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A “beware of dog” sign, doesn’t mean there is a dog and then again there may be a dog, but its very small, hence the warning may be exaggerated!

Hence Hitler’s threats to expand in the East and specifically at the expense of Russia could be hyperbole to meet other objectives. For example talking about conquests in the east was the nationalist way to oppose seeking an empire overseas, which Hitler viewed as “fools gold”, but with no real intention of pursuing beyond an aspiration. And casting Russia as the enemy was a way of doing deals with countries who fear Russia more than Germany and therefore a way to resolve for example Danzig.

The problem was Hitler was in a hurry to resolve the ‘injustices of Versailles’ and then get on as an architect with transforming Germany, which led to the fatal error of invading Poland, which he didn’t really want to do, but ‘had to’ once his bluff was called and this of course is the problem with brinkmanship.

It looked so easy once the Pact was signed (and even more so after division of Poland) because Britain could not pursue the war without signing its own death warrant and so was bound to sue for peace and on very reasonable terms as Hitler knew only others would gain from dissolution of British Empire.

Except Churchill refused to act rationally and the rest is history.