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Firstly, a link to the end of the Blair Miles thread.

Secondly, standard warning to all commenters on forum threads – please don’t post naked URLs – because the forum software will embed content from the target, eventually causing the page to become too big to load. Use HTML ‘a’ tags instead, as above.

Thirdly, (and Mods!), the forums are not free from spam problems either; just today I see that two spam topics have been opened.

Suggestion (and Mods!) – if Komodo were given a moderator’s login, he could clear the spam himself. That way he could continue on the Apology / Blair Miles thread, maintaining consistency, and maintaining the permanent sidebar link (forum links get displaced by newer ones). That would also help train Akismet to recognise this spam for all Akismet-protected sites.
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Komodo, I only rarely read your Blair Miles diary, but I regard it as an excellent resource for anyone investigating the Blairs’ ongoing accumulation of wealth and influence. Thank you for your dedication, and I hope you keep up the good work.