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I commented above on the frequent visits to 10 Downing Street, during the Blair government, of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘man on earth’, Irwin Stelzer – in his connection with the Henry Jackson Society.

A couple of week’s agoThe Guardian:

“Johnson met Murdoch on day he signalled general election bid

News Corp owner was the only media baron the prime minister saw in his first three months

Boris Johnson saw Rupert Murdoch for a “social meeting” on the day he signalled his intention to seek a general election last year, according to new transparency disclosures.”

“Rupert Murdoch was once asked why he hated the EU so much. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied.’When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ No wonder, then, that he was an avid supporter of Brexit.”
from The Brexit Syndicate

So, it seems that Murdoch’s twisting with UK politicians and meddling in UK politics, and particularly in our relationship with the EU, goes back at least a couple of decades.

Murdoch has his fingers deep in the dirt of the world. For one, he has interests in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights through Genie Energy. Genie Energy’s Strategic advisory board includes: Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Summers, and Jacob Rothschild. Through the influence of his manipulative son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump has recognised the incorporation of the Golan Heights into the state of Israel.

Murdoch’s interest in the creation of the ‘war on terror’ and, in particular the attack on Iraq may be glanced through his appointment of Jose Maria Aznar to his News International board shortly after the Madrid Bombings when Aznar lost his premiership in Spain. Rather like Blair’s well-rewarded appointment with Morgan Stanley after he lost his position in the UK.

(Those who have forgotten Aznar’s involvement would do well to remember the Azores Summit held four days before the attack on Iraq began – this pre-war meeting was attended by Bush, Blair, and Aznar, along with Barroso, Portuguese premier.)

AliB gave a link on an earlier thread on Craig’s blog to this item which discusses Johnson’s intentions to control free movement labour, and to create freeports.

Murdoch and the money grubbers are getting even more greedy, if that were possible.


[Suggested article for The Sun ‘newspaper’ –
Considering Johnson and Murdoch have “social meetings” one might expect Murdoch to have attended the Lebedev party held after Johnson’s election victory, or even gone to see him on holiday in Mustique; but, no, neither would be suitable. Mick Jagger was at Lebedev’s party; he also owns a place on Mustique. The presence of the current Mrs Murdoch may have led to some unkind wrinkly dick comments from the UK’s gutter press.]

I do apologise for lowering the tone of the debate by mentioning Murdoch and The Sun – I couldn’t help myself!