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“Is it Horse Guards Road?”

That’s where the groups from my area will be, but any of us could be doing anything elsewhere around Westminster. Iain Orr says he’ll be visiting our camp at some point; I’ll ask him to forward you my mobile number.

“Richard Gage […] certainly never seemed angry to me”

Yeah, but you were in agreement with him! I may be wrong; it’s just an impression I gained from some YouTube videos that I’m having trouble finding again. It’s my own emotional problem; I have to take precautions against getting dispirited.

“When the building was still full of people??”

Take a look at this:

That’s from Google’s cache. Sorry I can’t link to directly; they had an appeal for funds and now their server seems to be not responding. I really hope we don’t lose History Commons; it’s a brilliant resource:

There are absolutely masses of stuff about 9/11 that we either don’t know, or of which there’s tragic under-awareness, eg. there’s that report of a van full of explosives heading for the George Washington Bridge (if I remember correctly), but I’ve never been able to find any follow-up. Lots of people associate it with Urban Moving Systems and the dancing Israelis, but I’ve never been able to confirm that and it seems to be a different incident.

If it was a different incident, then there were even more entities contributing to the attacks, so looking for THE perpetrators might be a false lead in itself. Grief, there can’t be any shortage of people or groups with reason to resent the US, and such groups might also be manipulated. This is why non-violence is so essential; it is very dangerous to attempt God’s work with the Devil’s tools. The same goes for embellishing the truth to promote its popularity, or overlooking things because they contradict the position we currently favour – it seems harmless or even helpful, but we must beware the echo-chamber, we are all prone to promoting the sensational, and thus spreading distraction from the vital details.

William Rodriguez acted heroically and was lucky to survive, but I find his earlier testimony more consistent with the big picture.