No Platform for War Criminals

by craig on July 23, 2012 7:45 pm in Uncategorized

Blair’s latest attempt at rehabilitation is a discussion tomorrow at Westminster Central Hall with the Archbishop of Canterbury on the place of religion in society. A vexed question, but given that Blair believes God OK’d the invasion of Iraq and the resulting million deaths, not one that can usefully be discussed by this charlatan.

You can protest at Westminster Central Hall from 4pm tomorrow. Should be a lovely day for it. Bring own rotten tomatoes.

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  1. Alice Kilroy

    23 Jul, 2012 - 7:48 pm

    I am sure we will not see Tony Blair he will be whisked in via the Drains where he belongs.

  2. That slime ball has been brought back to recycle the Olympic legacy, ie to see that these assets are correctly disposed of and in the correct circles. The slime ball has a history of this kind of transaction, in return he gets to enjoy the lime light and pretend he is still relevant so that the extortionate speaking fees that he demands are justified.
    The war criminal ought to be in gitmo getting water boarded as to find who paid him and how much and what services for? (seeing as it is a secret!)

  3. “Blair believes God OK’d the invasion of Iraq and the resulting million deaths”
    Bush told him that.

  4. I think we should drown Blair (and Coe, and Johnson, and Cameron) in an ocean of bagels. Get baking! I call for the liberation of the bagels and the imprisonment of Blair! Let ’em roll, people, let ’em roll!

    How about an ‘Occupy Olympics’ movement? They want branding? Let’s brand ’em the thieves and murderers they are!

    Occupy Olympics: London 2012.
    The extra circle is for the great universal Om.


    At least there is a place where Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were found guilty of war crimes. Complete media blackout no one will touch it.

    I am glad to say I do not live in the U.K. so will fax you my rotten tomatoes.


    Depleted uranium,mustard gas , nerve gas, you name it they threw it at the Iraqi people.

  7. Warning – Rocky just linked to full a page ‘war gore’ image.

  8. Can we get an e-petition started to have Bliar punished in some way for his crimes?

  9. this site has some of the best comments I have ever read

  10. technicolour

    23 Jul, 2012 - 8:56 pm

    The only quite amusing thing about this is that Blair has been put in charge of the ‘Olympic legacy’. And what do we know about the ‘Olympic legacy’, children?

  11. The audacity – the arrogance and utter disregard for even superficial public or human decency is stunning. Well, the beast is better, naked and closer to us geographically. Rip off the emperor’s robe! Expose the bloodied hands of Anthony ‘MacBeth’ Blair. Cast bagels and shoes wherever he goes! Let him be despised and pilloried, Mediaeval-style. Yet though he is its most oilaceous manifestation, he is just that, a manifestation. The problem is the system, the structure. He is nothing, a mere disciple of Thatcher, a shadow, an agent of US military-financial power. History may accord him a footnote.

  12. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Archbishop gave Blair a Glasgow Kiss in full public view? Everyone would immmediately grow a hippy-vicar beard and join the C of E!

  13. I thought Blair was offering his services to save Labour in Scotland and and with it’s rotten carcase The Union.

    The sooner the Union is over the sooner life will improve for the ordinary people of these islands.

  14. Clydebuilt, if Blair crosses the Border, he will advance the cause of Scottish Independence by a magnitude of 6-6-6. I think Nicola Sturgeon actually made that very point last week – though without the Satanic reference. Nonetheless, I could tell from her eyes that she saw it, that she knows that once again a Servant of Hell bestrides these isles.

  15. “God made me do it”. Our religious fundamentalists can lick your religious fundamentalists!

    Too bad about the million or so people who were killed, and the 4-5 million displaced refugees. And the destroyed nation. Oh wait, that was actually the plan all along, wasn’t it?

    I wonder where all the sob sisters and bleeding hearts the BBC is parading every day to lament the violence in Syria were, while our brave lads were doing far worse in Iraq and Afghanistan? As Arthur Silver ( points out, the deaths caused by American forces in Iraq alone amount to more than a 9/11 every day for five years.

  16. Now THAT’s revenge.

  17. Satyam brihad rtam ugram diksha tapo brahma yagnah prthivim dharayanti Sa no bhutasya bhavyasya patni urum lokam prthivi nah krnotu

  18. Is that Sanskrit or similar? Could you please translate, Jay?

  19. I hope the Archbishop can at least work Blair’s War criminality into one of his expositions, ill even say a little prayer to his good god for it, despite its apparent absence.

  20. The weather has been so crap here – my tomatoes are still tiny and green – never mind rotten.
    Rowan is head n shoulders above the crim intellectually, morally and every other lly so there’s no contest.

  21. Who said this: “My priorities are fiscal credibility, immigration, and responsible welfare.”

    Was is Reagan? Thatcher? Blair? Cameron? Sarkozy?

    It was Ed Miliband, in today’s ‘Independent’. The Guardian puffed up his neocon brother last week. Must be BOGOF in the media-Westminster WalMart.

    So we’ve got Ed triangulating Dave who’s channelling Tony who did his best to tenderise some Maggie Rump Steak.

    If I laugh anymore I’l give myself an aneurysm…

  22. Oh please dont do that Mike – a wry smile is all that’s required.

  23. O/T: this from another charlatan called Blair:

    “Last week’s bomb attack was the rebels’ own (successful) Stauffenberg plot. Could Assad still cling on?”

    By managing to smuggle explosives into a meeting of the men at the apex of the security forces, who form the very nerve centre of the regime, the opposition pulled off their own (successful) version of the Stauffenberg plot that narrowly failed to kill Hitler in July 1944.


    Stirring stuff indeed. Perhaps someone will be sufficiently moved by this heroic act of daring-do to make a Hollywood blockbuster about the life and times of this brave jihadist activist and how he helped secure a NATO bombing campaign humanitarian intervention for the people of Syria in order to remove the cruel tyrant who was preventing an Islamist takeover them from organizing peace and democracy on their mobile phones.

