Marching for Freedom 189

I am off now to Glasgow for a rally for Independence – which might give some indication of how ready the movement are for renewing the struggle in earnest. You should be able to follow events live on Independence Live. I am speaking at Glasgow Green at 1.15, which is pretty early so don’t dawdle on the march.

My technique on demonstrations is to start at the front, nip in to the first pub, quick pint, work my way to the front again and repeat.

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189 thoughts on “Marching for Freedom

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  • Robert Graham

    I was impressed with Craig’s contribution yesterday , A much needed uplift to many supporters , the march itself was a show of open resistance to Westminster and a reminder we haven’t gone away , The sight of the longest part from charing cross up woodlands road gave you a good idea of the numbers with support from both sides of the road making the final attendance difficult to measure .
    Contrast that happy Scene with today’s Herald front page ( normal unionist service has resumed ) their front page managed to make a total mockery of the whole print media in Scotland , so utterly stupid was this choice of a obviously manipulated distorted view of possibly a dozen Nazi saluting , union jack waving British nationalists , i believe their attempt to show a possible confrontation between an equal number of marchers and Unionists makes them look painfully stupid , the correct view has been posted on Twitter with the manipulated shot next to the actual view , a quick glance only makes them look worse , there is no way of misinterpreting what has been done ,a truly Disgraceful manipulation of coverage of a peaceful march , Who knows what sinister forces are behind this little Gem eh Ruth ? .

  • nevermind

    Great rally, have not heard your speech as my computer is hopelessly out of date and I’m busy. Great vibes though, but very little that is fully supported by any major SNP politicians, sadly they have been mullified by their newly found Westminster base.

    meanwhile here in Norfolk civilians live with the exceptional acrobatics of some flying cowboys. I know you will enjoy their antics its all acceptable and our young defence newbie Gavin ought to tell us whether he is preparing for war, over and above his duties in peace, or just training for what the NATO attack dogs require?

    And then we have our allied forces who love nothing better than to train their assault on civilians in the middle east, on a bit of frisson dog fighting next to civilian aircraft here in Norfolk.
    ‘Send them home , we are in charge of our country now’ said the tail to the dog.

    • Gordie

      I saw half a dozen Westminster snp MP’s at the event as well as some MSPs from the party. One of the SNP Mps spoke at the event. They supported the event they didn’t run it.

      • nevermind

        Thank you for putting me right, Gordie, I repent and take your word for as it was.

        my gall is that this issue is being kept in the drawer, not opportune enough to enthuse the many, but a few.

    • giyane


      yesterday a convoy of sand-coloured tanks were being conveyed down the M6.

      It is a sad reality for USUKIS top brass that those tanks are not going to be rolling into Damascus because Russia and China have unfortunately jammed our radar in Syria, and those tanks and pig-muck hotted-up NATO Norfolk jets would be useless in the latest and possibly last of USUKIS Zionist conflicts.

      Licking their wounds and limping with gangrene in their boots from 30 years of continuous Zionist war, those tanks and planes are more likely to be deployed in the previous disaster-areas created by USUKIS proxy jihadists in Iraq and Libya where the b***dy wogs don’t seem to be totally on message. In Iraq, elections are exciting them to think that they can vote out US ownership. How very dare they? And in Libya it’s time to show ’em who’s boss. People should not confuse covert operations with social work. Don’t you think/wink?

  • nevermind

    And here might be the reason for all this bravado to come. 12th. may, Trumps response will decide whether Iran will become the focus of a war for some time to come. We all know that they have had this goal for some time and that the US had tried hard to start it all up by presenting a mistake ridden nuclear bomb blueprint to the Iranian embassy in Vienna in 2000., which they rejected as they suspected the double agent of malice from the start.

    We all know who is slobbering to be the instigator in this affront to human rights, by showing ignorance to human intelligence, kicking international justice, not only in his own personal fraud issues with the law, whilst whining about how bad they all still have it’.

    • What's going on?

      So Trump could be going to war against Iran?

