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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting 30/12/2019 Welcome… New Blog
I only wished I had discovered this blog a whole lot earlier: it was started just before the New Year. We are no longer a lone voice in the political wilderness…

07/02/2020 “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” This was the first post that I stumbled upon via a twitter page, despite the fact that some of their material should have bounced to the very top in a Google search over a month earlier. How much can we really trust the Corporate masters at Google not to steer us in the wrong direction on a controversial subject like this?

It looked like an exciting new Blog site cram packed with data and numerous informative links to support their sound conclusions was fresh out of the gate, but perhaps this valuable blog site had been languishing in obscurity as we made our futile searches for relevant information and evidence of voter fraud over the past month and a half.

Touting “Insight into your Daily Gaslighting” a February 7th Post: “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” has accumulated a wide range of data. They lead into their article with this overview of that scope:
“This post is a selected summary of the range of election fraud during GE2019. Ranging from bribes, bias, to global conspiracies. With this width we can’t go into much depth and by definition will not capture everything… but depth is recorded in links.” To read this informative post go to the imbedded link.

This appears to be the first dedicated Blog site focusing exclusively on Electoral Fraud. I will be checking through their links for new evidence and looking over their other posts to see what we can link to; this is quite a find. I have posted, unfortunately accidentally double posted, a comment with a link to the Petition and highlighting our Election Aftermath Discussion Forum. I did not find a contact email to address to leave a message for the author, but hopefully they willcome and explore our forum. I will keep you posted.