    Alas, amid all the crass Hitler analogies and boy’s own crap lies the uncomfortable fact that this was a suicide bombing and the Telegraph (which prefers “bomb attack”) is now openly and quite brazenly revelling in what it has hitherto condemned as despicable acts of terror with no possible justification whatsoever, ever, in all parts of the world (not ruled by an unfriendly dictator). Readers normally unable to contain their blood-lust at the prospect of bombing another Moslem country to smithereens are beginning to notice and are wondering whether a humanitarian war in support of suicide bombers might not be such a good idea in the context of the counter-jihad which many Telegraph readers believe themselves to be engaged in.

  24. Good one, Mike. And all those politicians are so dreadfully obviously insincere in the midst of their soft-focus sincerity. Smash the lenses, people, smash the lenses! Immi-bloody-gration. Yeah, right. The usual easy target. Where the betrayal really lies is in their subservience to the strategic goals of the City of London/Wall St. (and the war machine that is a major aspect of that toxic imbroglio). Here we go again. Punch the bag, traitors, punch the bag. Send ’em all the Tower!
    How many people know that all the research shows that, contrary to the widely disseminated myth, immigration has either no overall effect on wages, or may actually help to raise wages?
    Milliband, another son of immigrants (remember Anthony Howard?) who is trying to be ‘more British than the British’. Ingratiating himself. He is actually brown, has anyone noticed? Edward Milliband is a brown man. The ironies are legion. Like Mike, it is indeed time to succumb to epileptiform mirth. Raise another, barman, to the gastrointestinal systems of British politicians!

  25. Poor, poor Daily Telegraph. Con Coughlin will be upset. The SIS will keep him, and them, on the straight and narrow, though. You can rest assured of that. Now they are praising Jihadists, again, just like in the good old 1980s, eh? Jazakallah Khairan, Old Boy, what-ho, Allahu-Akbar, as they say on the Cam!

  26. a mention of Con Coughlin always makes me think of Postman Patel’s blog post:
    Con Coughlin of the Daily Torygraph is a lying c**t. Official.

  27. Michael Howard, not Anthony Howard – sorry. Anthony Howard was a good journalist. Michael Howard is a Thatcherite so-and-so.

  28. Suhayl – possibly Anthony as well – but even more in yer face – what about Michael Howard – not a son but grandson I believe of refugees from Hitler’s tyranny; what do his antics as Home Secretary under Thatcher say about the I’m all right/ bugger you Jack/pull up the ladder brigade? What is it about these folk? Is it memory loss or just lack of imagination? The concept of “there but for the grace of God …..” doesn’t seem to be within their grasp. I blame the teachers. (silly face insert)

  29. neo-Con Coughlin

    23 Jul, 2012 - 11:31 pm

    According to a senior security source whom I dined with over a bottle of claret earlier in the day, Bashar al-Assad has links to 9/11 and has an army of belly-dancing assassins deployed in London (these are the belly-dancing assassins who previously worked for Saddam, but my source informs me they have now switched allegiance to the Syrian regime in time for the Olympics).

  30. part of comment left at end of stream of horror about resurgence of Blair on CiF fwiw:

    Extraordinary how the moral vacuumers sidle in at the end of these comments. “Come on guys, Blair did not jump on the bandwagon of hate”? He didn’t need to. He was riding, as so many people have pointed out, on the bandwagon of deceit, fear-mongering and power. He brought disgrace and bloodshed to this peaceful country. He involved us all, as horrified voyeurs, in the murderous assaults of Shock and Awe and Fallujah; the tortures of Abu Ghraib; the toxic legacy of depleted uranium; the crippling of an entire country and the displacement of millions. When was the last time you read any news from Iraq? Not only is Blair now visibly insane; his profiteering and corporate whoring are now legendary (the ‘public face of Louis Vuitton’ indeed) Someone claims that he would ‘wipe the floor’ with Cameron. My next-door neighbour (postman, retired) would wipe the floor with Cameron, and not because he is a terrifying example of the extremities of self-deception, self-aggrandisement and nihilism, either. I pity Blair, in a way, but to suggest he should do anything other than retrain as a lavatory attendant does not help him, and it does not help this country or, heaven help us, Iran, which he seems equally keen on attacking. One could and should look at his supine, spineless, culpable supporters in all the main parties too, of course.

  31. The best thing of all may be that Blair come back to lead us, onwards and upwards, towards salvation
    Bring back Blair!
    Let’s use him. Not lose him!
    Sun Tzu

  32. Assad is mad. Just because Blair and Barak could openly deploy chemicals like phosphor on innocent civilians does not mean that tin=pot Russian-backed dictators can do the same.
    He is absolutely mad to think that. Blair can drip around the Westminster No-demonstration-zone like an oversized gem on the bosom of an opera star with his cross-dangling friend.
    That is because he sold his entire soul to Israel.
    Assad is mad if he thinks he can do the same.
    What awaits him now/ what about castration and hanging? Blockbuster dictator movies all have to end on the same satisfying moral theme. The pro-Israel criminals get tea with the bishop outside parliament and the anti-Israel criminals get 1640s limb separation and public display.
    In spite of the sickening Follywood moral endings, I hope Assad is crushed soon, after this display of gross arrogance by him.
    He has shown himself to be his predecessor’s true heir in violence and hubris. I hope he goes soon.

