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Good questions. I came to some of the same conclusions from my own correspondence. Political credibility is at an all time low while calling for an investigation into the election would be difficult for Labour at the best of times. It will be difficult for Labour in particular though, even as all parties will suffer the fallout of a sham election Labour are starting from way behind, not least the extreme imbalance in media which also magnifies any damage from internal saboteurs. I suspect any attempt to get an investigation going from within the Labour party will be hard to achieve but if they’re serious about the threat to our islands and to our climate, one would think they really have no choice. I would have thought it’ll be impossible to get a speedy or remotely real investigation going without external pressure, which will require evidence.

Do you happen to know when we can get accurate and detailed election data? I found the BBC stuff useless in terms of what we need. Who has the data and how can we get it as soon as possible?

Random thought, I also wonder if the post office wasn’t already privatised it would be necessary to do so before attempting postal fraud in an election.