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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Returning to the informative piece entitled “The Conspiracy of our Time,” it is really important to determine what role the UK Electoral Commission are equipped to play with regard to monitoring, regulation and dealing with reported violations. The Author has included in this post a reprint of several exchanges with the Electoral Commission dated early January 2020. It was interesting to note that, just like my communications with the EC, their replies were remarkably rapid, (ignore an obvious typo of the year.) These messages were printed in their entirety with some really pertinent questions asked and answered.

If you have ever dealt with any type of watchdog, regulatory body or National Ombudsman you will know that they are always remarkably slow to respond; the hope is that if they fail to reply for weeks on end, you will just give up and drop the matter. These bodies are in place not to provide genuine oversight, but to create the false illusion of having somewhere to direct a complaint. When you send a follow-up letter or email, that too is ignored for weeks. If you call they tell you there is a huge backlog of complaints they are dealing with, yours has yet to be assigned or the person dealing with it is away, sick on holiday or otherwise unable to reply. When a reply is forthcoming it is routinely unnecessarily vague, often prompting more questions than providing pertinent information.

No matter how important or urgent these issues might be they usually take literally years to resolve, so you can imagine my shock when I got a response from the Electoral Commission within a couple of days; I was nothing short of astounded and seriously impressed. In the email, I felt that there was a sincere attempt to answer all of my questions and I was provided with a direct phone line number to the named officer who had drafted the reply. This too is a significant deviation from the norm, where such individuals do their level best to avoid any further scrutiny or additional questions. When I called, the woman I spoke to patiently remained on the line clarifying points for well over an hour, with no attempt to cut me off!

In response to the reporting of concerns by the author, the Electoral Commission advised that the local police should be contacted. Following this advice there were attempts to contact the local police officer who the EC insisted was supposedly assigned to specifically deal with Electoral Allegations in all of the constituencies throughout the UK. This proved rather frustrating when more than one police department claimed no such person actually existed. Was this a deliberate attempt to throw the complainant off course or was it a desperate attempt to highlight the discrepancy between what was promised by the Government and what has been deliverable in reality?

Despite the author concluding that: “…this just screams that they are trying to avoid responsibility.” I would like tp give the Electoral Commission the benefit of the doubt, as I do not necessarily agree. I was impressed by their rapid responses to my emails and the patience shown during lengthy phone conversations. I would therefore lay the real blame for what appears at first glance to be the Electoral Commission’s ineptitude. The blame is more appropriately directed towards the Tory Government determined to narrowly define the remit of Electoral Commission powers with the deliberate intention of rendering their interventions “toothless.”

When the author contacted the local police department the complainant was directed to contact Action/Fraud who deal mainly with financial misconduct; it sounded like a very frustrating buck-passing exercise. The author reported that: “After seeing the above email, I called in at my local Police station to request contact details for the officer that deals with electoral allegations. The officer on the reception desk said she had no idea what I was talking about, and directed that I contact ActionFraud, which seems from their website to deal mostly with financial fraud.”

The author went on to report that “Nevertheless, I gave them a call, and they took down what I had to say as a “witness statement,” with reference NFRC 200103408385. If anyone else chooses to make a formal complaint, whether to their local Police Force, or to ActionFraud themselves, feel free to pass on the above reference, or even share the link to this document. The ActionFraud representative also suggested that I went back to the Police station, to double check about an elections officer there.”

What if our UK Electoral Commission are thoroughly fed up with functioning as the Tory Party’s scapegoat, held responsible for the ruthless cutbacks under austerity that have stripped away police resources, oversight and the power to respond appropriately to legitimate complaints? Are they directing people to a police resource that they were assured would be in place despite knowing that the extensive austerity cut backs have rendered such service provision impossible to deliver? Perhaps the Elrctoral Cpmmission are crying out for a strong piblic response!

It would be highly unlikely for any Government agency or watchdog to appeal to the Government of the day for far greater, more comprehensive restrictions, to be imposed on their powers. So what if I am dead wrong regarding the underlying motivations and intentions of the Electoral Commission? Are they just trying to dodge the bullet and deny responsibility by passing the buck? Ultimately, that really doesn’t matter as long as we heed the serious warning signs and act swiftly to correct the situation. If we unanimously acknowledge that: “a Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog,” there is an urgent demand for radical change.

We have a choice, either we can blindly accept that the UK Electoral Commission is utterly helpless and should remain helpless to protect our rights or we must challenge the serious electoral anomalies, that point to widespread fraud, and demand an investigation to expose the truth. I want to believe that the prompt replies and effusive responses from the Electoral Commission are a plea for public action that we should respond to with genuine urgency; we must “Rescue our Watchdog” because “All Votes Must Count!” Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.