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Kim Sanders-Fisher

A challenge was initiated within this Open Democracy Article: “Why are Britain’s ‘watchdogs’ protecting politicians, not us?” A Petition was launched by Open Democracy prior to the December 2019 Election; yet another long ignored Petition, this time calling for transparency and the release of critical documents so that the public could have made a truly informed decision before a UK Election. That Petition gained over 5000 signatures, but once again absolutely nothing was accomplished after the customary scant recognition by UK authorities meant that it was more corrupt business as usual as we went to cast our worthless votes on the 12th.

After the fact, the importance of a report into foreign intervention in our elections is being allowed to fade in our memories as we are persuaded by a compliant media that the square peg really must be made to fit into that round hole. The authors state: “Our leaders stand accused of presiding over corruption, fraud, racism – and suppressing evidence of foreign interference. We urgently need answers before 12 December.” So what happened? Nothing, again! Where is the outrage now that yet another election has passed, while the populous remained duped, uninformed of the serious corruption within our Electoral System?

I have contacted Open Democracy several times in the past few weeks regarding my growing suspicions over the result of this most recent election. They told me that they are investigating this issue. Why am I not reassured by this news? Any “investigation” that Open Democracy is conducting is so very subtle and discrete as to remain virtually invisible to those who might have concrete evidence to submit. Speaking as a former Whistleblower, I can say from experience that if you feel the cause you are fighting for is already well and truly lost and you will never be believed, it becomes much harder to come forward and speak out from such an isolated position.

Now that the highly suspicious result of this Election has been called it is considered sacrilege to challenge its validity or mention vote rigging. We dare not appear to be “sore losers;” why is that so much more important than restoring genuine integrity to our failing democracy? Why must we once again fall into immediate, complacent silence and try to make the incomprehensible results fit neatly onto a defeatist narrative set by the Tories and their media supporters? This is the exact same dirty trick that was used to force the shocked British public to accept Brexit as “the Will of the People;” how many times will we accept being played for fools?

The Open Democracy article reminds us that: “We have laws in this country which entitle us to know whether toys pose a risk to children. Whether food products contain allergens that could kill us, and whether medicine has potentially unpleasant side effects. Why should our politics be any different?” Valid point. Ripping up the red tape and stripping back fire services cost people their lives at Grenfell Tower; did we clamber to suppress an investigation into what went wrong? Why is the possibility of Electoral Fraud a no go area that cannot be scrutinized to determine the truth and restore a just result we can all believe in?

I am thoroughly sick of the trite answer about “lessons learned” when in reality this never occurs. Real change takes decades with multiple tragedies and injustices suffered before new laws to protect the public are finally enacted. The passage of time allows decision makers to prioritise profits as they distance themselves from a shock event or an injustice that makes headline news. Dig up some pap about the royals or announce the five month old pregnancy of the mistress ensconced at number ten… just distract the plebs.

If an Olympic athlete is found guilty of doping they are stripped of their medals, banned from competition and publically vilified as fair punishment for bringing disgrace to their sport. If a student cheats on an exam we would not consider for an instant that they should be permitted to retain an accolade they acquired that was no longer merited. If you commit fraud and the police catch you they will try to prosecute you for the offence and you could go to jail. Why is Electoral fraud not a punishable offence, but instead the perpetrators are richly rewarded with high office, international recognition and a future knighthood?

We need real action now to validate the legitimacy of this Tory Government or remove them from office. There are a multitude of very serious anomalies, unexplained exclusions that add to the blatant lies that make an investigation well warranted in this instance, If there was no impropriety there is nothing to hide and an investigation will reassure members of the public who remain sceptical due to the shock “landslide victory” that followed an appallingly pitiful Tory campaign. In many parts on the UK there was no Tory campaigning; hustings, interviews and debates were avoided while embarrassing gaffs were plentiful. After ten years of misery under Tory austerity the resounding Conservative win made no sense at all.

We have returned to the familiar ridiculous reassurances that parties can regroup and get ready for another totally futile electoral challenge in five years time under the same corrupt system with the same lax regulations exposing our votes to industrial scale fraud. Why even bother? But under the complacent illusion of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” we will allow our corrupt system to flourish and become even more accepted and established in preparation for the next rigged vote.

The Tories plan to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act – to replace it with what? Voter ID requirements could disenfranchise millions of the most vulnerable non Tory voters, while redrawing district boundaries can further advance the ambitions of our Tory elite. By claiming an unstoppable majority there is no apposing their policies as they take full advantage of the so called “Henry the Eighth Powers” to alter all areas of our laws to meet their demands after crashing us out of the EU. They could introduce the notorious, easily hackable, electronic voting machines to simplify vote rigging next time around.

So great point readily abandoned Open Democracy: “Why are Britain’s ‘watchdogs’ protecting politicians, not us?” There is absolutely no question that the UK Electoral System is wide open to fraud on an industrial scale; this is a well established fact commented on by respected judges. However, there is no political will to fix the system that has entrenched the incumbent Tory Party: “Don’t expect the Fox to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the Hen House!” It is only by challenging this most recent highly dubious 2019 Election result that we can expose the inherent dangers in our flawed Electoral System. If not now, when?

It will take a massive rebellion throughout all regions of the UK to finally force the authorities to investigate the results of the election that gifted this Tory Government an unstoppable majorly to run roughshod over the law. Even if you do not suspect that the Tory Party used dirty tricks to steal our votes; we desperately need the UK Electoral Commission to have greater oversight to keep our votes safe: A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog! I firmly believe that an investigation will expose wide-scale vote rigging, but even if this is not the case it will reveal the dangerous potential for industrial scale fraud that must be eliminated for us to have any faith in the validity of our elections in future.

The establishment of authoritarian dictators through PsyOps manipulation of the population and rigged elections is on the rise throughout the world. Look at the damage Brazil’s so called “strong man” has done to the environment in just one year. The UK could set a valuable example by exposing this scandal and removing a corrupt regime before it can cause such universal harm. It is our duty as responsible citizens to make that happen; please read, sign, share and Link to my Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.