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Hello Tony, I only just spotted your thread here.

I’m disappointed that you consider my comment off-topic. It was intended as an appeal to those who are considering the need to rebel, because Extinction Rebellion groups all over the UK and beyond are currently teaching the means of rebelling, and in my experience, they are doing a pretty good job of it. We are teaching each other how to communicate effectively in groups, and how to make decisions in limited time when the forces of authority are actively engaged in preventing our actions.

I know nothing about “Extinction Rebellion’s support for the attacks on Bolivia’s socialist government”, but I think you should be wary of attributions of political stance to XR. So far as I know, XR doesn’t have such a political stance. Maybe some XR group does, but if so that’s up to that group, and other groups are free to develop their own positions.

It seems more likely that someone from XR has made some statement about Bolivia’s government, and someone, maybe a journalist or blogger who doesn’t understand XR’s structure, has attributed it to XR as a whole.

Having said that, I doubt that Bolivia’s government is so good that it shouldn’t be rebelled against. No government is that good. There are degrees of rebellion, and all governments benefit from being reminded that the people hold the power.