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Kim Sanders-Fisher

In a free Society we should not need to beg for Justice! Free Julian Assange. Tories want to Extradite him as a “Bad Guy:” This far right toxic Tory Government has the Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange banged-up in Belmarsh where the British imprison the most dangerous terrorists in the UK. His detention for the non-crime of journalism that embarrassed, or should I say deeply shamed, the US Government could see him extradited to the US to spend the rest of his life behind bars. He could even face torture and execution. Please sign this Petition:

PETITION: #FreeAssange: Sign against Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States!
Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
is firmly opposed to the possible extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, where he could be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for charges that include publishing and providing journalists with information that served the public interest.
Reporters Without Borders: Assange’s extradition to the US would “threaten the work of all journalists”

Freedom of speech is being suppressed under an unprecedented onslaught from the growing number of despots who dictate policy through their repressive authoritarian regimes around the world: the UK has just joined this elite cabal. Tyrannical policies touted as necessary to keep us safe don’t just strip away our freedoms they endanger our very existence. If Assange is extradited it will set an extremely alarming precedent, that the US will have exercised supreme authority to target a citizen of any nationality, living in any foreign country, for an alleged “Crime” that was not even committed on US soil! Let that concept peculate for a while and you will realize how severely damaging such a universal gagging order would present to democracy worldwide.

The Tories are going after the BBC, as if it wasn’t thoroughly right wing biased enough already; probably they would prefer to turn it into a Fox News look-alike under trusted pal Rupert Murdock! The Main Stream Media is under attack with only selected journalists allowed access to Government officials and press conferences vetted. The progressive news outlets online, already decried as Fake News, will be targeted next: they will be shut down ASAP. The opposition is already outgunned, but by leaning on the press the Tories can select the most inept and docile leader to replace Corbyn and drag the Labour Party back to the right.

MPs who dared to defy Boris Johnson have already been culled from the Tory Party and the brutal finality of their departure stands as a stark warning to new Tory MPs: “toe the line” or leave immediately in disgrace. The Civil Service is about to be gutted in order to install compliant operatives who will fall under the deranged control of Boris Johnsons unelected sidekick Dominic Cummings; those who cannot stay “on message” will face the humiliation of an armed police escort to march them off the premises.

The so called “Henry the Eighth Powers” will make it a lot simpler for the Tories to revamp UK law in their favour once we crash out of the EU. The checks and balances provided by our independent Judiciary will vanish after they become dependent upon Tory Party approval for top appointments and Judicial Review is removed to thoroughly neuter their powers. The horrific consequences of the pledges written large on Page 48 of the Tory Manifesto should truly terrify us all, as problematic barriers like the European Convention on Human Rights are scheduled to be ditched for a far less restrictive redefinition.

Brexit will allow Boris Johnson to not just “take back control,” but to “usurp supreme control;” regressing the UK to its pre EU level that will bring the longest period of stagnation since the Napoleonic era as the rump of “little England” is turned into a slave state for the many in order to enrich the few! Workers rights can be expunged along with other troublesome “Red Tape” like food and safety standards. Wages will plummet just as prices rise, but the right to strike will be severely restricted to the point where it is worthless as a bargaining tool and the unions will finally be totally crushed.

The social safety-net will be completely dismantled; fight for survival or die in destitution. There is no need for the Tories to invest in training as the new immigration policy of “Scavenge, Exploit, Deport” is a much cheaper option for their race to the bottom. Who will take the low paid jobs of our current migrant workforce? The pension age will climb while the state takes a lot less responsibility with regard to paying for it. The so called “Economically inactive” will be forced into all types of menial labour; this will include the disabled and pensioners who will no longer be able to cover the soaring cost of their medications or pay for privatized healthcare under the new US model.

Page 48 also tells us who the Tories have pledged to target: “First they came for…” The Gypsies.; their encampments are to be declared illegal so that their caravans can be seized by police while they are thrown in jail for the criminal offence of being “a traveller.” This same expansion of the Trespass Law could just as easily be used to sanitize our streets by declaring Rough Sleepers and Homeless people a menace to society. How will they warehouse all those targeted individuals? American corporations will build us massive US style for-profit jails to lock up all the “Bad People.”

Two lone terrorist attacks in short succession look suspiciously like Government controlled events. A known dangerous prisoner was released under round the clock surveillance by twenty armed officers, who all failed to notice that he was wearing a suicide vest until after he launched a brutal attack… at which point they promptly shot him dead. Incidents like this offer a devious means of preparing the public for the new Tory agenda of repression and extrajudicial executions. There has already been an attempt to blur the lines between violent terrorists and peaceful protesters; have no doubt that warped redefinition will be snuck in latter when opposition politicians are paying less attention. The thought police will be expanding their remit shortly.

If the UK government really wanted to turbo-charge deradicalization they could employ the successful techniques of Cambridge Analytica. These techniques were originally developed specifically for the deradicalization of terrorist sympathisers, but they have found a far more lucrative use in manipulating elections. PsyOps techniques managed to dupe people all over the UK into voting against their own interests using Fake News in a selectively targeted disinformation program. Why couldn’t these methods of intense brainwashing be put to good use flushing the angst and hate out of a terrorist sympathiser’s head?

All of the classic signs are in place as we inch ever closer to full dictatorship; we really need to remove this toxic far right Tory Government before it can cause any more harm. We must fight the rigged election and the grievous injustice of the persecution of a conscientious investigative journalist and crusading whistleblower. As a demonized Medical Whistleblower myself, I believe Julian Assange is a hero to all Whistleblowers. Assange’s inhumane treatment in Belmarsh prison, and the fact that the current UK Government are seriously considering handing him over to the US authorities, is emblematic of the horror that lies ahead if the Tories are not removed from power.

I have several close friends who sought refuge in England as asylum seekers and prospered after starting a new life here. I have witnessed the impact of our morally bankrupt policy of scavenging medical professionals from countries that could not afford to train them. I have sailed to remote idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean; I can just imagine how much Chagossians must want to return to their homeland. I was appalled to see the squalor of Hudaydah in a country the Peace Corps described as one of the three poorest on earth, but that was decades before the Saudi’s bought our bombs raining down on their children! Still the plight of Palestinians continues, their stolen land as many remain trapped within the Gaza Ghetto, while our current Tory Government supports their persecution under Zionist apartheid. It was our corrupt election, but there was more at stake than just the hopes and dreams of UK citizens here.

Under a progressive left wing Government we could not only end austerity, pay people a living wage, reduce poverty and homelessness while fighting the climate crisis with “The Green New Deal,” but a conscientious, humane PM would protect our natural environment, end the Hostile Environment, take heed of the UN recommendations on UK Poverty, free Julian Assange, return the Chagos Islands and stop selling arms to foreign despots around the globe. All of this injustice would stop if we removed the most hateful far right Government of Boris Johnson. It is not beyond our capabilities, if the public take swift action to end this dystopian nightmare by working to delegitimize the Tory dictatorship through challenging and exposing the rigged 2019 Election.

It is our duty to seek justice through relentless protest, to demand Freedom for Julian Assange with this vital Petition. But also to demand a more expansive level of justice for us all with a resolution after the corrupt election result is fully exposed. Please sign the Petition to help make this possible: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.