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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The fight to restore the integrity is complex and will involve multiple different angles of attack to expose the truth. The House of Commons Website posted all the 2019 General Election data on the 19th of December. The task of correlating all those pictures of huge turnout and long lines waiting to vote with the data on each constituency will be tedious, but well worth it. If you have a picture depicting this unusual determination to vote at your polling station check the result data for your area: does it reflect the evidence documented in your picture? We urgently need to gather this information as one component of the allegations of a rigged election.

Other serious issues over the integrity of our elections are surfacing all the time. If you are outraged by the content of this deeply disturbing final segment of a Joe Glasman Video, please consider taking action. You can contact the Electoral Commission as well as the Charity Commission to lodge a serious complaint regarding this shocking and thoroughly disgusted rant as strong evidence of undue interference in our elections. Joe Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations for the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), made this video of himself admitting that there has indeed been a coordinated effort to interfere with British democracy in order to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister.

This has to qualify as a significant blatant abuse of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA)s, charitable status as Glasman freely admits on camera that he and his ultra Zionist supporters have triumphed. According to one post elsewhere regarding this video: “He congratulates himself and his #zionist cabal (including spies) for subverting British democracy by making sure #JeremyCorbyn / #Labour lost the election in 2019”

Stretching further back in time to 2009, an era where all BBC dissent had yet to be totally quashed, we were warned of this unhealthy manipulation of our democracy. There was an informative Dispatches documentary: “Dispatches: Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby 2009.” This documentary exposed how deeply the pro Israeli lobby have infiltrated our politics on behalf of a foreign power. It reveals the vast amounts of cash and trips to Israel used to essentially bribe MPs, buying support on both sides of the isle and gagging the media over atrocities committed against the Palestinians.

The whole anti-Semitism furore used to unjustly demonize Corbyn represented a massive manipulation of multiple MSM outlets including the BBC as well as MPs, even some within the Labour party itself, in order to destroy him and his progressive socialist agenda for this country. Corbyn’s support of the Palestinians posed such a severe threat to the Zionist cause that fake news and disgusting propaganda was repeatedly used to silence criticism of hard right Zionist policies to continue persecution and the stifling of human rights.

A simple Fact Check would have debunked most of the anti-Semitism smears used to suppress the Labour vote; why were there no BBC fact Checks to validate the relentless attacks over anti-Semitism? No apposing voices were allowed air time on the BBC as Labor tried to debunk the myths. This was not thoroughly researched, respectable investigative journalism or the equal and unbiased reporting as mandated during the pre-election period. The Electoral Commission must investigate this violation of the Purdah restrictions by our public broadcaster.

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