      I suspected as soon as he was elected that he was a stooge for Clinton and the Democrats. How clever, he goes to war on their behalf and they are clear of the blame which falls on his redneck supporters.

      • Stumpy


        “Redneck” is so last century. We count ourselves as “Deplorables” and blame will not fall so easily upon us.

        Iran just got 9/11 hung on them where a judge declared that they are liable for restitution to the families of the victims.

        The stooges aren’t even trying.

  • BrianFujisan

    Sharp Ears
    May 6, 2018 at 13:07

    ” I missed the speeches but saw the march on Livestream. Are there any videos of the speeches?”

    May 6, 2018 at 15:24

    ” Great rally, have not heard your speech as my computer is hopelessly out of date and I’m busy. Great vibes though,”

    It was An Amazing Turn out..Easy 60.000..Police were saying 90.000.. I did not Know craig was Speaking till I heard the Words Ex Ambassador..

    Some sound is dodgy wind .And Craig Paused for the Bikers arriving. But a great speach by Craig..Everyone Agreed – see my video here –

    And towards the was carnival Atmosphere..All very peacful.Zero arrests.. Some of my friends Dance –

    • nevermind

      Thanks for your footage Brian, most appreciated. And well spoken Craig, you sounded as if you had a spring in your step that day, a force to be reckoned with.

      Might be wise to keep the bikers sweet, especially when it comes to shadow electoral/ ref. ballot boxes next time round, there should be a fund for that.

      Anybody who does not agree with the massive depreciation in trust from Westminster visa vis Scottish needs or interests, their parliamentary rights or the tax hyst on Scottish resources, be ashamed, watch, how Westminster’s cabinet of loons ignores Scottish Brexit demands or represents any other unionist faction, bar the DUP they’d bribed.

    • Tatyana


      Thanks for sharing! In the second video, where people dance – I could say it is May Holiday in Russia, then realised I see kilts, Scottish flags and people are speaking English 🙂

      Special thanks to Mr. Murray for saying “Russia is not an enemy for Scotland”

  • Velofello

    For those of you out-with the UK:
    Speaking on behalf of the UK government, Mundell Secretary of State for Scotland defined the UK government’s interpretation of the a forthcoming Scottish government’s response to the EU Withdrawal Bill as :-
    Consent means consent
    Non-consent means consent
    No response means consent

    Get it? Well at least Perfidious Albion has come out from the shadows.

    Concerning yesterday’s march, I hugely enjoyed it. And the figures attending? Unionist estimate is 35,000. A camera count has just been posted indicating 91,000.Now which one will you believe? Whether 35K or 95K, it was a happy enjoyable occasion.

    And isn’t it astonishing that the Scripal saga could happen in the land of Hope and Glory? Where are father and daughter?
    Isn’t it astonishing that the UK government would bomb a country over a unproven claim of a chemical attack by parties unknown.
    Isn’t it astonishing that a Church of England member would decide on a policy to deport alleged immigrants, and have them argue their case for return from their place of deportation.
    Isn’t it astonishing that this person is prime Minister May?
    Isn’t astonishing that a Home Secretary could “lose’ files on sexual abuse
    Isn’t it astonishing that this Church of England person. is now Prime Minister, May?

    Any wonder Scotland wants independence?

  • shugsrug

    How times are changing. Soon more people will read this blog, than buy a national newspaper. That says more about national rags than anything else.

    • Hatuey

      Ideally they would act more and read less.

      If Social Media existed in 1789, the Bastille would still be a royal prison.

      • lysias

        1789 happened because the scribblers of the Enlightenment had undermined the legitimacy of the ancien regime. It just took a fiscal crisis to bring it down. The same may happen to the West at the next economic crisis. If it does, it will be because scribblers have done their job.

  • quasi_verbatim

    While Craig is propping up Scottish bars, Bonkers goes to America. All is well.

    • laguerre

      Yeah, after hearing about Boris’ visit to Washington, my instant reaction was that it is now certain that the US will leave the Iran agreement. All the good work done by Macron and Merkel will be undone. Maybe that’s the aim.

