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Terry Jones

Is Dougan or you claiming he is involved with “intelligence-related work”? This is a bit of long shot. He was a police officer who got into difficulties with his superiors.

He has access to the FBI files so he is involved.

It is moreover possible, as the cleaners at RAF Little Sai Wan (the former GCHQ base) will tell you or indeed the local residents at Menwith Hill to have access to intelligence related material.

I did not believe Dougan’s story when I first read it. I do not personally believe he has any videos of Epstein’s targets. I am sure videos do exist. But it is very doubtful whether Dougan has them. Whether Andrew Windsor features on any of them we can only speculate. Virginia Robert’s story is believable because it has been largely corroborated by Epstein’s “other girls”, his driver and thousands of corroborating documents

What other documents pertaining to prince Andrew are there? She is the only accuser.

Do you think Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson and others flew on Epstein’s “lolita express” for the coffee?
The allegations against others may or may not be true and I cast no judgement but this is a case of discreditation by association. You associate a claim which may or may not be true (Bill Clinton) with a claim which isn’t (Prince Andrew). When the later is revealed not to be true as it will be this has the effect of discrediting allegations against the former.

This isn’t a case of a fantasist. There is too much documentary evidence. In fact there was a huge amount of evidence presented during Epstein’s first trial. He wasn’t acquited. He was mysteriously let off with a slap on the wrist.

Yes it is, quite obviously so

In 1998, a 14-year-old Roberts swore that two acquaintances sexually assaulted her inside a car at a wooded area near West Palm Beach, Fla. But following a months-long investigation, prosecutors declined to pursue the case “due to the victim’s lack of credibility and no substantial likelihood of success at trial,” court records state.

The girl’s mom, who pushed police to investigate the incident after a social worker at a group home reported it, told a detective “about her daughter’s past drug abuse and also how many kids in Royal Palm Beach are involved in drugs, witchcraft and animal sacrifice,” according to a confidential report by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Really? MI6 wants to help Mark Dougan by adding credence to his claims?

No they are doing the opposite
1) This is the organisation behind the pissgate allegations with respect to Trump so their reputation in this regard is somewhat tarnished
2) MI6 would hardly alert the Russian government through a national newspaper to the existence of Kompromat if such kompromat existed

Why would MI6 say anything at all?

1) MI6 allow a fantasist to make lots of allegations about important people and go along with this in the short term
2) MI6 do so in the knowledge that in the future the allegations will be dismissed even if it is slightly boorish to do so
3) MI6 know that there will be outrage when the allegations are dismissed and umbrage against the authorities who went along with the case, as in the Carl Beech case.
4) When anyone claims that there is a paedophile ring/usage of sex slaves by the establishment in the future, the public will be less likely to go along with this and the police will not pursue these claims.

In short the authorities allow a fake claim to go ahead in the knowledge that it will have the effect of concealing real abuse.

Simple really and very effective