  33. The state within the state desperately needs someone to replace Cameron as he’s a real dickhead especially in dealing with Europe. So they’re launching a massive manipulation. The day before yesterday in an article published by the Mail there were hundreds of comment virtually all showing absolute disgust at any comeback. The comments had Likes and Dislikes with hundreds of subscribers. Today in the Mail there was another article with quite a different selection of comments so totally different that some of the commentators must come from a ‘different source’.
    Another interesting thing I’ve noticed today is ‘the Guardian/ICM poll, if Blair were to return as leader, a prospect he acknowledges is “not likely to happen”, the party’s standing would sink by three points, from the 39% vote share under Ed Miliband, down to just 36%.’
    Three points is nothing and doesn’t reflect the real disgust most of the population feel. Gradually week by week polls will become more positive towards Blair so that when it comes to him getting the most votes as an MP people will ‘accept’ the result. But I’m sure the election will be fixed.

  34. Prisoner #24526262 BLAIR

    24 Jul, 2012 - 2:22 am

    This comment is a personal attack upon Guano. I feel I should delete it really, but who am I to delete anything? What shall I call you, “Prisoner #24526262 BLAIR”? You comment under so many names. I suppose it serves as a method of dodging criticism.
    You have misinterpreted Guano’s comment, and your interpretation of Middle-Eastern conflict is one-sided. I won’t do you the favour of deleting this. I’ll leave it visible; hopefully you’ll become ashamed of it.
    I think you should pick a name and stick to it. Taking responsibility might improve the quality of your comments.]
    What is this ‘display of gross arrogance’ by Assad, you speak of Guano, please enilighten us, we do not have your divine sources, or lickspittle absorption of mainstream media, bogus narratives -no true news today, here’s some lies we made up earlier. He seems to be doing a decent job of defending his country against far more powerful forces: a rogue superpower surpassing the combined efforts of Hitler and Stalin in attributable death toll, and its sad hangers-on, worshippers of the same death cult, from the UK, EU, sundry Arab tyrants and neighbouring tooled-up Judaized Mongolians, posing as Israeli semites, long time occupiers of the choicest Syrian farmland; what’s wrong not got enough stolen land yet, want more still and prepared to launch another slaughter-fest to achieve it however temporarily. Not caused quite enough misery in the world yet?
    And yet shouldn’t we be thanking, praising President Assad, he seemed to be doing a decent job of decimating a universal foe, Al-Quaeda CIA and MI6 Al-Quaeda rent-a-jihad fellow murderers which American might over more than a decade could not lay a glove on; the database of bearded mercenaries left standing might well fit on a single floppy uncompressed.
    I think you speak with forked tongue, why on earth would Assad sell his soul to Israel, it is inconceivable, I think you just liked repeating the wearing old ‘Assad is bad’ meme, but it’s never taken off and it doesn’t make any sense; like most of your posts this one is ambiguous inconsistent and truly batshit. I think the sick dream of a ‘greater israel’ built on rotting Arab flesh and bones, is in your heart and mind and let’s face it there could not be a lesser Israel, it is already the lowest of the low who have been long time occupiers of some of the choicest Syrian farmland, but will they stop with just ‘from the Jordan to the Litani rivers’ or will their newest nuclear subs and weapons threaten our very home islands too.
    Some nice juicy pipelines of oil and gas from the Caspian region could then terminate now in Israel, through the smoking ruins of Syria and Lebanon, bypassing Iran and Russian controlled lands so that there is further Israeli control of most of the remaining economically extractable hydrocarbon fuels in the world, truly with their thumb on all our windpipes and lucrative transit fees to Israel, ramping up our and everyone else’s fuel bills further for this particularly nasty little NBC-armed theocratic apartheid non-state’s chosen people to crow over their cleverness and wickedness but still grasping dependent US aid junkies. All the better to recruit the impoverished economic conscript US underclass.

    It is revealing that the Hasbara crown are allowed to make limited criticism now of Israel itself to burnish their credentials as anything other than the one-eyed monomaniacs they usually manifest as, but it is all safe, never controversial or damning stuff.
    Hubris: overweening arrogance, I think that’s Israel you just characterized, but what goes around comes around mate and nemesis always lurks not far behind.

  35. Great stuff – this blog has become active again! I knew a long trip abroad would do the trick. Worked for the weather back home upon returning, too 😉

  36. Blair needs the services of a taxidermist to be rehabilitated.
    Religion isn’t going to save him from what he deserves.
    The legacy of the Olympics ,like Blairs war will leave one massive hole in the balance sheet.
    He’s a dead man walking with a silly little grin on his face
    People should bring along a few of those hard green tomatoes too.

  37. Suhayl Saadi

    Certain important values with life.

    Truth, vastness, order, power, consecration, discipline, prayer, and offering, uphold the earth may she, the quenn of what has been and what will be, may the earth grant us a wide space.

    AV X11.1

  38. A short conversation between the war criminal and one of the proselytizers for war, Ms Amanpour. Note his frequent use of ‘You know’.

  39. As I recall, Blair’s spokeman said “We don’t do God”. Former Anglican Archbishop George Carey has written a book by that title about Blair’s contribution.

    And now he wants to discuss the role of religion in society? Let him repent of his own promotion of godlessness.

  40. PS. I meant “contribution” to the situation, not the solution.

  41. Herbie:
    Bring back Blair!
    Let’s use him. Not lose him!
    Sun Tzu

    Nah, sorry. I prefer conventional toilet paper.
    Anticipating such an event, I have been encouraging the decay of a roadkill fox for some weeks , but sadly I cannot attend in person. Free to anyone who wants to use it.

  42. Abe Rene: do try to keep up. Blair is a spiritual beacon, and the Pope secured an interview with the great man not long ago.
    And he is ecumenical. A figure second only to Jesus (well, modesty forbids, you know…) he aspires to unite the world in love and charity and unregulated banking….
    Make your cheques out to Firerush#3 Investment Advisors PO Box 84, poste restante, Lithuania. Big smile, thank you.

