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Paul Barbara

@ Clark October 4, 2019 at 12:35
Yes, I met Iain Orr at Blackburn when I was campaigning for Craig in 2005. I pulled a beautiful ‘double-entemble’ on him (I suspect he will remember!).
Might as well ask him to forward your email as well.
That ‘middle eatern’ looking teddy-bear ‘terrorist’ is a complete new one on me, and I have been avidly researching the issue since 2004. Thanks for making me aware of it – talk about ‘Red Herrings’! I can’t respond in length, as I have just come back from the pub after a good session (in both respects), but when I get round to sending the ‘teddy bear’ baloney (not an attack on you – I am really pleased you have informed me of this) round to the rest of the Truthers I am in contact with, they will burst their sides!
2 AM, I’m pissed and have a virtually all-day Latin America Conference starting at 10 AM. I am going to be late!