear upside down, or screw up the formatting of the entire blog. But at least I am trying.

Previously I wrote entries, or selected articles, and emailed them to the team to post. Andrew and Richard also came to select and post stuff themselves. None of this would have been possible without day to day support from Tim and Wibbler. We will continue to function as something of a collective. But there will be much more day to day blogging from me.

That may also bring something of a change in tone, as I will be blogging not only when I have something heavyweight to say. Expect to see a lot about the frustrations of travelling the country on ailing public transport, and about the running of Dundee University. I hope again to do more on Uzbekistan than we had recently, and keep up the commentary on the increasingly mad “War on Terror”. And I hope that we will increase the level of comment and interaction from you.

Anyway, if this posts, I shall feel like a real blogger at last!

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6 thoughts on “Becoming a Blogger

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Well Craig you'd better be prepared to moderate. Otherwise you'll be getting the loonies pitching in – a bit like me, I guess.

    Anyway, good. I look forward to your posts.

  • kazbel

    Good luck – glad to see you're becoming a proper member of the blogosphere. That was a great talk in Leicester, by the way – and much appreciated by the wide range of people in the audience.


  • Jean

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Which feels like an odd thing to say considering I've been reading you for quite some time. For my part, I'll try to leave a comment here and there, assuming I can master TypeKey.

  • Craig

    Mmm, I had some difficulty with Type Key myself!

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome.


  • sullivan


    Congrats on making Rector at Dundee and welcome to the Blogosphere. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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