  43. Off topic but another hypocrite here
    Naming and Shaming the “Morally Repugnant” David Gauke
    Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke writing in The Times this morning says that they are going to name and shame tax dodgers. He also gives examples of what is fair and what is not:
    Legitimate use of reliefs, for example taking out a tax-free ISA, is not tax avoidance. Buying a house for personal use through a company to avoid stamp duty, on the other hand, clearly is. Morally repugnant practices such as this are where the Government is cracking down.
    David Gauke MP claimed £10,248.32 expenses back from taxpayers to avoid paying the stamp duty and fees involved in the purchase of his home in London. Not only is that in his own words “morally repugnant”, it is beyond hypocritical to lecture others against doing what he himself did. It is shameless.
    David Gauke’s Wife is Tax Avoidance Lawyer
    This morning Guido named and shamed Treasury minister David Gauke – in his own words – as “morally repugnant” to be criticising others for their tax arrangements, but it doesn’t stop there. It turn’s out that Gauke’s wife Rachel is a professional support lawyer for Lexis Nexis, a company which boasts of its ability to “support every tax practitioner on the front line as they deal with the tax collector“. According to her personal profile Rachel “specialises in corporate tax law…and has advised on corporate restructurings, M&A, investment funds and finance“. Sounds like it an awkward weekend in the Gauke household.

    On Guido Fawkes yesterday.
    Gauke is also a Conservative Friend of Israel and he has visited Israel under the auspices of the Israeli government. They Work For You Register of Interests.

    There’s one thing the great creative philanthropist might give us groundlings. A f***ing break.

  45. Uzbek in the UK

    24 Jul, 2012 - 9:57 am

    Well, Mr Murray I think you are wrong.
    In fact War Criminals are given larger and more influential platforms then those who really deserved to be heard.
    Mind you guys like Kissinger or Bzhezinsky give dozens of speeches per year to the audience of influential politicians or in business circles. Blair is just ONE of them and by far not the ONLY one. If W Bush was little smarter than he is, he too would have been popular with speeches, but his pigeon size brain does not allow him to shine in similar manner.
    I am not sure if Blair believes in God but for sure he believes in money. Have you got money and he will serve you, be you even president of Kazakhstan or hedge fund executive.

  46. “In fact War Criminals are given larger and more influential platforms then those who really deserved to be heard.”

  47. The letter to the UN in 2010 from these near 8,000 petitioners was not even acknowledged.
    Blair Foundation

    It is necessary to make leaders hesitate before indulging in “the paramount war crime” to quote the judges of Nuremberg, of “unprovoked aggression against a defenceless country”. Unless leaders fear that they might be tried for their war crimes, we will live in an increasingly violent world, where The Geneva Conventions are treated as a joke, the UN is of no account, and death, destruction, torture, and repressive policing are commonplace. At the moment such leaders enjoy more and more trappings of power, and retire with vast sums of money, houses, medals and lucrative contracts. A group of UK Citizens have therefore set up an organisation, “The Blair War Crimes Foundation”, to initially bring one such leader to justice as an example.
    Contributions to cover advertising and postal costs are welcome at BWC Foundation Fund
    PO Box ……
    Any surplus will paid to Basra Childrens’ Leukaemia Hospital.
    Secretaries of Foundation: David Halpin MB, FRCS, Nicholas Wood MA, RIBA, FRGS at above address.
    Founded January 2009

    Petition on line at {}

  48. The Komodo Charitable Foundation and Invisible Offshore Cash Stash will courier a pallet of sick bags to your door ABSOLUTELY FREE if you are unwise enough to read this:
    As Wuffo the Wonder Dog, Barking, remarks….
    There’s still time for Euan and his brother Nicky to join up and go and fight in their father’s war in Afghanistan. They could drive around in one of the Snatch Land Rovers that their father said was safe enough for other mothers’ sons and daughters to ride in.

  49. Another media blackout, Blairs peace prize in Tel Aviv.

  50. It is not so much that Blair believes in God, it is what God can do for Blair.

    Vatican mafia exposed. JPMorgan complicit in money laundering.Blair and JPMorgan work together. I believe sooner rather than later it will also be exposed that the Vatican pay for terrorism.

    Take a look at the images of Blair on this blog, he, Bush and Murdoch are all Papal Knights of Malta answerable ONLY to the Pope.

    The Pope has hired a PR man ex FOX reporter, you’ve guessed it a very loyal Murdoch man. Why would God need a spin doctor ?

  51. Mary,

    I have written to Professor Linda Woodhead at Lancaster Uni. the organiser of the Blair discussion. Interestingly her book ‘God and Human Dignity’ explores the theme that all humans have the potential to become God, free of suffering and death.
    You can contact her at l.woodhead [you know what goes here]
    I will write to David Halpin MB, FRCS expressing my sincere gratitude for his kind decision to support the Basra Childrens’ Leukaemia Hospital.
    [Mod/Clark – e-mail address obfuscated to defeat spamming software]

  52. I attended the last anti-Blair demo at Arsenal’s stadium in London recently. In attendance were two CND people, two people from the Stop The War Coalition, myself and 25 others. I counted them. That’s a grand total of 30 people.

    Where were the remaining 1.5 million who, in 2003, demonstrated against the Iraq war, I asked myself?

  53. As soon as the spotlight is turned onto the rich and their tax avoidance of trillions the mainstream media turn it all around the next day and divert the anger to working class people and cash in hand payments.

  54. Uzbek in the UK

    24 Jul, 2012 - 12:15 pm

    Now all pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Religion is yet again complicit in the worst inhumane actions made on its behalf.
    And I am left to wonder what is the role of Vatican (as an institution) in 21st century. Surely not to stand up in defence of moral principles of humanity (or at least Catholic part of it).

