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“The Dutch parliament instructed the government to investigate the question that everyone reasonably asked from the very first minutes after the disaster: why Ukraine did not close its airspace over the zone of military conflict. It is not surprising that a number of Dutch media accompany the headlines of news about this event with the word “Finally.
The reason was Vladimir Tzemakh, or rather, the fact that Ukraine extradited him to Russia during a recent exchange of prisoners. The Dutch media… spread reports that Tsemakh was almost a key witness, and therefore they painfully took the message that he was returning home.
Dutch Parliament obliged the government … to investigate the inaction of Ukraine … and report to the deputies on the results … as soon as possible. The initiator of the project, Chris van Dam: “Time is running out. Memory is erased, data is lost.” It seems that the decision and especially the complete unanimity of the parliamentarians was an unpleasant surprise for the government.
the arguments of the head of the Dutch Foreign Ministry … are striking in their frankness. E.g, Blok repeated several times that … “they will also have to cooperate with Russia.” Apparently, the minister considers this a big problem for himself.
the decision of the Kiev authorities not to close the airspace … the actual use of civilian airliners to cover their military aircrafts, heavily bombing the peaceful cities of Donbass.