      • Sharp Ears

        Don’t you mean Kerry and Obama in 2015? And the EU lady Federica Mogherini and the Iranian foreign minister, Mr Jarif et al.

        All Micron has done is to kiss Trump’s cheek! Instead of jetting around the globe, he should be concentrating on the worsening internal problems in France, the strikes, the protests, collapsing Air France and the growing migrant population. There are so many living in tents along the Seine and under the bridges that a race due to take place today has been cancelled because the route is blocked.

        • laguerre

          More traditional Francophobia. What you describe is not a crisis here, it’s par for the course. The way France is. The Air France employees have suspended their strike this evening. A lot of refugees sleeping out because there’s nothing in the open land borders to prevent them moving in. France doesn’t have the sea to keep the people pure.

          “a race due to take place today has been cancelled because the route is blocked.” That wasn’t in the local media, I had a look, so not a really serious issue. You got it off the Express or the Mail? In any case a race on a Monday not a holiday?

          France is undergoing a reaction to reforms, but it’s not that deep. Air France strikes for a pay rise for already well-paid people. Les chéminots (SNCF) strike because they’re losing the right to retire at 52, a rule that was introduced when enginemen had the seriously hard life of getting up at three in the morning in order to get steam engines ready for the day. Now you just switch on. The university strikes are not that widely supported, though very visible occupations. My Parisian friend is convinced Macron will outlast the protests.

          Let’s not forget that it’s Britain in crisis, not France.

  • certa certi

    Mr Murray. An interesting Scot was Drysdale. Ex Navy, he’d been booted for alleged pro Irish sympathies and found his way to Portuguese Timor, where he became a beeswax trader, moved to Dutch Timor and seemingly rehabilitated, became the Hon.Brit Consul. He married a Dutch mestico woman, daughter of the Dutch Governor who’d resisted the Brit invasion. Perhaps a reader with time to spare could find out more about Drysdale’s alleged pro Irish sympathies in the Admiralty archives.

    ‘…some years since it was attacked and taken by a single boat’s crew belonging to a British man-of-war, who spiked all their guns ; since which time the Dutch inhabitants have not entertained any very friendly feeling towards the English, although, strange to say, to a
    Scotchman they will evince the kindest attention…This Club was established almost entirely through the instrumentality of Mr. Drysdale, a Scotch merchant, and one of the oldest inhabitants of Koepang, who spared neither trouble nor expense in carrying out his object.’

    ‘Mrs. Drysdale died at the Dutch island of Koepang on March IS aged 77 years. She was the last of the Hazaarts, whose grandfather was the first Governor of Timor, in the good old days when might was right and when slavery was at its height and he held autocratic powers. In the early eighties Koepang experienced many vicisitudes; In 1813 or thereabouts an English warship entered the port and demanded the archives and the surrender of the town. Hazaart refused, and as a result the town was stormed and sacked. ‘

  • John Goss

    It would not surprise me even if Scotland voted for Independence if the Police/Army did not put down the revolutionary movement, as the Spanish did over the Catalan independence movement. What then? Culloden II?

    • reel guid

      There is no UK wide police force. No British Guardia Civil. Police Scotland is entirely under the control of the Scottish Government and the Justice Secretary in particular. And if there’s been an independence referendum then there could only be an SNP Justice Secretary in office at the time. Nor could any British Government follow Rajoy and use the spurious excuse of illegality, since the British Government in 2012 recognised the validity of independence by signing the Edinburgh Agreement.

    • Doodlebug

      John, I sense and sympathise with your disillusion, having been there, seen it and bought the t-shirt myself in other respects. If I am anxious now it is on behalf of my children’s generation, who are increasingly likely to live through a major conflagration.

      It will come as no comfort, I imagine, but the other evening I happened to watch a short video of Jesse Ventura (ex-mayor of Minnesota) being made to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, as they say, some years ago. He was invited by the Huffington post to write a feature for them, something he’d done on several previous occasions. He submitted it but they did not publish, not because he made incendiary claims, but because he asked uncomfortable questions. He would never write for them again.

