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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 6, 2019 at 14:16
You’re right, I do have better things to do than combing through a stack of reports I mostly probably wouldn’t understand.
But given they admit the MMR was inadequately tested (rather a mild way of putting it), as you pointed out, why do you still support it?
Given most testing is done by the Corporations, or paid for by them, the fact that Cochrane claim no funds are received from Big Pharma (but they do admit government and NGO funding, which can effectively be the same, ‘guided’ by Big Pharma), and all Cochrane does is evaluate these test papers, then Cochrane just seems like a higher-class Media propagandist for what the governments (and their paymasters, Big Pharma among others) want them to publicise.
What is required is real testing, on animals (something I am generally against, but accept in cases like this that do not cause intentional pain and trauma (like making rabbits smoke cigarette smoke, or putting caustic products in their eyes).