  55. Uzbek in the UK

    24 Jul, 2012 - 12:51 pm

  56. Rose, yes, it’s an intriguing phenomenon – in this regard, think also of Sarkozy. And there are plenty of lickspittles (in Urdu parlance, they are known as ‘chamchas’ – ‘spoons’ – who behave in like manner, pulling up ladders (because they see themselves now as snakes), aligning with the centres of power, vociferating against the aspects of themsleves which secretly they despise, trying to separate themselves from their past itinerant and subaltern status. They are not unlike the nouveau riche – Thatcherite Conservatism – think of Norman Tebbit – with respect to ethnicty instead of/in addition to social class.
    Jay, thanks very much for the translation. Powerful maxim.
    Technicolour – yes, indeed. Rock on!

  57. Prisoner #24526262 BLAIR

    24 Jul, 2012 - 2:25 pm

    Feel free to delete the above comment, I am not at all embarassed by it; as you will be aware, I do supply my genuine e-mail address to all commments and do take responsibility for them whether using the same displayed name consistently, I do not do personality cults.

    I do not regard the above comment as an attack on Guano, I was asking him/her to clarify what they see as Assad’s ‘gross arrogance’ and why he thinks contrary to all evidence, that Assad ‘would sell his soul to Israel’? I would have welcomed some to and fro with Guano to try grasp their honest position and the meaning of a quite difficult and confusing post. Though under the guise of outpsoken frankness and firm terms, mildly radical, he is still nevertheless calling for the ousting of Assad, which is the outcome US/UK/Israel/Arab rogue governments fervently hope for. We can read/hear ‘Assad must go’ nonsense day in and day out on our televisions and in our newspapers ad nauseam, I did think the better posts here were from those who did not simply regurgitate mainstream ‘news’ and editiorial policy, we do not come here to see ‘It was the Sun wot won it’ and isn’t Blair/Cameron/Clegg wonderful.
    Something I’ve liked about this blog as well Craig’s powerful and heartfelt posts, had been the fairly light or nil moderation and the willingness to entertain points of view, stronger street anglo-saxon language and interpretations of events which go beyond that which mainstream media are ever likely to do. So rather than picking a ‘name’ and becoming a forum ‘character’ I’ll instead be silenced by your exceptional singling out and modification of/undermining of my comment and return to read only mode on this site. Off in a huff.

  58. Obama has left behind his touchy feely huggy mode displayed in Aurora/Denver. Today he’s in full war mongering mode to an audience of ‘veterans’ in Nevada, ie killers.
    Obama warns Assad over chemical weapons as U.S. shifts focus to aiding opposition
    Tuesday, 24 July 2012
    Q Has Assad said anything using about chemical weapons?

  59. Well, it seems to have started as a rumour by the free Syrian army/rebels/freedom fighters/ CIA stooges/, after chemical weapons were moved month ago, Mary, it was then picked up by the media and a question was put at a press conference presumably which was then answered by a ‘spokesperson’.

    I find it appalling that these hypocrites who saw nothing wrong in spewing white phosphorous on Fallujah and Ghaza children, can get away with their words. Obama is a cold calculated electioneering machine and his drip drip of wordy war jousting is supposedly carry on until he’s re-elected. The war will start the next day, any war.
    Maybe his mate Bibi will start it early then he can call the election off, ‘sorry folks, there’s a war to be won’.

    As for Bliar, he should be tarred feathered and fenestrated, left in a room, alone, with young of up and coming career politicians and an open window, a Machiavellian fitting end. I do not really want to waste any money on his court appearance and the money raised from the spectacle, could be sent to COIA.

  60. Fortunately for Blair he and God have a nice little cash in hand arrangement.

  61. The vomit inducing Mail story to which Komodo linked @11.28 today includes this priceless sentence-

    ‘A family friend said: ‘Euan has been thinking about a career in politics for some time. Cherie is particularly pleased. She likes the idea of a Kennedy-style Blair dynasty.”

    JFK at least confronted the PTB in the US, sacking Allen Dulles from the CIA (and, according to some, thereby sealing his fate). Blair on the other hand…

  62. “The Martin Luther King that Obama doesnt want you to remember”
    …. we pour every new weapon of death into their land? Surely we must understand their feelings even if we do not condone their actions. Surely we must see that the men we supported pressed them to their violence. Surely we must see that our own computerized plans of destruction simply dwarf their greatest acts ….

  63. Clark,
    I am glad you did not delete the comment, and instead chose to pin your own qualification thereon.
    However, not having the access you enjoy, I don’t know who else convict Blair has been posing as, but so far as his “attacks” go, I found only a light derision of Guano’s view point and not any insults at him personally.
    Fact that Guano is a puzzling sort of chap, that at times is more Muslim than the next Muslim along (sort of the Algerian lets fight it out and the last guy standing is the best Muslim) figuratively speaking that at times perhaps puts too much of the blame on the minority Muslims in the west or the majority Muslims in the east, expecting all of the Muslims to be enlightened and to have transcended to levels of saintly statures.
    Alas Muslims are human beings too, with warts and all, hence singling them individually or in a particular affiliate group sounds the tactics of the Quilliam lot, effectively prejudiced view point but this time reiterated from more acceptable sources through proximities of colour and creed, sort of it is OK for a black man to call another black man a N***r, but not a white man! (although it reinforces the same prejudiced view)
    Assad may be many things, but one thing Assad is not, he is not the zionist’s lackey, in fact already there are talks of attacks on Syria to “neutralize” the threats of chemical weapons coming form the shitty strip of land, and its sponsor the US. However, funny as it may seem Guano so far has not once singled out Sheikh Mustafa Ali Idris with his three private jets, an Airbus 319 CJ, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, and that is whilst sixty percent of the Saudi families are living in poverty, and Saudi regime is killing these for protesting and has kidnapped their lead cleric and he is currently getting tortured in a Saudi prison.
    Finally the conflicting views of Guano on all things Muslim is a confusing affair, and perhaps convict Blair could try to help to clarify the points regards Assad and his crimes that Guano seems to know more about.
    Although, of late watching the telly on Syria, I can hear the snarl of the anti aircraft guns that have been mounted on the backs of the civilian trucks and are spitting explosives shells like it is going out of fashion. These constructs are similar to those used by Taliban (yes those Taliban), and in Libya, and also for years have been used in African conflicts, sort of a blunderbuss provided for the use by ill trained and gongho armatures, out on a jolly fighting along the mercenaries dispatched from the four corners of the planet to fight the Syrians, which means create mayhem and kill as many civilians in bid to make the government look weak and ineffective!

