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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I know I am not alone in my outrage over the unelected Dominic Cummings’s toxic hold over our hapless PM, but did you vote for a guy called Steve Bannon, who is not even a UK citizen? There have been multiple reports of foreign meddling in our Elections and not just the anonymous references to “Russian Bots” Online. There is little doubt that there were specific individuals in this larger conspiracy to undermine UK Democracy, a friend and confidant to both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, is widening his sinister sphere of influence in a number of EU Elections well funded by the deep pockets of Robert Mercer.

Bannon is on a mission to discredit and destroy the EU by stirring up far right nationalist fervour right across Europe. He visited the UK and helped Johnson with his anti-EU propaganda campaign to secure the Brexit vote. As Trump’s presidential campaign chief strategist he won over US voters with the same PsyOps technology that had been “product tested” on unsuspecting UK subjects to brainwash them into believing Boris Johnson’s lies about leaving the EU. Bannon colluded with Trump to usher in a whole new style of brash and hyper aggressive attack politics, grotesque lies and fake news.

Steve Bannon is not shy about his ultimate goal to “Destroy the EU”: he has crisscrossed the Atlantic multiple times to meet with far right groups stoking fear over migration in a grand quest to establish a global ultra conservative movement. His aims are laid out in a Financial Times Article where he is quoted making his destructive intentions very clear. The FT describe Steve Bannon as “…on the warpath — in Europe. US president Donald Trump’s former chief strategist is a hard-right advocate of a hard Brexit. Now his ambitions extend further. He wants to dismantle, destroy and bury the EU. Mr Bannon, 64, co-founder of the alt-right website Breitbart News, is setting up a Brussels-based political vehicle called The Movement. Its purpose is to rally assorted rightwing populist and far-right nationalist parties…” This was initially to campaign for the European Parliament elections, but he certainly didn’t stop at that.

An excellent June 2019 Byline Times Exclusive on Steve Bannon with his disturbing links to the British far right: “The Transatlantic Triumph of Trumpism: Boris Johnson – A Plan Years in the Making” by Peter Jukes exposes the wanton manipulation of the UK public over the Brexit vote. It was a very sad day for democracy. Jukes describes: “The Johnson-Farage double act of Brexit managed to achieve the shock Leave vote and all that has ensued – with some help from Bannon’s digital operations, Russian troll farms, and multiple instances of over-spending and illegal data use. Campaigns are not allowed to co-ordinate or have a common plan, but there’s nothing to stop the various players behind them having a common project.”

Jukes talks about the emergence of a group within the Conservative party called the “Young Britons Foundation” that: “was an offshoot of the Young Americas Foundation (YAF), based at the Reagan Ranch in California, which relied heavily on funding from US hedge fund billionaire, Robert Mercer.” At a ten year anniversary event held in late 2013 at Churchill College Cambridge Bannon was there to woo the Thatcherite disciples of the “Self-described ‘Conservative Madrasa’!”

Jukes says that: “There’s little doubt the YBF was a Brexit establishment in embryo, and nearly all of them are now backing Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister.” Not only did this insidious faction of the Tory Party succeed in installing Johnson as PM, but what followed was a brutal purge of all of the more moderate Tory MPs, including party grandees, as the agenda lurched to the far right.
Jukes describes how: “The dark arts of digital ‘information operations’ and data mining, which would play such an important role in both the Trump campaign and Brexit referendum three years later, all began to converge in that winter of 2013.”

In the states when a TV Channel cuts to a news bulletin it is “brought to you by…” a major advertising sponsor. In a similar way the toxic duo of Boris Johnson and the Dom, with their perverted crash-out plan for Brexit, were brought to the UK public by even darker forces from across the pond, namely Steve Bannon and his financial backer Robert Mercer. It is vitally important that we fully expose this foreign intervention and the sordid details of our rigged Election and the Brexit Referendum so that we can remove such toxic influences on our democracy in future. Please read, sig, share and Link to the Petition to demand an Investigation: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.