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it is not at all about mother Russia 🙂 it is about justice.
here is the map of the Ukraine, see how much of her territory she gained when in the USSR, and she kept the land when got out of USSR.

I think they should at least be grateful, and if they chose to bark how much they were opressed, then they should return the lands. You see? Return to what they had before the USSR. Justice.
*I don’t believe in ‘opression’ when one gets more and more wealth and still keeps it when “liberated”. It looks more like a lucrative partnership or a fruitful marriage :-)*
They bark and at the same time bomb Donbass area, populated with mostly russian people, area which went to them during the USSR period. I don’t even mention their latest “posession” – the Crimea.

Your history books pick only what is convinient for your country’s ideology. They do not lie, just don’t say the whole truth.