      That Voltarian line of Beatrice Evelyn Hall’s about freedom of speech is now outmoded. It has long since been superseded by the attitude, ‘I disagree with what you say, hence you may keep it to yourself’ (which we shall ensure).

      • John Goss

        I have the same forebodings for my children and grandchildren Doodlebug. The world we are moving into is ‘not of this world’ so to speak.

        As to the Huff Post I too thought it was a sound publication. When I was petitioning for Julian Asssange in 2012 I got some information from the Huff Post on Billy McCormac a friend of Karl Rove about his contributions to the Democratic party but it soon disappeared.

        That was when I realised the Huff Post was another Guardian.

    • Hatuey

      Of all the things you could petition for, that was the best you could come up with? You really think her whereabouts will matter to your grandchildren?

      I haven’t seen your full list of political priorities but even so; on the basis of this one petition I am going to suggest you are holding it upside down.

      • Ch Bostock

        It’s quite simple really, Hatuey. John Goss only has one political priority and that is to take Russia’s side in each and every dispute or conflict of interest (actual or potential) it might have with the the UK, the USA, the West in general or any country that may have had the good fortune to escape from the former Soviet yoke.

        • John Goss

          That is because our government has consistently lied since Tony Blair took us into an illegal war over non-existent WMDs, blew up its own people in New York and created an unnecessary so-called permanent “war on terror” on behalf of Zyonyst interests. I criticise Russia when it is in the wrong.

          • Ch Bostock

            ‘That is because our government…… blew up its own people in New York’

            Cou7ld you tease that one out for us, please?

          • Ch Bostock

            ‘That is because our government has…… created an unnecessary so-called permanent “war on terror” on behalf of Zyonyst interests.’

            And this one as well if you have a spare moment. Thanks.

      • Ch Bostock

        Our fathers and grandfathers did not fight fascism in WW2 to see the country turned into a playground for a collection of West-haters and other malcontents of various stripes.

        • bj

          They did not fight fascism, as they were fascists themselves.
          Germany encroached on their (projected) territory, that’s why.

        • Ch Bostock

          Oh, I hadn’t realised that Czechoslovakia and Poland were projected territories for the Western liberal democracies, so sorry do please excuse my historical ignorance as I excuse your state of bonkers-dom.

        • Doodlebug

          While our fathers and grandfathers were busy fighting fascism America was investing heavily in Europe….well not Europe exactly – Nazi Germany.

          Not being numbered among the malcontents yourself you are presumably happy with ‘the West’ conspiring to devastate the Middle East.

      • Doodlebug

        Your instinct to insult is revealing, having particularly failed (a) to appreciate that the name of gentleman taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy is ‘Julian (not ‘Juliet’) Assange and (b) that JG mentions his name in connection with the Huffington Post, not concerns for his offspring.

        You are clearly long on aggression and short on understanding. Thankfully the only buttons you’re pushing are those of a QWERTY keyboard.

        • Garth Carthy

          I believe in free speech and so I hope Ch Bostock is always welcome here but he is just another primitive binary thinker. He needs to address his prejudices (although I doubt if he has the self-awareness to do so).
          Most “West haters”, in my experience, don’t support the Russian leadership either. I think I speak for most of us in saying that we simply don’t like greedy exploitation by any rich powerful elite, whether they be Communist or Capitalist.
          The fact is the so-called “Free Market” Capitalism, inflicted on so much of the world, is the dominant economic structure and so is the most threatening.
          After all, “Free Market” Capitalism was forced on the world – including Russia. It was never asked for but imposed on many countries by the West and involved hundreds of thousands of deaths (probably millions) as a result. This was done in the name of Western “democracy” – i.e. enforced democracy – which is of course, a contradiction in terms.
          A fact that is so often conveniently forgotten is that the US enabled Putin to ultimately gain power when they enabled the removal of Gorbachev, who wanted gradual reforms instead of the neo-con “shock and awe”.