  64. For gods sakes why are we still discussing blair ,cameron and all the others? Where are the worthwhile lawyers and pllice officers to just go out and arrest these criminals?

  65. For Blair’s relationship with the CIA, read Robert Harris’s roman a clef The Ghost.

  66. A very skimpy report on Bliar doing God tonight. War criminal and madman.
    Tony Blair says Christians should “speak up and speak out”
    Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, says it is important the views of Christians are heard and speaks openly about his belief in “salvation through Jesus Christ”.
    Is there an undercurrent of anti-Muslim rhetoric in his Christian evangelism? Has he got the rapture?

  67. Daniel, where was the publicity?

  68. Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq was extremely tolerant of Christians. After the American invasion toppled his rule, Iraqi Christians were so threatened that about half of them left the country, mostly to the neighboring state of Syria, under a Baathist government equally tolerant of Christians.

    Most Syrian Christians support Assad’s government, because they feel threatened by the prospect of an Islamist government, and because they know what happened to the Christians of Iraq.

    Why do these facts not matter to Blair?

  69. Prisoner #24526262 BLAIR
    as I have pointed out before, by posting under multiple names you place me, and other admins/moderators, in a conflict of interest. Who should I serve? Should I keep your “little secret” from all the other contributors, or should I add some tag to every one of your posts so that they can make a judgement about your overall opinions, as I can?
    Craig runs a very open comments policy here; unusually for a political blog, no registration is required. The vast majority of contributors do not abuse that policy. You seem to regard yourself as a special case.
    If someone occasionally deviates from a chosen screen name, I do not object or interfere. I can understand that occasionally someone may wish to keep a comment separate from their other input; it might be something particularly sensitive, or maybe they’re in two minds about something. But to comment under a different name almost every time is unduly secretive and prevents other contributors from making a judgement about you, while, of course, you still get to judge them. It prevents them pointing out inconsistencies and contradictions in your position. It introduces a fundamental inequality that favours you. It can thus lead to escalation. It is selfish and inconsiderate.
    I tolerated this for a long time, but you then assumed the right to attack a contributor who does provide an identity from behind your cover. That is cowardly. Far from, as you put it, “not doing a cult of personality”, you are awarding yourself a special privilege.

    Have I posted enough reasons for you to see the sense of this yet? Or is your real motivation to degrade the environment at this blog and force the introduction of registration, thus limiting everyone’s freedom of expression?

  70. Now, regarding Guano’s comment. Guano is saying that Blair, not Assad, “sold his sold to Israel”. Guano, correct me if I’m wrong. Guano is calling Blair rather than Assad a Zionist.
    Prisoner #24526262 BLAIR, the following also really pissed me off. You failed to comprehend Guano’s comment, and then launched into these vitriolic insults on the basis of your miscomprehension:

    “Guano, please enilighten us, we do not have your divine sources, or lickspittle absorption of mainstream media, bogus narratives… I think you speak with forked tongue… like most of your posts this one is ambiguous inconsistent and truly batshit. I think the sick dream of a ‘greater israel’ built on rotting Arab flesh and bones, is in your heart and mind”

    All because you failed to understand. And you did it with such self-confidence (probably bolstered by your shield of anonymity) that you tricked Passerby into interpreting Guano’s comment the same way.
    Now, you can “retire in a huff” if you wish. I think that would be a shame; I can see that most of your comments are worthwhile, though you’ve denied other readers from being able to make that judgement.
    My suggestion is that you take a short break, and then return with a consistent screen-name. Once you have a personality to protect (like everyone else), you may take a little more care before you click the “Submit Comment” button.
    You will also make a better impression with me if you stop wasting my time in this manner. The reason my explanation is so delayed is because I have been at the demonstration against (the non-imprisoned) Tony Blair today.

  71. Well done Clark for going down. Were many there? Can you tell us anything more than the short Telegraph report did which I linked to earlier?

  72. John,

    Yesterday, I attended the anti-Blair demo at Westminster. 52 people this time, but the weather was nice.

  73. Is there an undercurrent of anti-Muslim rhetoric in his Christian evangelism? Has he got the rapture?
    No, it’s just a straight contest for craziest between Blair and a box of frogs. He’s honestly, and without any intention to malign the man (on this sole occasion) gone mad. He is not responsible for his utterances, he inhabits an alternative, private space-time continuum, and he would be an unremarkable inhabitant of Bedlam in Victorian times. All that he lacks is the Napoleon hat.
    He needs his friends to disabuse him, violently if necessary, of his delusion that he is in any sense a nice guy. This would remove the essential contradiction between his actions and his self-image, and he might then become a useful member of society. Stacking shelves, perhaps.

  74. @Komodo : “do try to keep up..”
    I was aware of the “faith foundation”, but I’m wary of such movements that appear idealist on the surface, but disregard differences in world views. Especially when someone like TB has founded them. I wonder what other readers make of this “faith foundation”.

