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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – On December 9, 2019 at 14:17 Pre Election, you wrote: “Here is an analysis which argues that that the Tory lead should be no more than 3% based on erroneous assumptions from the current pollsters. If true it is extremely encouraging. Lets keep our fingers crossed.” The comments from Dr Moderate @centrist_phone are still up on twitter, but I have new links to this info on Thread Reader which I have cut and pasted into a file. There is a second pre-election thread on Thread Reader that was equally upbeat re Labour chances.

Going over that pre-Election post that Craig did on “The Invisible Tories” there were a lot of comments on the reality of what people were observing in communities all over the country. Very few comments reported getting Tory mailings; they also noted the rarity of Tory signs in windows and the lack of canvassers on the ground. While there was a huge pot of Tory money to throw at Facebook ads, if that was all it took other parties would have relied on the same model. Even back then, there were a number of people who anticipated vote rigging.

The Tories had no manifesto to speak of and nothing to offer but promises easily debunked as fake. Keep repeating “Strong and Stable” had made Theresa May look like a brain-dead robot, but they chose the exact same tactic of mindless reputation. Boris refused interviews and hid from the press just as May had done, but the safe silo BBC coverage was employed once again. Why did the Tories think it would pay off? Simple, none of this mattered at all as it was purely cosmetic. Boris did not even bother to vote in his own constituency: he knew he didn’t need to as the 2019 General Election was in the bag… because the Tories put it there.

However, it wasn’t enough to simply rig the postal votes so that the Election Day count guaranteed a “Tory landslide victory.” That result had to carry some semblance of plausibility to avoid any possibility of a challenge and that would require a number of crucial elements. The heavenly right leaning pollsters needed to nudge the vote by cooking the weighting numbers they used as analysed by this number crunching sleuth on twitter. We really need to contact this person who is probably distraught and disillusioned by now, but possibly using excellent powers of deduction to reach the same conclusion we have arrived at here: the vote was rigged!

Beyond that the right wing MSM and the BBC had to launch a relentless smear campaign to discredit Corbyn and hide the reality of his huge supporter rallies. They also needed to drown out all possibility of the Labour Manifesto being presented to the public and conduct dozens of one sided Vox Pops repeating the lifelong Labour voter now going to vote Tory fake news. This last did not need to make sense to anyone with an atom of logic it just had to be a consistently reported distorted message.

Our right wing MSM and the BBC had one last task that was the least predictable and the toughest challenge: the “Ming Vase!” They had to hide Boris and cover for his many gaffes and humiliating scenes of public vilification. That lead to several very easily exposed “mistakes” perpetrated by the BBC: editing out audience laughter at Boris claiming he was “Trustworthy” and trading out footage of him laying a wreath upside-down at the Cenotaph. By the time he was caught snatching a phone to avoid a disgraceful A&E picture, and diving into a fridge to take cover, the ordeal was almost over.

All our puppet PM has to do now is make token appearances in the House of Commons to defend his lies at the dispatch box. The BBC and MSM are focusing on decimating the opposition to put a more compliant centrist leader in charge in order to minimize scrutiny. The newly elected Tories have all sworn never to oppose the PM, who will be warping our laws using “Henry the Eighth Powers” and dismantling any authority the courts might have to reign in his absolute power in future. The UK has elected a dictator and it could take decades to overthrow this hard right government if we do not challenge the rigged vote ASAP.

If you use twitter try to make contact with Dr Moderate @centrist_phone; we really need this person on board…