          • Ch Bostock

            ‘I think I speak for most of us in saying that we simply don’t like greedy exploitation by any rich powerful elite, whether they be Communist or Capitalist.’

            Fair enough. But why does this ‘most of us’ never write anything critical of the rich, powerful Russian elite on this blog?

          • Bayard

            “Fair enough. But why does this ‘most of us’ never write anything critical of the rich, powerful Russian elite on this blog?”

            Probably because the “rich, powerful Russian elite” aren’t affecting Scottish independence, bombing Syria, supporting the government of Is real, destroying Libya, destroying Iraq, spinning fantastic tales about incidents in Salisbury, etc.etc. I am sure if you know of any atrocities committed recently by the “rich, powerful Russian elite” and let Craig know about them, he can write a blog post condemning them and “most of us” will join him in execrating them.

      • John Goss

        “Of all the things you could petition for, that was the best you could come up with? You really think her whereabouts will matter to your grandchildren?”

        That is not the point I’m making here. It is the fact that the deep state can control who sees what petition. That should concern everybody. It clearly does not concern you.

        • Radar O’Reilly

          JG, this ‘inteference’ was also clear during the Scottish Independence referendum campaign, where an honest Scottish “pro” folk band launched a catchy tune & video on YouTube. Had this gone viral it might have potentially swayed the vote one way or the other.

          The video was taken down by YT as the UK government digital manipulation team gave the video a million up-votes in minutes. YT banned the channel, with a slow appeals route possible, due to “fraud”. HMG, job well done, trebles all round

          This action was clearly illegal anti-democratic international cyberterrorism. The IC allowance to break domestic laws and (hack)interfere-with computers was later written into UK law, and even later grudgingly admitted, but still not covering retrospective illegal actions. At the time it was done it was blatant, overt and the “fraud” has seemed never to be investigated further.

          Possibly the interference in the computer systems that you are experiencing, more ‘ghosting’ of content than ‘fake upvotes’ is actually (but morally not) legal?

        • Hatuey

          Ah okay, “the deep state”. Now we are getting somewhere.

          Out of interest, did consider the possibly that other people don’t attach the same importance to this issue as you do?

          You know, maybe we need to stop giving the dumb, ignorant masses credit they don’t deserve. Maybe we should stop blaming the media and “the deep state” and just accept the truth; many people are selfish morons.

          • Radar O’Reilly

            Blame the deep state ?

            This deep state, that derives from the Greek language κράτος εν κράτει, (adopted into Latin as imperium in imperio or status in statu)?

            The deep-state may refer to state companies that, though formally under the command of the government, act de facto like private corporations. Sometimes, the term refers to companies that, though formally private, act de facto like “states within a state”.

            Modern examples are the pan-EU GLADIO:-
            surprisingly US/NATO led, and a similar USA/NATO system here:-

            The first to publicly point at the existence of an influential, secret coalition, was Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, who in 1974 revealed the “Counter-Guerrilla”. Until then, the United States had been funding the Special Warfare Department (Turkish: Özel Harp Dairesi, or ÖHD) under the Joint United States Military Mission for Aid to Turkey (JUSMMAT) program; a Truman Doctrine-based initiative.

            Keep on asking questions and you might learn a bit of history!

  • Skye Mull

    Why were my posts removed (and a lot of others nearby)?
    (References to a possible Federation of the British Isles independent countries with an HQ on the Isle of Man.)

  • michael tough

    Hi Craig that’s my strategie too on a march and a good one . I have been trying to find out what happened to the decision on where the the new uk spaceport was going to be located the last i heard the decision would be made in March 2018.if it were to be located in Scotland the the space tourism alone is estimated to be worth £65 million alone per year billion to the gdp also employment would benefit greatly, glasgow alone has 7000 space worker and make more satellites than any other country in the EU ,If you can help me with this I would appreciate I fear that it may being delayed or used as a bargaining chip in the brexit thing, or indy 2 thing

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