Something for the Weekend 66

I spent last night as a guest at Selwyn College’s Cripps Feast, which was simply splendid. I would never have thought of a well-aged Rioja with the venison, but it worked extremely well.

As it’s the weekend, here’s a BBC interview with Nadira – in Uzbek. It reminds me that I am a remarkably fortunate individual.

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66 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend

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  • crab

    Freedom Food chickens smell significantly healthier than f/r and standard ones for some reason, which all smell spoiled in comparison.

    I can see it is most sweet to be a full veggie, but im just veggie part-time. I killed a load of rats in a place which vegans were unwittingly breeding and terrorizing the local fauna. Unfortunately the Universe was not designed to function entirely peacefuly.

  • Komodo

    Some tofu or organic yoghurt laced with sodium fluoride will generally get rid of feral vegans.

  • ingo

    I agree with the sentiments against vivisection, when I first heard that my wife did it at school, I was appalled, how early do you indoctrinate children to de emphasize and emotionally detach. Animal experiment are also largely for the chop, most research can be done with cell cultures these days, no need to wipe our eyes with proclamations for the need to test on animals. There might be exceptions which do need some testing, but I do not agree that any human is worth more than any other primate, not in a world were speciism and environmental impacts have ravaged the ecological structures, not when this destruction is down to us, some can make points that would favour the primate over humans, it takes some detachment, off course.

    So Barnes Wallace hey, didn’t know that, thank you, that would make an excellent brand name, the BBBB, or 4B for short, the Barnes Bomber Brunch Busters.

    Komodo eats anything meaty, he likes it best when the flesh stinks to high heaven.

  • Komodo

    “Komodo eats anything meaty, he likes it best when the flesh stinks to high heaven.”
    It’s tender and tasty. Sometimes I roll in it too.

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