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“Why is police so strict with the Extinction Rebellion?”

In London, they’re not; It’s the other way around…

Members of Extinction Rebellion, some of whom call themselves “Arrestables”, block a road or an office building and, completely non-violently, simply ignore all requests to get out of the way. Police tell them to get out of the way or be arrested. The Arrestables don’t, so they get arrested. I think over 1300 were arrested over the last week.

The police can only process them so fast, and there are only so many cells.

It’s peaceful non-violent direct action. Civil disobedience. In what are usually immense road junctions stuffed furious with traffic, XR set up civil spaces with music, arts, performance, information, free food etc. There are discussion groups anyone can participate in; People’s Assemblies.

It was that lunatic Roger Hallam’s idea; blame him: