No Platform for War Criminals 106

Blair’s latest attempt at rehabilitation is a discussion tomorrow at Westminster Central Hall with the Archbishop of Canterbury on the place of religion in society. A vexed question, but given that Blair believes God OK’d the invasion of Iraq and the resulting million deaths, not one that can usefully be discussed by this charlatan.

You can protest at Westminster Central Hall from 4pm tomorrow. Should be a lovely day for it. Bring own rotten tomatoes.

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106 thoughts on “No Platform for War Criminals

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  • Alice Kilroy

    I am sure we will not see Tony Blair he will be whisked in via the Drains where he belongs.

  • Fedup

    That slime ball has been brought back to recycle the Olympic legacy, ie to see that these assets are correctly disposed of and in the correct circles. The slime ball has a history of this kind of transaction, in return he gets to enjoy the lime light and pretend he is still relevant so that the extortionate speaking fees that he demands are justified.
    The war criminal ought to be in gitmo getting water boarded as to find who paid him and how much and what services for? (seeing as it is a secret!)

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I think we should drown Blair (and Coe, and Johnson, and Cameron) in an ocean of bagels. Get baking! I call for the liberation of the bagels and the imprisonment of Blair! Let ’em roll, people, let ’em roll!

    How about an ‘Occupy Olympics’ movement? They want branding? Let’s brand ’em the thieves and murderers they are!

    Occupy Olympics: London 2012.
    The extra circle is for the great universal Om.

  • larry levin

    Can we get an e-petition started to have Bliar punished in some way for his crimes?

  • technicolour

    The only quite amusing thing about this is that Blair has been put in charge of the ‘Olympic legacy’. And what do we know about the ‘Olympic legacy’, children?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The audacity – the arrogance and utter disregard for even superficial public or human decency is stunning. Well, the beast is better, naked and closer to us geographically. Rip off the emperor’s robe! Expose the bloodied hands of Anthony ‘MacBeth’ Blair. Cast bagels and shoes wherever he goes! Let him be despised and pilloried, Mediaeval-style. Yet though he is its most oilaceous manifestation, he is just that, a manifestation. The problem is the system, the structure. He is nothing, a mere disciple of Thatcher, a shadow, an agent of US military-financial power. History may accord him a footnote.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Archbishop gave Blair a Glasgow Kiss in full public view? Everyone would immmediately grow a hippy-vicar beard and join the C of E!

  • Clydebult

    I thought Blair was offering his services to save Labour in Scotland and and with it’s rotten carcase The Union.

    The sooner the Union is over the sooner life will improve for the ordinary people of these islands.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Clydebuilt, if Blair crosses the Border, he will advance the cause of Scottish Independence by a magnitude of 6-6-6. I think Nicola Sturgeon actually made that very point last week – though without the Satanic reference. Nonetheless, I could tell from her eyes that she saw it, that she knows that once again a Servant of Hell bestrides these isles.

  • Tom Welsh

    “God made me do it”. Our religious fundamentalists can lick your religious fundamentalists!

    Too bad about the million or so people who were killed, and the 4-5 million displaced refugees. And the destroyed nation. Oh wait, that was actually the plan all along, wasn’t it?

    I wonder where all the sob sisters and bleeding hearts the BBC is parading every day to lament the violence in Syria were, while our brave lads were doing far worse in Iraq and Afghanistan? As Arthur Silver ( points out, the deaths caused by American forces in Iraq alone amount to more than a 9/11 every day for five years.

  • Jay

    Satyam brihad rtam ugram diksha tapo brahma yagnah prthivim dharayanti Sa no bhutasya bhavyasya patni urum lokam prthivi nah krnotu

  • crab

    I hope the Archbishop can at least work Blair’s War criminality into one of his expositions, ill even say a little prayer to his good god for it, despite its apparent absence.

  • Rose

    The weather has been so crap here – my tomatoes are still tiny and green – never mind rotten.
    Rowan is head n shoulders above the crim intellectually, morally and every other lly so there’s no contest.

  • mike

    Who said this: “My priorities are fiscal credibility, immigration, and responsible welfare.”

    Was is Reagan? Thatcher? Blair? Cameron? Sarkozy?

    It was Ed Miliband, in today’s ‘Independent’. The Guardian puffed up his neocon brother last week. Must be BOGOF in the media-Westminster WalMart.

    So we’ve got Ed triangulating Dave who’s channelling Tony who did his best to tenderise some Maggie Rump Steak.

    If I laugh anymore I’l give myself an aneurysm…

  • Giles

    O/T: this from another charlatan called Blair:

    “Last week’s bomb attack was the rebels’ own (successful) Stauffenberg plot. Could Assad still cling on?”

    By managing to smuggle explosives into a meeting of the men at the apex of the security forces, who form the very nerve centre of the regime, the opposition pulled off their own (successful) version of the Stauffenberg plot that narrowly failed to kill Hitler in July 1944.


    Stirring stuff indeed. Perhaps someone will be sufficiently moved by this heroic act of daring-do to make a Hollywood blockbuster about the life and times of this brave jihadist activist and how he helped secure a NATO bombing campaign humanitarian intervention for the people of Syria in order to remove the cruel tyrant who was preventing an Islamist takeover them from organizing peace and democracy on their mobile phones.

    Alas, amid all the crass Hitler analogies and boy’s own crap lies the uncomfortable fact that this was a suicide bombing and the Telegraph (which prefers “bomb attack”) is now openly and quite brazenly revelling in what it has hitherto condemned as despicable acts of terror with no possible justification whatsoever, ever, in all parts of the world (not ruled by an unfriendly dictator). Readers normally unable to contain their blood-lust at the prospect of bombing another Moslem country to smithereens are beginning to notice and are wondering whether a humanitarian war in support of suicide bombers might not be such a good idea in the context of the counter-jihad which many Telegraph readers believe themselves to be engaged in.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Good one, Mike. And all those politicians are so dreadfully obviously insincere in the midst of their soft-focus sincerity. Smash the lenses, people, smash the lenses! Immi-bloody-gration. Yeah, right. The usual easy target. Where the betrayal really lies is in their subservience to the strategic goals of the City of London/Wall St. (and the war machine that is a major aspect of that toxic imbroglio). Here we go again. Punch the bag, traitors, punch the bag. Send ’em all the Tower!
    How many people know that all the research shows that, contrary to the widely disseminated myth, immigration has either no overall effect on wages, or may actually help to raise wages?
    Milliband, another son of immigrants (remember Anthony Howard?) who is trying to be ‘more British than the British’. Ingratiating himself. He is actually brown, has anyone noticed? Edward Milliband is a brown man. The ironies are legion. Like Mike, it is indeed time to succumb to epileptiform mirth. Raise another, barman, to the gastrointestinal systems of British politicians!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Poor, poor Daily Telegraph. Con Coughlin will be upset. The SIS will keep him, and them, on the straight and narrow, though. You can rest assured of that. Now they are praising Jihadists, again, just like in the good old 1980s, eh? Jazakallah Khairan, Old Boy, what-ho, Allahu-Akbar, as they say on the Cam!

  • Rose

    Suhayl – possibly Anthony as well – but even more in yer face – what about Michael Howard – not a son but grandson I believe of refugees from Hitler’s tyranny; what do his antics as Home Secretary under Thatcher say about the I’m all right/ bugger you Jack/pull up the ladder brigade? What is it about these folk? Is it memory loss or just lack of imagination? The concept of “there but for the grace of God …..” doesn’t seem to be within their grasp. I blame the teachers. (silly face insert)

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