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“what is more dangerous? The vaccine, or the measles?”

Congratulations on at last asking the right question. Nearly. It should be “what is more dangerous? The vaccine, or the adverse effects from the <b>resultant higher levels of measles plus mumps plus rubella?”


This really is the operative word here, because they have compared the low (in fact zero) measles deaths in a mostly vaccinated population against the deaths attributed to vaccination.

“we know that VAERS reporting of adverse reactions is extremely low”

For God’s* sake think here. Yes, reporting of “adverse reactions is extremely low”, but most adverse reactions are fevers and other minor matters that parents are prepared for and thus often don’t bother reporting. But how low is it for the serious reactions – hospitalisation, disability and death? All of these would show up in health records, and researchers, independent and otherwise, use health records to study vaccine safety.

* “For God’s sake” – literally. God is truth, the devil is falsity. Stop doing the devil’s work by failing to think!