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Kim Sanders-Fisher

“The Will of the Sheeple” Brexit sorted using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?”
A July 2019 Guardian Alarm Bell as “The Great Hack: the film that goes behind the scenes of the Facebook data scandal,” is released.

“This week, a Netflix documentary on Cambridge Analytica sheds light on one of the most complex scandals of our time. Carole Cadwalladr, who broke the story and appears in the film, looks at the fallout – and finds ‘surveillance capitalism’ out of control.”

In this July 2019 Guardian Article Carole Cadwalladr highlights one of the astounding revelations from the film “The Great Hack.”
“There’s a gobsmacking moment, captured in the film, when Kaiser tells the select committee that the British government had classified Cambridge Analytica’s technology as “weapons-grade”. It was export controlled, meaning the company was bound by law to tell the government if it used it overseas. Damian Collins, chair of the committee, is seen digesting this piece of information, and asking: “So what you are saying is that the proposal was for Leave.EU to use what you call ‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?”

In seeking to emphasize the point Carole Cadwalladr says: “It’s worth reading that sentence again. There’s no conspiracy here, just important unanswered questions. Did the British government have oversight of Cambridge Analytica’s activities in multiple elections worldwide? Was this “weapons grade” technology used on the British population?”

Cadwalladr goes on to say: “…it’s worth restating what kicked off the entire story. It was only when Cambridge Analytica started writing repeatedly to me, furiously denying any involvement in the EU referendum – despite having previously boasted about it in multiple places online – that I started investigating this byzantine web of people, data and money.”

It is obvious from what Carole Cadwalladr documents here that the totality of this highly effective propaganda disseminating technique was known to the Tory Government well before they called the 2019 General Election when she states that:
“The official position, including that of the Electoral Commission, is that Cambridge Analytica did no work for Leave.EU. However, that is not the impression left by the film. Collins says, “We’ve documented how Cambridge Analytica worked with Leave.EU, regardless of whether they were paid or not. There are still so many unanswered questions that require further investigation.”

What is blindingly obvious from these revelations is that Boris Johnson’s disgraceful promotion of Brexit, with blatant lies and fear mongering, succeeded in winning the Brexit vote using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?” What is equally clear is that having secured the authority to force the UK out of the EU by corrupt manipulation of the public for his own personal career promotion, Johnson was determined to coerce the British people into accepting the most damaging form of Crash-Out Brexit. This was accomplished through rigging a mid-winter snap General Election to establish a massive Tory majority so that he was unstoppable in parliament.

Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, who produced the film, believe that the fightback is in full swing saying: “The film does a brilliant job of telling the story of the central role data plays in politics, and the way a few big companies can get inside the heads of millions of people.”
In the light of our recent rigged election I have trouble sharing their optimism, but they add: “The Great Hack is a crucial start of the next stage: “Because now we need action,” she says. “We need law. We have to solve this.”

Does using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population establish “the Will of the People”? No! We must call this out for what it is: Brexit is “The Will of the Sheeple!”
The British are not a nation of brain-dead automatons seeking perpetual subjugation and exploitation through subversive mind control. We can and we must fight back by disputing the result of the corrupt Brexit vote and the rigged 2019 General Election.

HOW TO FIGHT BACK: Visit this recently discovered new Blog: “The Daily GasLamp,” dedicated to exposing the corruption that has perpetrated our Electoral System. I have already posted several Blog post excerpts to provide a flavour of the content so far. Part 1 of a New Post detailing background information on Cambridge Analytica has just been posted on the Daily GasLamp. One of my previous post listed a total of Nine Important Petitions with Links; please read, sign, share and Link to all of these Petitions.