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I’ve tracked down dozens of polling station workers via Facebook, have expressed my concerns, and I had 3 people from geographically distant constituencies willing to talk, and all for the same basic reason; they could not reconcile the result with their deep knowledge of their specific constituency ward, what they saw and heard on the day, and the ‘result’. On the same day, and within the space of an hour, all 3 had blocked me.

In terms of how this was rigged, the only practical method is false tabulation. This is something the postal voting system is totally exposed to, and only requires dishonesty on the part of a relatively small group of people. So 5k postal votes for the Labour candidate are instead attributed to the Conservative candidate. When you’ve misattributed as many votes as you can feasibly get away with, you then simply start discounting votes for the Labour candidate (hence the unfathomably low turnout)

Here’s something to be known. Now the election is over, we find out that internal Conservative party polling had the election as a tie (within the margin of error, and whose favour that margin was in is not stated). Interesting then, that despite the polling fiasco od 2017, (or perhaps an aborted electoral fix, more on this another time) the MSM spent the entire campaign beating Labour over the head with every poll that came out, as if it was the actual result. I’ve never seen a general election, even before polling became so unreliable, where opinion polls have been so front and centre, so much discussed, and so much used to sell the reality of a result before a vote (postal or otherwise) had been cast.

Even if irrefutable proof of massive postal vote fraud could be provided, the MSM aren’t going to touch this, there exists no legal mechanism to overturns the result, and anyone who tried to take it to the courts, would likely find themselves sharing a cell with Assange.