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Kim Sanders-Fisher

House of Commons Website – Constituency Data
There is a small drop down menu for you to scroll down to find the data on each separate constituency. All of the individual vote counts are listed here as well as the percentage of the vote plus the majority won by in number of votes and as a percentage. It also gives the candidate names, the party that won and if it was a gain or a hold.

Key pieces of information include the “Change in Party’s Vote Share (Compared to 2017)” Some of these vote swings are suspiciously high at almost record levels. Another critical piece of data is turnout expressed as a percentage of eligible voters; this may or perhaps in some cases may not match what was seen on the ground.
You can download a computer printout of all the data from a link on this page.

What is not identified on these pages is how many of the votes were postal votes and how many postal votes were rejected. What issues to enquire about on a constituency by constituency basis:
1. Is the handling of any component of the electoral process outsourced to a private company and if so which one?
2. Did this private company take full control of all aspects of the Postal Votes?
3. On what date were the postal ballot packs mailed out to addresses in the UK and addresses overseas?
4. Was sufficient time allowed for the voters to both receive and return their ballot?
5. How many of the votes were postal votes?
6. Was there a percentage increase in postal votes and if so by how much? (In some constituencies this percentage increase was extraordinarily high like almost twice as many as in 2017 only two years ago; another highly suspicious finding)
7. How many of the postal vote packages that were sent out were completed and returned for inclusion in the count?
8. How many of the returned postal ballots were rejected?
9. Were there complaints from people who were registered to vote discovering they were not on the list or that their vote had already been crossed off?
10. Were there complaints from people who did not receive their postal cote pack or did not get it in time to mail in?

In the Scottish Independence Referendum these figures for the number of postal voting packs returned was so high that it presented a huge area of suspicion. In some areas this percentage was over 96% return rate, which considering some of those people would have moved away or died was totally unrealistic. This is what caused so much suspicion over the vote. Did this same phenomenon occur again at this 2019 General Election? I hope this helps you crunch the numbers.