  75. Blair is mad. Assad is mad. Saddam Hussien, Gadaffi, assorted prominent Israelis, George Bush; all stark raving bonkers. I observed Margaret Thatcher become increasingly crazy through the course of her stint in power. The pressures upon Craig triggered a bout of mental illness in him, which he recovered from by being very honest and open about it, ie, he faced it, and instead of adapting his personality to those pressures, he got out.
    What makes a dictator? Why is, say, Assad regarded as a dictator, whereas Blair, who ignored the will of his electorate and the biggest global demonstrations ever seen, is not regarded so? Could it be merely the reach of their power? Blair’s madness was “safely” expressed thousands of miles from his seat of power, whereas these lesser dictators can only express such power in their own back yards, visibly decimating their own subjects.
    (By “safely” I mean safe for the dictator, not for the worst-affected victims.)
    We’ve all heard that “power corrupts”, but what does it corrupt? We generally take this phrase to mean that power leads to financial corruption of the powerful individual. I agree, but I argue that it goes further than that. It corrupts their intellect, their emotional sense and their honesty, ie. it destroys their mental health.
    The psychologist M Scott Pack famously stated that “Mental health is the ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs”, ie the basis of good mental health is honesty with one’s self. Power insulates the powerful from the results of their actions, and so, of course, the police were present yesterday to protect Blair from the protesters; we never so much as saw him, nor him, us.
    My theory, if true, bodes very badly for Britain under Cameron, because there is very little in him to corrupt in the first place. “Spiv” sums him up rather well. Who but a spiv could have chosen a criminal like Coulson to project a good image on his behalf? Half-person Cameron could prove quite resilient; thank God he doesn’t have a proper majority, but Clegg the Compliant helps to make up for it.

  76. Blair is a psychopath. Only charges and a trial will stop him. His cell should be fitted with speakers from which he would hear the screams and crying of children injured in his wars having their dressings changed.
    Mr Nineham is right here.
    Chants of ‘war criminal’ chase Blair to Westminster
    Tuesday 24 July 2012 by John Millington in Westminster

  77. If he is a psychopath, Mary, and certified as such before any future trial, he’ll get off….. what a prospect.

  78. Mary,

    That’s all well and good, but there is as much chance of Blair being arrested as I have of winning the 100 metres sprint at the olympics.

  79. More flying practise during the last three days, here in the land of the new stealth fighter lightning 2, a snip at 207 million each, how else could we spent our money…..

  80. @Daniel – your above comment is nonsense and absurd. There is every chance of him and all the others getting arrested. It is not a matter of if but when. Remember these are not subjective matters – all of these guilty persons are straightforward criminals who have broken many many laws. That is all that matters.

  81. The political problems we see are structural. Yes, Blair can probably be classified as a psychopath, but I’ve never been keen on the classification approach to psychiatry, because it ignores and fails to describe the most important classification of all, the objective for which we should all consciously strive, namely “mentally healthy”, which is not a state but an ongoing process of maintenance. There are plenty of people like Blair; they just don’t reveal their psychopathy because they never come into possession of suitable weapons, or they have enough sense to know they’ll be punished. However you can see the psychopathic tendency in the way a sizeable minority of people drive their vehicles so as to intimidate or even terrorise less powerful road users.
    There are plenty like Blair, but what seems particularly worrying is that party structures are changing so as to more consistently select such examples, and advance them as leaders. This makes perfect sense if we regard political parties as entities in themselves with objectives of their own, quite independent and indifferent to the objectives of their members. They select and then advance a suitable person, place them in control for a few years until they’re unelectably crazy, and then excrete them into the lush corporate pasture of post-power reward.
    This model also explains how parties like Conservative and Labour, traditional enemies with such different roots and voter-bases, come to converge in policy until you can barely tell them apart. The political environment favours a particular type of organism, so diverse organisms evolve in that direction.

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  82. The political environment favours a particular type of organism, so diverse organisms evolve in that direction.
    …while simultaneously modifying their (or “the”, actually) environment to further favour their political genes. That’s the sinister bit.

  83. Clark, a brace of brilliant posts, if I may say.
    Wrt this process of corruption of the soul, we could do worse than again to watch a good performance of ‘MacBeth’.
    It is indeed the system, of which people like Blair are both manifestation lubricator.
    Beware God in politics.
    On a different matter, how people know, I wonder, that President Ahmedinejad of Iran was likely to have been born, Jewish?

  84. @Suhayl: I didn’t know. That’s an eye-opener. But there’s former American Jew Joseph Cohen, who converted to Islam after correspondejmnce with a Muslim in the UAE. He is now Youssef al-Khattab – google him and you’ll find out just how mad he is.

  85. We,ve been getting low-flying helicopters after dark over the village, Nevermind. Perhaps they think it’s Stratford; you can’t get the navigators these days. What have you been getting?

  86. I know, Abe, it’s the typical dynamic, isn’t it? Well no, I mean most converts (to and from anything) are not like that, but a significant minority are. I’ll check out the nutter you mention, thanks. I do resent that small minority of comverts who tend to lecture one on this or that. For example, on a social media network, I (and others) got harangued very rudely by an Irish pharmacist living in New York City, a convert to Islam whose profile picture was of (her, presumably) in a niqab-with-face-flap/veil. And she’s calling me a “kaffir”! It’s like, “Oh for goodness sake, go buy a bagel, you very silly person.”

