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Great work. I am afraid I have not been able to pursue some of my promises. I have tried to raise the profile of this page in the general discussion forum and also in the site technical issues so that it could become more visible, but without much effect. But what you have done remains a repository and a resource that is extremely important.
Just a comment about ICIJ and not to dampen your enthusiasm but amongs their supporters are the Addessium foundation a dutch outfir. My suspicion is that they post the piece of news that Bellingcat received the Machiavelli award, another Dutch outfit with Military on board and the link makes me suspicious. Also another ‘Supporter is Luminate which is part of the part of The Omidyar Group, and more significantly is the Open Societies Foundation the well known promoter of colourful regime change revolutions. Of course they have produced significant exposures but it looks to me selective and they probably will not touch such an establishment based investigation. Also their Media Partners include the BBC Panorama, THe New York Times and the Washington Post amongst many others.