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Kim Sanders-Fisher

In a series of new posts The GasLamp focuses attention on the corrupt influence of dodgy Tech Companies in Elections.
To avoid excessively lengthy posts this was broken down into parts the first of which went up on the 20th of February.

In: “What is all the fuss about Cambridge Analytica: Part 1” the GasLamp provides detailed background information on Cambridge Analytica, with the goal that founders, Bannon and Mercer, had in creating a subsidiary of Mercer’s SCL to wield covert influence over US voters. There is an overview of the history of SCL Group’s involvement in the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) and how their research was shifted to commercial applications in a lucrative field: “in military disinformation campaigns to social media branding and voter targeting”.

This Part 1 post elaborates on the origins of the subversive Tech being used to warp our elections. With more information on the SCL group to appear in another instalment, the GasLamp states that according to SCL its methodology: “has been approved or endorsed by agencies of the Government of the United Kingdom and the Federal government of the United States, among others.” That should very seriously worry us all..

In Part 2 The GasLamp post reveals the background of major funder, American Robert Mercer, and how the EU Referendum in the UK was used to “test run, Cambridge Analytica’s approach to influence elections.” Mercer’s donation of Cambridge Analytica’s services to Nigel Farage at Leave.EU, enabled them to use illegally harvested date from Facebook profiles to send individualized targeted shock ads filled with scare mongering disinformation to manipulate people into voting for Brexit. The piece also reveals Dominic Cummings VoteLeave access to the same Cambridge Analytica technology, channelled through the Canadian company AggregateIQ, to deliver “an estimated one billion individually curated targeted adverts to voters in the lead up to the Brexit referendum, in contravention of established voting rules.”

Part 2 concludes with a TED Talk where Carole Cadwalladr tells of returning to her childhood home in Blyth Valley, Wales on a mission to understand why the local population in this former coal mining town, that had benefited so enormously from EU funded regeneration projects and was virtual devoid of resettled migrants, chose to return the strongest vote for Brexit in the UK? Their decision made no logical sense until she uncovered the covert influence of those personalized campaign ads that were designed to deliberately deceive, sowing the seeds of fear and hatred in a deprived staunchly Labour community.

There are serious questions that still remain unanswered with regard to the source of all the funding that enabled the conserted onslaught of disinformation. Both VoteLeave and Leave.EU failed to inform the UK Electoral Commission of Mercer’s funding or free service donations and this was probably not the only source of foreign funding that violated UK Law. Even when the Electoral Commission established that the VoteLeave campaign was guilty of breaking Electoral Law this serious breach was glossed over in the media and thus failed to convince the British public that Electoral fraud had irrevocably corrupted the Brexit vote.

Restoring security and integrity to the UK Electoral Process, through investigating this criminal activity after parliament is driven to vote in favour of authorizing increasing the remit and powers of the UK Electoral Commission: does that vital imperative matter to you? This worthy goal is precisely the cut and thrust of the Petition I created that is hosted on Avaaz. If you have yet to review the Petition, please read, sign, share and Link to it here: