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Kim Sanders-Fisher

It is absolutely delusional to believe that if we accept this potentially corrupt result there will be another “fair” opportunity in five years time to vote this government out. Abolishing the Fixed Term Parliament Act was a clear priority in a Tory manifesto designed to install dictatorship. Stripping powers from the Judiciary so that they can no longer “interfere” to reign in Boris’s rogue Tory Government was another top priority. After that our supreme leader is above the law, he can prorogue parliament whenever he wants, for as long as he wants.

This time around the determination of who would be allowed to take which seat had to at least preserve a modicum of believability solidified by BBC propaganda and the warped Tory media. It would cause immediate suspicion if the vote was rigged in a safe Labour constituency like mine, plus our council does not outsource vote handling to IDOX so we were left unscathed. Boundary changes, voter ID restrictions and absolute control of propaganda will secure the final push to remove all opposition next time we vote.

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” (Joseph Stalin) ixQuotes.

In any future purely cosmetic elections I don’t doubt for an instant that the Tories will force all parts of the UK to use the insecure, unreliable electronic voting machines that are so easy to rig. We know these machines are corrupting the voting system right across America our new partner in crime. With a huge majority in the commons and all of the Tory MPs sworn to vote in unison who could possibly stop them?

Jennifer Cohn is a recognized authority on electoral fraud, an election security advocate, writer and attorney. Her article on the dubious use of voting machines entitled: “Most Western democracies flee voting machines,” is well worth a read. Sadly, unlike most Western democracies, the UK still uses a thoroughly undemocratic First Past the Post voting system where most people’s vote simply doesn’t count at all.

While not all challenges will ultimately prove valid, the necessity to make such challenges strengthens the most robust defence of truth and justice. Challenging our electoral process where we identify any perceived weaknesses can only help to eliminate the potential for future errors and points of manipulation that may or may not have been taken advantage of in this or previous elections. There have been significant suspicions in past elections and referendums, but each time we bow out gracefully despite the known harm it will cause.

According to the Electoral Commission there should be no party political conflicts of interest among employees at any company handling the vote, but Tory MP Peter Lilley remained a director of IDOX for years and is still a major share holder. We now have most constituencies in the entire UK using the IDOX “Postal Vote Managed Service” and our official public watchdog has no oversight whatsoever over this. Despite a YouTube video touting the comprehensive service IDOX provides, the Electoral Commission denied that the postal votes are checked and sorted by IDOX and they would not even provide a list of which Councils outsource vote management to IDOX.

Prior knowledge of results leaked to the media is a frequently repeated crime that is still consistently ignored with impunity. At what point do you say I am sick of being cheated and lied to? These concerns are legitimate. To suggest that it is far more important to avoid the possibility of being ridiculed as a sore loser than to defend our right to electoral integrity and a fully democratically elected government is horribly defeatist. Unfortunately, to try to write off this legitimate area of questioning is to defend those who might seek an opportunity to try to commit fraud. What you are really claiming is that any degree of corruption will be acceptable to you because, for reasons of saving face, it must never be investigated.

A healthy degree of scepticism is our ultimate protection from future fraud and manipulation of our democratic mandate. If my suspicions are proven dead wrong, well great, we can move forward with renewed confidence in our electoral process. However, when doubts linger under the surface, due to truly incredulous results, they just serve to undermine public trust and belief in our democracy.

Everything is being done to erode our trust and disenfranchise vast swaths of the population; it is our duty to challenge any and all questionable results. This is especially vital when our election results are produced via a company with a significant vested interest in manipulating the vote! How much more corrupt do you want to encourage our electoral process to become? We need to draw a line in the sand now, before it is too late.