  87. About the protest:
    I’d like to have got in to Methodist Central Hall for the debate. I knew there was little hope, but I walked up to the door at about 4PM and asked the two blue-uniformed doormen what the admissions policy was.
    “None” replied one immediately.
    “None?” I replied incredulously. The other replied,
    “All booked in advance, so if you haven’t a ticket you can’t get in”.
    “How would I have got a ticket if I’d known?” I asked.
    So I went and joined the demonstration. Demonstrators had to stand behind removable barriers on the other side of the road, with three police officers facing them with blank faces. Several more police formed a small knot that kept more distant. Demonstrators were not stopped if they strayed from the allotted area, but anyone holding a placard or calling out anything demonstration-like were told to get behind the barrier. Daniel said there were 52. I thought it may have briefly peaked at about a hundred, but it was hard to say exactly who was demonstrating, people came and went.
    A reporter walked among us, asking people questions and making shorthand notes. A team of two handled a broadcast camera on a tripod. Enquiring of them, they told me they were from Danish TV. Lots of passing people took photos of the demonstration.
    The demo was typical Stop The War Coalition, with the usual placards, and a woman with a sky-pointing megaphone, exhorting the familiar chants including:
    “Tony Blair, War Criminal”
    “Tony Blair, Terrorist!”
    “Blair Lied, Thousands Died”
    Notable were two older people standing motionless and in silence; the man prominently holding up a bible and a crucifix, one in each hand.
    A queue formed waiting to get in, and a senior StopWar woman started heckling them with shouts of “Christians, Shame On You!”. I pointed out to her that if I’d known to get tickets, I’d have been in that queue myself. She also heckled the police. I questioned this too, the officers present weren’t being the least bit provocative, and I said that if big protests ever kicked off, we’d much rather the police were on our side. The said that this had in fact happened during Spanish protests, and kept to joining in the chants thereafter. After the protest was officially over, I tried to speak to her about declining support for the Stop The War Coalition, but she wasn’t interested in conversing with me. I helped her load placards into a taxi.
    After the queue had cleared a protester arrived from “behind the building” and told us that a group of protesters had been ordered away from the back door by police and then Blair had been smuggled in. Within a minute a police helicopter arrived. It circled for a while and then left.
    At 5:30 PM the StopWar people dismantled the megaphone and started collecting in the placards. I asked why, and was told that the demonstration had to be booked in advance with the police, and 5:30 was the appointed ending time. Most people just left, but the police made no effort to move people on. I got chatting to two officers, who seemed more inclined to chat than most of the protesters had been, especially the organisers. We spoke about arrangements for the Olympics; they were particularly critical of G4S who they seemed to regard as a gross liability. “Don’t get me started on G4S, you’ll never get home!”
    The chant leader’s stated objective of making sure that Blair could hear us is, I believe, worthwhile. Demonstrations like this serve to put off those groups who would continue to exploit this madman’s charisma, and may even help to activate some semblance of conscience in Blair himself, so long as they are repeated often enough for long enough.
    The protest consisted of people of diverse ages and dress, but I saw three non-Whites at most. There were no families, children or dogs, whereas there were many on the February 2003 procession. I remember one demo I attended some years back where one of the chant leaders with a megaphone was taunting police with “British Police, Fascist Police” endlessly repeated. On that occasion, I thought of asking him to stop, but I had my dog with me and I wanted to avoid all trouble. I seriously question stirring up trouble like this. Families will not want to attend with children, and other people will avoid demonstrating altogether if protest groups are deliberately inciting trouble with the police.

  88. Excellent posts Clark, a jewel of a find Suhayl, who would have thought, a shawl makers family. Who knows, his family might have had connection with Norwich’s shawl empire.
    In the 1970’s its was either an imported ‘shal’ from Kashmir, an English shawl from Norwich, or a Paisley designed shawl.

  89. Komodo: The sky here was full of military hardware yesterday. Thought it was rehearsals for the annual military recruitment airshow, but apparently we don’t have one this year. (They must be all going to the Olympics (TM) instead.)

  90. Retry:
    Komodo: The sky here was full of military hardware yesterday. Thought it was rehearsals for the annual military recruitment airshow, but apparently we don’t have one this year. (They must be all going to the Olympics (TM) instead.)
    Edit note: Yikes – still getting the hand of Komodo’s fancy strikeout text!

  91. Komodo its high level loops and routine flights, didn’t take a look at the types.
    I can hear the altitude from the level of noise, some were faint and quiet high, i.e. laser guided bombing raid, others lower and loopy as in attack on ground targets.

    My cold war aircraft spotting menu is not up to date with today’s death birds, I used to identify over 120 different one’s in seconds and report it to the MK20 some 3 miles behind me, that was the 1970’s and the B52’s were just new, closely followed by the dead Kennedies in 1978… lots of weekends in Juarez with mates, weekends on tequila and beer. Now its the murder capital of the world.

  92. Ok, Nevermind, here’s one you might have a clue about: 4-engine turboprop with swept (or swept leading edge) wings. Looked rather like a Tu-95 Bear but I think the fuselage was wider, and I may have imagined rear loading doors. Marine grey. Overhead yesterday around 1800 local, heading in general direction of Marham – prob around 10,000 feet. If it was Russian I’m very surprised it was not seen off the premises long before getting inland. Maybe part of Glenn’s impromptu display?
    The helo flights are probably practice troop insertions – I’ve seen similar goings-on oop norf.

  93. Ah. Airbus A400 is close.

  94. good try, my first guess was Hercules C 13o, your call, you’ve seen it 😉

  95. Just re read my gobbledigook, its off course 1870, not 1970, when Norwich shawl making was at its height.

  96. ‘Nevermind’ – that’s fascinating – thanks, excellent link. I hadn’t realised Norwich was a centre of the textile industry; I knew all about the Paisley textile industry because I grew up there.
    Speculation is always intriguing, isn’t it. So, if, let’s say, in this claimed narrative, Ahmedinejad’s parents hadn’t decided to become Muslim during the 1950s, he might well have ended up an Israeli citizen. I think that that sort of juxtaposition is as powerful an argument as any against there being any kind of war b/w Israel and Iran, that war is utter stupidity. Not that this argument will do any good, of course.
    I note too that an Iranian Israeli ‘Guardian’ blogger disputed the claim – see link, below. I know nothing about most of this, but I do know that the ending ‘-jian’ is very, very common among Persian-speaking peoples and does not indicate specific origins. Oh well, there you go. Interesting that both Ahmedinejad’s family and Israeli experts were keen to counter the claim. Well, at least that got them agreeing on something!

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