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There are all types of neurological disorders that in turn manifest unique types of trolling.
Clark’s affliction requires exacting your frustration in painstaking fashion. He’s not interested in being enlightened he’s only interested in holding court.

It’s interesting to me though how the discussion of phony terrorism is itself an act of terror. A drowning of the truth.

The best cure here is to move on as you have all sufficiently documented Clarks absurdity while also informing any readers with excellent insightful information. (previously closed thread – because of Clark)


The one true test has always been whom the acts of terrorism were intended for and who they most affected. The originators of these attacks were intelligent enough to evade the worlds greatest military power, the NSA, FBI, CIA. Yet they could not envision that they were giving the very 1% in power who set the policy that afflicts them, the ones who pull the strings of government, who are immune to life’s daily struggles, their publics full support to reign devastation upon the terrorists own people, families, and lands. They somehow couldn’t think through to the next logical step.

The American public can’t get the 1% / corporate owned and controlled government to do anything. We don’t set policy. Attacking buildings, public gatherings, marathons is an attack on the public. The winners are the 1% through expansion of the police state & diminishment of rights. True terrorism against whomever the attackers perceived as their oppressors would have been targeting those who actually pull the strings. Anything else is phony. That’s how you can always tell. We’re not talking about mentally ill gunmen here we’re talking about an incredibly sophisticated, well funded and organized attack.

There is only one game since the history of civilization began and that is staying in power at all costs.
You only hold that power by controlling your own people. If you don’t control your own people you can not project that power against rivals and you won’t be in power very long. Therefore your own people are your #1 enemy.